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27th-Oct-2012 08:48 pm - Part of your world under the sea
thechariot: (Once upon a midnight deary)
Who: Chie Satonaka and you!
When: Saturday
Where: Around the city, particularly near the edges of the bubble
Status: Open!

She should be scared-- well, she is scared, suddenly turning up soaking wet in what appears to be a very strange and very foreign city, under the ocean. But it's that last part that she keeps coming back to. The ocean. It can't possibly be the real thing, can it? But looking out the great glass(?) dome that surrounds the place she's found herself in, it certainly doesn't look like it could be anything else. Stretching on as far as the eye can see, and full of every kind of fish imaginable, and some that aren't.

It's really really cool, basically.

She'll get around to being freaked out later, for right now Chie is just going to wander the city in awe.
27th-Mar-2012 11:08 am
otaku_hitman: (Default)
Who: Travis fucking Touchdown and everyone.
Where: By the coral (though anywhere nearby is good)
When: Monday afternoon
Warnings: cursing, lewd behavior, uh. everything. just everything.
Style: starting in prose. Can go for whatever
Status: Open like Travis's pants.

I'm in hell in a fishbowl )

[ ooc: tag me up, please? ]
tsundyne: (so sick of this)
Who: Yukari and everyone.
Where: She'll be reappearing on the beach, then making her way back down into the city via elevator and towards the Coral. So anywhere you'd like to run into her in between there!
When: Late evening/close to midnight
Style: I'll match! I'm up for either--action spam or prose.
Status: Open!

[The last thing Yukari ever expected, was needing to rely on someone else for healing. Or in Vatheon's case, something else--like the Coral. She'd always healed herself. People relied on her for healing. But it just can't be helped, in her condition: she's soaked, her clothes are torn, and there is a fair amount of blood indicating a very heavy and intense battle.

...And what a battle it was.

She doesn't want to think about it much, though; it hurts to think how badly she'd lost. It angers her, even; how incredibly unfair. How dare she, how dare she...?

Damn--! [Her fist slams into the sand of the beach where she's ended up, and she stumbles to her feet.

Then she sighs, remembering.

Remembering Vatheon. Remembering how much weaker she is here. Diarahan wouldn't cut it in the long run; so she knows she should make her way to the Coral as fast as possible before anyone sees her.

A heal, a change of clothes, maybe--

Once again, she's forced to put everything behind her; because Aigis had won, and now she'd have to live with knowing that.

How long...?

[--has she been gone?

This is the first that's ever happened to her. It's so disorienting, but she decides maybe that's not the most important thing right now. Annoyed and highly emotional as she is, she sighs again and walks towards the elevator, occasionally wincing.


[...Time to find her own answers here, she supposes. She doesn't need a replacement leader to do that.]
22nd-Mar-2012 06:00 pm - Arrival, OPEN
mylittledoormat: (Unsure)
Who: Fluttershy ([personal profile] mylittledoormat), Gamzee Makara ([personal profile] 420), Feferi Peixes ([personal profile] fintastic), The Warden ([personal profile] superjailwarden), Cielo ([personal profile] rainbowarch), Denzel Crocker ([personal profile] crackpotcrocker), anyone
Where: The beach
When: March 22nd, morning
Status: Open

She wasn't in Ponyville anymore... )
testosteroned: (( hehe that's how i roll/laughing ))
Who: Kanji Tatsumi and YOU.
Where: Cozi Corner restaurant.
When: Right now. About 10 minutes after he woke up from hiatus-induced sleep.
Style: [ Action! ], but if you're more comfortable with prose, I'm cool with that too.
Status: Open like his bathhouse, man.

[ Upon awakening from one of the most comfortable slumbers he had ever had in his entire life, Kanji realized two things. First, his room stank something similar to moth balls stuffed in closets that were already centuries old to begin with. Second, his stomach growled like you wouldn't believe; it even shocked poor old Kanji.

He was almost ready to admit that he simply had a metabolism faster than he was aware of. And that his thirty minute power nap used up all of his three-course meal's stored energy. He was almost ready to admit that.

But then, Kanji saw his SFC, and the current date that it flashed on its little screen.

[ After a few healthy, and unexpectedly original!, shouts and curses into the air, Kanji also realized his roommates were not around, and the kitchen was empty. ]

[ Hence, dear passerby, this image of Kanji currently sitting alone inside Cozi Corner, three piles of plates and bowls speedily increasing in height next to him. His gaze is fixed on his food, which kept on coming from the kitchen like an assembly line. The chef glances outside his work station once in a while, looking frighteningly worried. Still, he continues to serve Kanji's orders. Speaking of... ]

[ The boy man in question wipes his mouth with his forearm and burps slightly, before dropping the once pristine white bowl on top of the second pile of dirty dishes. It may or may not have been the home to the largest order for chicken curry. He exhales heavily and waves towards the kitchen. ]

Yo! Can I get an extra order for pot stickers, Chinese shrimp and leek fried rice, miso soup, and barbequed pork meat buns?

[ He pauses. ]

Oh, and uhh, add five more orders of egg rolls! A-And crispy noodles, if you still have 'em!

[ Kanji rubs his hands together, then chugs down a cold soda. He grins as soon as he finishes his cup. ] Phew! See, stupid-cursed-bubble-city? You make me fall asleep for nearly two months and you unleash the beast! Damn, I. am. starving! C'mon, chef! BRING IT ON!

[ In his excitement, Kanji bangs his fists heavily against the table, making it wobble violently. The piles of dishes next to him end up dangerously close to the edge, but otherwise stay still. Hooboy.

1st-Mar-2012 12:26 am
theinfamous1412: ([ Kaitou Kid was here ])
Who: Kaito Kuroba Shinichi Kudo? ([personal profile] kid_in_disguise/[personal profile] theinfamous1412), and YOU
Where: Coral Corral, House #1 or outside it if you want.
When: Mid-day February 29th.
Style: Anything is fine
Status: OPEN!

[ If anyone cares to recall, a few days ago there was a new arrival decked in a white tuxedo, top-hat, and monocle going by the name of Kaitou KID. Somehow... he seems to have done the impossible and vanished. Not an easy feat when you're wearing such bright and easily spotted clothing. Maybe he actually did escape the bubble. ]

[ The truth is that Kaitou KID has taken up the identity of the also recently arrived Shinichi Kudo. He's taken up residence in Coral Corral and started to set up camp to the best of his ability. He's even installed a new name plate with the name 'Kudo' engraved into it. ]

[ If you are neighbors with the boy you'll find he's very busy and always going in and out and moving furniture. Not too unlike what he's doing today. He's hauling a few barstools into the house and to do this he's left the door open- ]

[ It become immediately clear that he's been doing some kind of renovating as there is a tarp hanging above a place for a door. He's not anti-social, though he might frown pretty heavily at you should you enter his house without permission. But, if you want to say hello or ask him some questions go right ahead! ]

((ooc: As a side not--Should he hear any kind of music- Kaito will start dancing as that is his 'sickness'))
23rd-Feb-2012 01:33 pm - this place is full of bugs
lyrewings: (pic#2415737)
Who: Butterfly and everyone who wants to get trolled by a bug
When: Afternoon
Where: The Plaza, near the coral
Style: like a crazy Broadway nightmare
Status: Open

[In the middle of the Plaza, near the coral, there's a small, purple butterfly with sodden wings. He's crouched close to the stones, his wings laying flat and useless on either side of his body, but he's largely unconcerned with his plight. It's warm here, and bright, and his wings will dry out soon enough. He's far enough away from the center of things that no one has noticed him yet, and once his wings are a little drier and not so heavy, he'll crawl up the side of the coral and get out of the way of hurrying feet and the possible range of any roving cats. In the meantime, though, he'll stay where he is, feeling the sun warm his wings and lighten them, and if anyone passes close enough or bends down towards him, they'll hear him singing, softly and quietly, to himself.]

What's this? What's this?
There's color everywhere!
What's this? What's this?
There's white things in the air...

[His wings shiver, and he laughs, a light, tinkling sound, and starts climbing the coral.]

Who am I?
Two four six oh one!
11th-Feb-2012 09:46 pm - bluh bluh huge ball
thalassino: (Default)
Characters: Vatheon
Location: That Castle
Time: Evening, on Sunday
Style: Any
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[ Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen of Vatheon— whatever your newfound stature may be, Prince, Princess, Knight, or Peasant, you will all receive a message on your SFC on the eve of Saturday regardless:

You are cordially invited to the castle for this evening's ball. In addition, you are all welcome to try and solve the riddle if it fancies you. It just may break the curse!

The invitation is unsigned, but its intentions are clear. Maybe you hadn't quite noticed the sizeable castle in the distance of the city that had sprung up, but this message would surely garner your attention toward it now.

Should you arrive at the castle, plenty of attractions await you:

Ballroom ❧ A very large and beautiful ballroom is lighted up, complete with a playing violin orchestra. While the curtains will be drawn during this event, there is a windowed view and exit on one side of the ballroom that leads to:

Smee's Rose Garden ❧ A broad and colorful spanse of a garden, complete with many paths and turns. Plenty of roses are arranged in great arches, which provide perfect little places should you need some privacy with your sweetheart. Anyone familiar will even tell you that the garden was purposefully designed for just that sort of thing.

The Riddle ❧ There is an inscription located on a noticeable plaque set in one of the garden's benches. It reads:

Two are necessary to break this curse
Riled up, upset, what kind of love?
Only this kiss will stop it from getting worse.
Look for a winged one is push comes to shove,
Look for a glance slightly dark,
Search for a pair in reluctant love.
One answers a call; that's your mark;
One longs for patria though adverse.

Dining Hall ❧ Connected to the ballroom is an extremely long hall that stretches as far as the eye can see, elegantly arranged as the dining area. Expensive and exquisite cuisine seem to be on the menu— try something new? Chances are you won't be eating from a selection such as this again anytime soon!

Dais ❧ There is a noticeable raised dais that is easily visible via any area within the ballroom. It's locked off from guests, though— what is it for...?

Do enjoy. ]
8th-Feb-2012 12:33 pm - 2nd Combo - A Fairy Tale Knight
redcladidealist: (First of all...)
Characters: Lloyd Irving and every eligible-- everyone
Location: All over the place
Time: From dawn until dusk
Style: You pick and I'll match
Status: Open

[It's been two days since he started coming to his senses, the false memories of that other life already fading back into the ether of whatever spell had created them. As they disappear, though, he remembers. The ball, the one he'd danced with, that moment of timeless magic when their eyes had met and their hearts had known.

The tolling of the bell as midnight approached.

His partner had fled, he didn't know why - but they'd left their shoe behind. The shoe he now holds clutched in his hands. It must have been crafted with magic, he knows, because there is no other way to explain how the delicate glass could support a person's weight without breaking. Surely this shoe was made to fit one foot and one foot alone. It's the only clue he has to the identity of his love. He doesn't even know his love's name or gender. He only knows that they hold his heart.

And that he's going to find them, even if he has to try this shoe on every person in the land.

Speaking of which...

He approaches the next person he sees, giving them a bow fit for the knight he is.]

Excuse me, yes, you. Your pardon, but can I have a moment of your time?

[ooc: Only a "Cinderella" will fit the shoe. Let me know if this is the case. o/]
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