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12th-Apr-2012 09:46 am
lyrewings: (pic#2415724)
Who: Butterfly and the bubble
Where: The park, the Plaza, various locations around the bubble
When: All day
Style: Loud and obnoxious
Status: Open like Butterfly's interpretation of music

[You know who isn't bothered by crummy weather or fliers? Butterfly isn't bothered by crummy weather or fliers! He's even got a tiny notice of his own on his back, wearing it proudly like a little cape. That's totally what it is, right? A little cape? What else could it be?]

[The cooler weather is a bit of a problem for him, but he's found various warm places where he can hide, so as long as it doesn't get much colder, he'll be okay. Which means he's fluttering around happily and violating assaulting serenading everyone with the musical stylings of a purple butterfly.

Sugar, doo doo doo doo doo doooo!
Aaaaaw, honey honey! Doo doo doo doo doo doooo!
You are my candy giiiiirl!
And you got me wanting yoooooou!
7th-Apr-2012 08:27 pm - ☀ 02, log
flammatory: ((emo) in chains)
Who: Zuko and whoever wants in! OPEN.
When: Sometime this week, whenever.
Where: Around the island.
Format: Action tags, please?
Warnings: None! Not even swearing for this guy, at least.

on the beach.
[It's early morning at the beach, and the sun is glinting across the waves, a darker blue-green contrast to the pale white-blue of the sky. The air feels light and crisp, salty, this early in spring; but regardless of how cold it is, it's still the best time to firebend in the morning.

Which is what Zuko's doing. He has a very practiced, sharply punctuated style of martial arts, because it is literally a form of kung fu. He sweeps across the sand, plumes and waves of fire preceding him. He's frowning with concentration, but focused as he is, he's aware enough to notice someone approaching. He knows the beach is more or less public, and doesn't want to catch anyone with fire accidentally.]

in the village.
[Later on in the day in early afternoon, the clouds are starting to roll through and cast gray over the island. Zuko's taking the chance to dig through the rubble in the abandoned village, and anyone walking by might hear him grumbling from within a half-collapsed building.]

Ow! Stupid beam... [Yeah, he just hit his head on a structural beam. His life is hard.]

at the harbor.
[Once evening comes, though, Zuko is back to his preferred default activity: brooding. He's standing near the edge of the pier, staring out into the ocean with a pensive expression. He's trying to be blank and neutral, but it's undeniably not working; there is a darker, preoccupied cast to him.

It matches the fact that by now the cloud cover has become more of a carpet across the sky, and the fading light is weak and dreary over the roiling water.]
24th-Mar-2012 10:20 pm
watcheshisrear: (down and out)
Who: Yoko and Kamina
Where: Somewhere on the beach up on the island
When: Late Evening
Status: Closed! It's a private reunion of a dead man and his girlfriend with a big booty.

[ Even the stars were different.

Yoko had spent enough long nights stargazing since she'd first gotten to the surface to know that much and the realization only managed to make her feel very alone. It could have been true, the story she'd been told about being a different world. But at least her investigations, asking questions and poking around, had led her up here instead of leaving her in that underwater dome.

She sits in the middle of a blanket she's laid out on the sand, leaning back as she still stares up at that strange skyscape despite its unfamiliarity. Her rifle lays next to her, always on hand even in a seemingly peaceful moment like this. It wasn't like she'd decided on where to stay yet anyway, no place to store it mostly for the fact that she didn't like going down into the bubble any more than she had to.

It was just all so frustrating. She didn't belong here, she should have been with everyone, finally building on the surface. She seizes a nearby rock, pitching it into the waves.

She wasn't going to go down without a fight, but right then it seemed like there wasn't anything she could target that would make a difference.
23rd-Mar-2012 07:01 pm - add (1) Irishman to the mix
finallycowboys: (◆ oh shit)
who: henry & you
where: plaza
what: wringing out all his nice clothes... he's pretty upset....
when: march 23, morning
style: doesn't matter
status: open

[ There's a lot of incomprehensible cursing, though whether it's in English or not is uncertain. A man, dripping wet, is removing his vest and draping it somewhere, then removing his gloves (casting them aside) to work on getting his knee-high boots unlaced. ]

Bloody ruined is what this is all is, fuck...!

[ He drops a metal handle-shaped thing on the ground, looking extremely annoyed. Guy rarely loses his shit like this, but some things were just that important to him. ]
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