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27th-Feb-2013 11:33 pm - Why do you do what you do?
dwightandclean: (really?)
Who: Dwight Hendrickson [personal profile] dwightandclean
Where: The Beach
When: Thursday, Feb. 28
Style: Prose but I can follow you
Status: OPEN!

Greed lives in the eye Of the beholder )
26th-Jan-2013 03:26 pm - Burial at sea
beautyindeath: (Wrap in laughter)
Who: Undertaker & you
When: Shortly after his arrival
Where: The Plaza
Style: Will match
Status: Open

Oh my. When Undertaker had chosen to perform his experiment on the Campania while out at sea he hadn't expected as much as this. To be stuck under the water in a strange location. For the moment he was sitting on one of the higher pieces of corral, watching the residents pass by and observing them. It was certainly more interesting to watch them this way than on the device which he had received or by reading the brochure. The pictures on it appearing similar to what one would watch with the cinematic record. It was curious to watch the residents around him, even in this fishbowl setting their interactions and behaviors were intriguing. How many had he seen seemingly lifeless until that moment when they touched the coral? Not to mention the mark which some had left quite exposed and open in clear sight of all.

Naturally the Undertaker had checked himself, finding the same brand on his arm as he had pulled up the sleeve of his robes. And while he personally didn't care for it, the impurity and ugly brand which he figured must mark all of those in this place, it was quickly accepted. Rather what he fiddled with while watching was the starfish which had taken the place of the treasure which the earl was keeping for him. For now though the ex-shinigami would have to entertain himself with the very souls he was watching before him, hoping he might have an opportunity to find a first rate laugh. Or the chance to examine them a little close and dress them up. A small somewhat manic laugh escaping at the thought as his lips curled into a smile.
29th-Dec-2012 06:16 pm - My Hair's in a rat's nest
dwightandclean: ( nathan)
Who: Dwight [personal profile] dwightandclean and anyone else!
Where: The Plaza and The Grocery Store
When: December 29, mid-morning
Style: Prose but I can change
Status: OPEN

I look like Hell )
26th-Nov-2012 10:15 am
crackpotcrocker: (Door Number one)
Who: Denzel and you
Where: Around the Bubble
When: All week
Style: Will match
Status: Open

[Looking for a person to get stuck to with the latest curse? Well meet Mr. Anti Social.
He can be found in these locations and may or may not be watching where he is going or prehaps he had a sudden spazz attack
Denzel can be found in various places in the Bubble all week.
The library. Reading and looking for various books like a nerd.
The University, teaching his Theorical Science class. This week's topic Time Travel!
The Plaza scoping out the coral with a strange device.
That guy in the corner of a resturant, sitting by himself.
Heck even taking scientific items from the Denfense Force.
As well, as his house. Boy, no matter where you touch him he's so boney!]

(Just note the day in the subject header)
15th-Nov-2012 10:00 am - In the naked city
dwightandclean: (that is weird even here)
Who: Dwight [personal profile] dwightandclean and anyone else!
Where: The Harbour (bring a jacket~)
When: November 15, mid-day
Style: Prose but I can change
Status: OPEN

there are ten million stories )
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