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14th-Aug-2013 07:28 pm - Matesprit Shenanigans
devwocean: (Default)
Who: Dualscar and Dolorosa
When: Today...ish...
Where: At Dolorosa's hive!
Style: Action

[Dualscar hasn't actually accosted Dolorosa at her hive before. Always in the past, he's invited her out, or they've met up serendipitously, but it's long overdue for him to check out where his new matesprit actually lives, and how.

So he's at her door, knocking confidently, with a little something hidden in his captchalogue.]
10th-Aug-2013 09:32 pm - Open Log
devwocean: (Mituna - Brain Problems)
Who: Dualscar and YOU
When: Any time throughout the curse period
Where: For some, at Dualscar's hive, but he can be found anywhere in Vatheon as he's been wandering aimlessly all week
Style: Action

For those at Dualscar's hive

[Dualscar consciousness has been trying to get home for most of the week, but he's having a really hard time remembering where he lives. After several days of wandering, getting lost, and having somewhat vocal tantrums elsewhere in Vatheon, Dualscar finally stumbles his way up the steps and tries the door]

Hello? [He calls out, stepping uncertainly through the doorway. He thinks this is his hive.] Ith anyone here?

For everyone else

[Dualscar can be found pretty much wherever, suffering from Mituna's brain problems. He has a tendency to trip on nothingness, or get confused and wander off in the wrong direction. When he gets frustrated, watch out, he's got a mouth on him.

He took off the helmet at some point and threw it into his captchalogue - or maybe just threw it away - and that might not have been a very good idea. His body spasms at times, and sometimes he simply can't stop himself from falling, occasionally even hitting his head on the ground.

This is pretty much the most miserable Dualscar's ever been.

Dare to approach the violet-blood trapped in a broken yellow-blood body?]
18th-Jun-2013 09:39 pm - [Open Log]
devwocean: (Come at me bro)
Who: Orphaner Dualscar and the good citizens of Vatheon
Where: Anywhere around the city or island
When: Generally towards the latter half of the curse week
Status: OPEN
Style: Starting in prose, but I'll follow your lead

Dualscar wasn't sure what made him put the very special purple mask on, but once he had done so, he slowly found that he had begun to seek high places throughout the island. When he stood above the city, his cape blowing in the wind that inexplicably flowed through the bubble, he felt he could see good and evil below.

And as he watched the movements of the city, understood their ebb and flow, he grew to realize that he needed to seek out the cesspools of evil, festering in the city, to protect the innocent citizens just trying to make a living in this bubble under the sea. He had been chosen, somehow. He was the only one who could, and with great power, came great responsibility.

So Dualscar decided:

He would fight crime.
20th-May-2013 04:25 pm - Open Log
devwocean: (Come at me bro)
Who: Orphaner Dualscar and YOU
When: Any time throughout the curse week
Where: Out and about in the bubble or the island
Style: Starting in action, but I'll follow your lead
Status: Open

[Dualscar's taken careful notice of this curse, and is pretty sure what it's all about - and that he's not affected. As a highblood troll, it would be practically unconscionable for him not to take advantage of this opportunity.

He may be deliberately visiting your character - if you're someone he knows - or it could be a chance meeting. Either way, he may be trying to ferret out information. Or there might not be anything in particular that he cares to know.]
wavesofjade: (16 ♍ In My Arms)
Who: The Dolorosa and anyone who comes across her
When: April 21st
Where: The island, on the beach
Style: Starting prose but if you want to use brackets I'll follow that!
Status: Open


But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. )
8th-Apr-2013 07:45 pm - Sleeping Wwith the Frienemy
devwocean: (Sudden kiss (Psii))
Who: Dualscar, Signless and Psiioniic a bit later.
When: The first day of the curse, early morning.
Where: Ordo 1, Dualscar's hive.
What: Dualscar and Signless have both forgotten each other. Shenanigans ensue.
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Dualscar has woken up beside others before, of course, but it's not really normal for him. He curls around the smaller body, and one of the sharp horns jabs him straight in a fin, thus rudely and abruptly bringing him to full wakefulness.

He sits up, hissing with irritation, then stares around himself in shock.

He turns and grasps the small, young troll in his bed, giving him a shake]

Wwake up!
25th-Mar-2013 07:30 pm - Dancing Under the Sea
devwocean: (I'm sexy don't deny it)
Who: Dualscar and Dolorosa
When: Right now!
Where: A bar with like, music and stuff.
Style: Action
Status: Closed to all erstwhile saboteurs of Dualscar's romantic life.

[Earlier today, Dolorosa had received a box on her doorstep, along with a note.]

Meet me at Club Deep, and wwear wwhat's inside this box. Don't wwear heels that're too high, you'll be glad you took my advvice.

Come alone.


[Inside the box is a pretty dress, along with gold and pearl necklace, bracelets and earrings to match.

Dualscar is sitting at the bar at Club Deep, a night club featuring a brilliant wall of aquariums, and smooth, slow jazz - perfect to dance to. He can't stop himself from looking at the door every ten seconds, wondering if Dolorosa will take his gift, and show up. He's drinking a cup of some kind of fizzy mixed drink - not too fruity, okay, but sweet - and determined that it'll be the only one he has tonight.

Well, unless she doesn't show. Then all bets are off.]
14th-Jan-2013 02:01 pm
p2iioniicii2t: (2eriiou2 bu2iine22)
Who: Psiioniic, Dualscar, Signless
What: The Psiioniic has no idea what is going on.
Where: their hive
Status: first thread: closed for now, may open up once this gets sorted out
Style: confused yet action packed

wake up calls )


Who: Psiioniic, Nepeta, others?
What: The Psiioniic has only some idea of what's going on now.
Where: There there are bees, there are nerds.
Status: open to different tags
Style: still confused and preferably still action

bees! )
18th-Dec-2012 08:32 pm - Disciple finally works up the nerve.
feralfanatic: (hair down)
Who: The Disciple, Signless/Sufferer, Dualscar
Where: Dualscar's Hive
When: Current
Style: Starting Action, will prose if you prefer
Status: Closed
Note:Two separate threads, one for each. We can mix them if you wish.

Herein lies sordid tales of debauchery; possibly. )
27th-Nov-2012 02:19 pm - Lunch time stick
bootsweremadeforcasting: ({Why is He Smiling?})
Who: Jade Curtis and Orphaner Dualscar
Where: A little cafe in the bubble
When: Monday the 26th
Style: Prose or action, whichever
Status: Closed

After the interesting and informative dinner with Dualscar last time, they'd decided on a second time to go out and lunch at a little cafe was decided. So, Jade's sitting there with a book, enjoying the time to himself and away from any responsibilities while he waits for the other to show up at the time they'd actually designated.
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