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burntviolet: (To save me from the darkness)
Who: Hanako and YOU. Yes, you over there.
Where: Library aka her Second Home.
When: The day after the curse week.
Style: I'm open to anything, but [Actionspam] is preferred.
Status: Open!!!

She took the midday submarine going undersea~ )
burntviolet: (I count the nights- I count the days)
Who: Hanako, and Cheren
Where: The Forest
When: One hour after this conversation here.
Status: Closed.
Style: Actionspam forever? ;n;

[ Quite honestly, Hanako doesn't know what the hell she is doing. She knows almost nothing about Pokemon, or what they do, other than quick explanations about battling and breeding... she's not even sure if she wants to let that poor ghost-like creature fight at all. But apparently, this curse kind of forced her to keep it, so she'll have to make the best of it until it wears out. And surely this poor thing needs to be fed, too.

Being this the first time she steps in the forest, Hanako takes some time admiring the surroundings. Before long, though, she'll find Cheren in the vast area, and quietly like her usual, she addresses him. ]

H... Hello. I'm Hanako, the one you talked with earlier...
2nd-Jun-2012 01:13 am - and then things were never quiet
blitz_acing: (shock)
Who: Tidus and You!
Where: The Plaza
When: Late Morning
Style: I'll match the style of your preference.
Status: Open!

A new chapter. )
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