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30th-May-2012 01:24 am - Enter Mischief
lostliar: (Default)
Who: Loki and you
Where: The forest
When: Nighttime
Style:  As you please
Status: Open

So it begins... )

27th-May-2012 10:29 pm
unwillingseer: (grr.)
Who: Bardock and ALL OF YOU.
When: Sunday, May 27th, late evening
Where: Plaza
Style: Whatever
Status: Open like my arms

Bardock was having a really bad day. )
27th-May-2012 11:02 pm - When "Immortals" Walk Amongst Mortals
windfang: made by <lj user="daqiao"> (❝When you live above within the stars...)
Who: Yasha & Whomever joins
When: May 27th, evening
Where: Plaza
Style: Don't mind the "prose" opening, it's for setting. Action brackets are allowed as well!
Status: Open

When you live above within the stars... )
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