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27th-Aug-2013 09:18 pm - Archery Practice
warriorofwinds: (fighting)
Who: Link and YOU!
When: Foward dated to morning of August 27
Where: Forest
What: Link is pratciting his archery.
Status: Prose.

Anyone who was walking in the forest would find Link practicing his archery skills. Setting up some makeshift targets, Link shot them all with incredible accruacy. Care to join him, or bother him?
26th-Jul-2013 01:56 pm - [OPEN] Come meet the Detective Prince
detectiveprincess: (Default)
Who: Naoto Shirogane and YOU
What: Trying to relax and talkiing
Where: A cafe, any cafe
When: July 26, all day pretty much
Style: Will match
Status: OPEN

Naoto had finally gotten a day off. She needed to get out of the agency and she didn't have to patrol today. Things had gotten awkward at the agency as they finally got to the finishing touches of the place. Everything was just plain strange and she needed a break. That and she was pretty sure that Yu would probably scold her if she worked too much.

So she had finally made her way to a cafe. She'd been to almost all of them at least once. Every cafe worker knew her - mostly as a boy. Soon, though. It would be soon enough that she would reveal her true gender to Vatheon... Then she'd see how many still wanted to be around her; how many would think low of her.

But not for the moment.

She went up to the counter and ordered a cup of tea and something to nibble on. She was told to wait for her food and as she did she looked around. Where was she going to sit?
24th-Jul-2013 03:48 pm - Sad Times
warriorofwinds: (sad)
Who: Link and you
Where: In the plaza
When: Backdated to yesterday afternoon.
What: Link found out Sola went home and is now in the plaza feeling sad, cheer him up why don't you?
Style: Prose

It's true some days are dark and lonely. )
18th-May-2013 05:55 pm - Helping Hand
warriorofwinds: (Default)
Who: Link and anyone who responded to his post
When: May 18
Where: All around Vatheon.
Style: Prose
Status: Open

Ready to help! )
4th-May-2013 08:14 pm - Swordplay Practice
warriorofwinds: (fighting)
Who: Link and YOU!
When: May 4
Where: In the Plaza.
Style: Prose
Status: Open.

I'm an ally of justice! )
2nd-Apr-2013 03:55 pm - Adventure is Out There!
warriorofwinds: (Default)
Who: Link and YOU!
When: April 2, Noon
Where: All around Vatheon.
Style: Prose
Status: Open.

It had been a full week since Link first arrived in Vatheon. The people he met so far were very friendly, particularly Zelda, who helped him settle in. Link still missed Tetra and Aryll, but held onto hope that they would arrive in Vatheon one day. So here he is, out exploring the city. If he was going to be here, then he'd make the best of it.
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