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29th-Jan-2013 10:19 pm - 26 - Sand Thief
radiantwingedone: (Lost in thought)
Who: Duke and The Vesperia Household (Yuri, Ioder, Dhaos)
Where: at the Vesperia House
When: Late evening?
Status: Closed
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[ After that pair of moderately awkward voice-mails, Duke has packed a few things up - mostly clothing for the next day, a notebook or two, and almost hesitatingly a book on magic he recently received. That last probably wasn't smart of him, but... It was interesting, even if mildly painful. If he couldn't sleep...

If anyone was anticipating him arriving by searching with magic, he isn't giving his location away that way. He is trying to hide, after all, and if that means he has to be more careful while walking... well, its not going to be a speed reduction or anything.

But he'll be there before it gets too dark, looking a little worn, but not nearly as worn out as he'd been after the fear-curse.
10th-Aug-2012 04:39 pm - supermassive black hole
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Who: all of [community profile] vatheon
Where: all over vatheon + the island
When: friday evening - saturday evening
Style: any
Status: open - threadhop & threadjack away!

[ all friday evening, the locals have been very accelerated - you might find one shoving a flyer on you or handing you a pair of cheap sunglasses. the flyers more or less explain the reason why, and if you didn't get one you'll be receiving a message on your SFC regardless - ]


[ apparently there's to be an eclipse this evening. the entire bubble itself will be darkened as it usually is at night sans for electrical lights and the coral, but the real show will be able to be seen on the island. it sounds interesting, so maybe you want to check it out? a lot of other people are going—

although if you do decide to visit the island that evening, you might be in for an unexpected surprise. sure, the eclipse itself is pretty fantastic and not a thing one would expect to be able to see in vatheon of all places, but there's something else on the horizon... ]

↪ further details in threads
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Who: Ioder Heurassein and Yuri Lowell (Surprise threadjack from Estelle!)
When: Shortly after this
Where: The Vesperia house
Style: Action
Status: Closed

"Then perhaps you should be asking Mister Zelos about these things, since he seems to run the "Host Club" you mentioned."

"... perhaps I will then."

Ioder's tea had long since gone cold. It sat near by in it's usual cup, a far too flowery thing that likely belonged to Estelle, with a half-eaten cookie that he was no longer interested in sitting in the tray. His focus was entirely on his SFC, now lying on the counter he was perched in front of, legs swinging lazily off the high stool. Chin in his hands, he let out a surprisingly disgruntled sounding sigh.

"Ridiculous..." he huffed to himself, finally pushing the SFC away. "Zelos has no reason to justify himself or his business to me. There is nothing going on. ... I'm sure of it."

Even though he was only speaking to himself, he was acutely aware just how hesitant his voice sounded.

29th-Jul-2012 11:05 am - Studying!
demonicbookworm: (studying)
Who: Ruca and you!
Where: The park!
When: Afternoon
Style: anything you want
Status: Open!

Taking Gohan's advice, Ruca could be found today in the park... studying. Since staying all day in his room wouldn't be anything good.

So now, you could see the silver-haired boy sitting under the tree, books all around him and one in his hands. He was reading and not paying much attention to the world around him.

Well, at least this time he was not walking and reading at the same time!

Feel free to bother him.
hopeofzaphias: (Failure...)

Who: Yuri Lowell and... whoever finds him
Where: The Plaza
When: Midday
Status: Wide open

But i'm not about to give thanks, or apologize... )
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