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1st-Jun-2013 04:27 pm - Broadining Your Horizons
angelicbadass: (Default)
Who: Pit and YOU
When: Afternoon
Where: All around Vatheon
Style: Prose
Status: Open!

Sparring Practice

It had been a few days since Pit returned to Vatheon. He had gotten his stuff back from the shop and returned home. Upon hearing how a flood happened while he was away, Pit couldn't help but feel useless. People were hurt and he wasn't there to help. Resolved to make sure that doesn't happen again, Pit is now at the Plaza training with his Palutena Bow. Anyone care to join him?

Exploring Vatheon

After a rousing sparring practice, Pit decided to explore Vatheon. Being home was fun and all, but there were places in Vatheon that he hadn't seen, and he wanted to see if anything changed since his last visit. So you may find Pit all around Vatheon. Why don't you stop and say hello?

(OOC: Pick a scenario and thread it out.)
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