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29th-Jul-2012 09:13 pm - > First Stop: Slippery when wet
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Who: Shinjiro and You
Where: Wandering confused in the plaza
When: July 29th
Style: Starting with prose but feel free to switch to action and I will match up
Status: Open!

Had to be the drugs.

At least that's what he told himself as he continued to walk, his shoes making noise from the water buildup. His hat did little to protect him from the pouring rain, and his hair was already stuck around his neck. His coat was in no better shape and he grunted as he idly put his hands in his pockets, walking along confused. The coat hid his hospital outfit well...considering upon waking up, Shinjiro had remembered the promise they had made, and his first thought wasn't to get properly dressed, but to grab what he could from his room and make a dash for the school.

...only to end up here. Really, it had to be the drugs. He'd managed to catch a date on his way out, and he knew it had been a while. Maybe painkillers with a a side effect. Who the hell knew. But he'd certainly wake up any minute now.

Strange how it felt so real...he looked up to the sky before sighing.

"Tch. Think I'd be done with dreaming after so long..."
17th-Apr-2012 08:00 pm - the sorcerer's apprentice
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Who: Mickey Mouse and you.
Where: Around the city.
When: Afternoon.
Style: Whatever you'd prefer.
Status: Open.

fantasia, anyone? )

17th-Apr-2012 05:26 am - 001
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Who: Richter Abend and you!
Where: The plaza
When: Let's just go with today, around midday
Style: Prose or action, whatever the poster's preference is.
Status: Open!

Richter was pissed, to put it lightly. Bedraggled and confused by the sudden shift in his surroundings, Richter has yet to move to do anything. His left hand sat on the hilt of his sword, gripping it so tightly his hand was shaking. For the longest time he stood in the plaza, studying anyone who passed by to see if Ratatosk or Marta are anywhere nearby.

Approach if you dare, denizens of Vatheon. Richter was just going to stand there for now, dripping with water and scowling at everything.
420: Art by sadynax [at] (pic#1234337)
Who: Gamzee & Mrs Brisby
Where: At Mrs B's home
When: Morning
Style: Action
Status: Closed

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Who: N and whoever!
Where: Plaza.
When: Saturday Afternoon.
Style: Either or!
Status: Open.

[ There is a tall boy standing in the plaza, tea-green hair blown back behind him as a large white dragon blows warm air around him, just enough to work on drying his soaked state.

N knows he has been gone for some time. It is like waking up from a very deep sleep, where the dreams you once had were fading blur, yet it was obvious hours upon hours had passed.

He was wearing his old clothes again. He remembers the wind whipping his hair, Hilda's calls before he leapt to Reshiram's back. That memory seems so close and yet so far away.

The boy pushes it out of his mind. It does not matter now.

N is home.
17th-Mar-2012 05:00 am - THOUGHT BUBBLE EVENT ~DOUBLE POST~
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Characters: Amaterasu, Mrs. Brisby, and YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU
Location: Ammy is all over the place all day long; Mrs. Brisby is at a tea shop
Time: All day for Ammy; 4:00pm-6:00pm for Mrs. Brisby
Style: Action!
Status: Open~!

[The glorious sun god Amaterasu can be seen today, running around and eager to engage in "conversation" with others. Especially now that this time around, her thought bubble has a lot more pictures running around in it! Her thought bubble looks oddly canvas-y, even, as though she perceives the whole world as a painting that is flowing its own natural course, yet can be altered with a simple brushstroke...

The eloquent and dainty Mrs. Brisby, on the other hand, has been keeping to herself for this curse. After all, a lady must be conscious of the front she presents to others. But she's bored out of her mind, sitting at home all day long, so she can be found shooting the breeze with the tea shop owner and sampling the different flavors. At least that way, she can focus on that and not revealing any unnecessary things, right?]
25th-Feb-2012 02:09 pm - You're walking taller than you should
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Characters: Fox, open
Location: Plaza
Time: Midday. Or any time, really.
Style: Any
Status: Open

You're measuring me lately )

15th-Feb-2012 11:29 am
chosen_gigolo: (Roses)
Who: Zelos and Mrs. Brisby
When: backdated February 14th, around 7
Where: Some super fancy restaurant
Style: Whatever
Status: Closed

Valentines Day was usually a busy time for someone like Zelos, but this year, here in Vatheon, he's had some downtime. Chocolates for everyone in the morning, lunch with Tsubaki, and dinner with Brisby. It's refreshing, honestly. He rarely got any time to himself at home, but here he'd taken the time between lunch and dinner to make Mrs. Brisby a mouse-size corsage. Instead of using those talented fingers of his for that which they're usually employed on Valentines, he'd folded tiny roses from what was left of his colored stationary, and while Zelos had given many a gift in his time, he's strangely nervous as to Brisby's reaction to this one. Almost shy, if you can believe it.

There's just something about Mrs. Brisby that makes Zelos want to win her approval, want to make her proud, and it's not a feeling he's felt since he was a child. 

He sits in the waiting area of the restaurant, in his pressed tuxedo and neatly braided hair, turning the tiny bunch of flowers over and over in his fingers when Mrs. Brisby arrives.
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