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23rd-Aug-2013 08:18 pm - 33 - Soldier
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)
Who: Duke and puppies and YOU
Where: park
When: This weekend
Style: [ for now ]
Status: OPEN! Although note, Duke is in a terrible mood.

[ A lonely mage with dogs at the park. ) ]
20th-Jul-2013 01:37 am - 13 - The Path
fistfullofmagic: (Default)
Who: Dhaos and you
When: Pretty much anytime during the curse he's not otherwise occupied
Where: various spots throughout the city
Style: I prefer brackets
Status: Open as the treasure chests in a dungeon when you've got a rogue in the party

[For those not to caught up in saving the day to notice anything else, they might notice a rather tall blond off doing small acts of heroism for people. Nothing about the turtleneck and jeans look he has going would separate him from an ordinary citizen, if not for the very blank face mask he wears. Who is this mysterious man? If he's really a superhero, why the general lack of outfit? Why stop purse snatchings when there are larger crimes to worry about? Why not just go up and actually ask him instead of standing around wondering these things?]

((ooc: If anyone wants to make up a crime for Dhaos to help on, go right ahead. His power is generating barriers, which he can change the size and shape of. It's one of those things he has to actively focus on doing though.))
19th-Jul-2013 10:45 pm - 32 - Soldier [ OPEN ]
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)
Who: Duke Pantarei and YOU
What: There's someone taking up a park bench and generally being unhelpful and lazy. Bother him if you like~
When: Wed - Sat, day time,
Where: Some random bench outside.
Status: Open like an open thing
Style: Starting prose, action if you like

Not motivated at all )
14th-Jun-2013 10:59 pm - Chapter 4 | Bar Fights
beauchevalier: (♦ 18)
Who: Angelo and anyone in Vatheon.
Where: One of the local restaurant bars.
When: Early afternoon into the rest of the day.
Style: First/Action.
Status: Open!

[Good afternoon Vatheon. Should your character be walking by one of the local restaurants, there will be a loud ruckus going on inside. Why? Because our dashing hero Angelo has unintentionally started a bar fight. The scene shows screaming people (both men and women) who are running out in terror while others are joining in the brawl (throwing furniture, punching, kicking, etc), broken objects (windows, chairs, drink glasses, etc) and lots of shouting. Where is Angelo among this you ask? He's sitting on the bar counter watching everything. Instead of going work at the host club or being around people much these days, this is what he's doing and the fight itself? Not entirely his fault per se. So if your character wants to watch the scene, try to break it up, or even talk to him by coming inside among the madness... It's all up to you!]
10th-Jun-2013 01:50 pm - [closed] 31 - Seigle
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)
Who: Duke, Dhaos, Ioder.
Where: That house of theirs on the island.
When: Early monday morning
What: Duke is working on that feelings thing.
[ Style ], or whatever you guys want.

[ So guess who is just terrible with emotions ) ]
13th-Apr-2013 05:01 pm - 30 - Pepe
radiantwingedone: (Default)
Who: Duke and anyone ever-
When: 4/13 (After no-longer part of Host Club, at least)
Where: Library, on way to library, somewhere shady and reading
What: Duke's actually out of the house! ... and in the library.
[ Style ]

[ So he'd been worrying people by not leaving the house, and since he didn't have a purpose in leaving the house daily - albeit one that he'd been ignoring recently - Duke is out and about today.

Mostly to the library. Even if he had been reading at .. home, and he would just be reading at the library, clearly the change in location was going to mean something.

At least, that was his plan. Hopefully actually going out and about helps lighten worries.

... Even if he casually skirts the hostclub just for reactions.
3rd-Apr-2013 09:21 am - 29th Combo
redcladidealist: (Wings on my back)
Who: Lloyd Irving and anyone
Where: Starts off en route to the elevator, then continues up on the island
When: Morning, Noon, and Afternoon (please specify)
Style: I'll match!
Status: Open!

Warnings: Anyone who tags into the Afternoon runs the risk of being accidentally targeted by a powerful but miscast spell. If you want your character injured, go right ahead! o/ Just please, no character death.

Morning. )

Noon. )

Afternoon. )
10th-Feb-2013 01:48 pm - 27 - Jun
radiantwingedone: ([book] Returning to the text)
Who: Duke and Anyone who wants to find him
When: Sunday, monday, tuesday - He's going somewhere to sleep, but he's back early and leaves late.
What: Duke is withdrawing from people by burying himself in books. Clearly this means he should be bothered.
Style: [ To start ], but will prose if you do
Status: Open.

[ Lowell was gone. It really shouldn't have bothered him as much as it had, but the man was... moderately important. Not as important to him as others, but...

Duke shakes his head, turning the page he's on finally and setting the book on the air as he would set a book on a table surface. It stays, as Duke knew it would, shifting aside to bring one of the other two floating books into his line of sight.

So maybe its more running away. But it works, for him. Focus on something else, and nothing will really hurt.
29th-Jan-2013 10:19 pm - 26 - Sand Thief
radiantwingedone: (Lost in thought)
Who: Duke and The Vesperia Household (Yuri, Ioder, Dhaos)
Where: at the Vesperia House
When: Late evening?
Status: Closed
[ style ]

[ After that pair of moderately awkward voice-mails, Duke has packed a few things up - mostly clothing for the next day, a notebook or two, and almost hesitatingly a book on magic he recently received. That last probably wasn't smart of him, but... It was interesting, even if mildly painful. If he couldn't sleep...

If anyone was anticipating him arriving by searching with magic, he isn't giving his location away that way. He is trying to hide, after all, and if that means he has to be more careful while walking... well, its not going to be a speed reduction or anything.

But he'll be there before it gets too dark, looking a little worn, but not nearly as worn out as he'd been after the fear-curse.
28th-Jan-2013 07:12 pm - Happy birthday!
zelda_hylia: (Crushing)
Who: Zelda and Duke
When: Backdated to right after the bitties curse
Where: Duke's hut
Status: Closed

[Zelda knew that Duke's birthday had been the week previous, but since he was stuck as a child without his memories for the duration, she'd opted to wait until afterwards to bake that cake for him. As soon as he headed back home after the curse, she set about preparing it, not showing up until a few hours later. She's carrying a box when she gets there, looking fit to burst.]

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