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gigglesnortpriestess: (dream of me)
Who: Sentai heroes and some girl (IT group)
What: Yukiko is trying to find a safe place to stay for the night. She just happened to stumble on a superhero group's hideout.
When: Thursday night
Where: Sentai HQ (formely the agency)
Status: Closed
Style: Either or.

Will I be alone in this dark place? )
16th-Jul-2013 06:49 am - The Otaku Queen is here
ukidokiotaku: (Bikini | Admire the cosplay)
Who: Renge and all the heroes, villains and just anyone.
Where: All over the city
When: Today and during the whole day
Style: Prose for the main part, but afterwards anything goes.
Status: Open

When an Otaku has way to much time on her hands. )
19th-Jun-2013 10:42 pm - 3rd Fan [Let's go on an Adventure!]
gigglesnortpriestess: (fight on)
Who: Yukiko Jones and YOU
Where: City and or island
When: Backdated to earlier in the day until end of Curse Week.
Status: Open!
Style: Whichever!

For...who knows. )
25th-May-2013 11:08 pm
Who: The Investigation Team (Yu, Yukiko, and Naoto)
Where: Their new headquarters near the Nostalgia Nook
When: Midday
Status: Closed
Style: Starting third; you guys post however you want.

No rats plz )
24th-May-2013 10:02 am - 1st Fan [Arrival]
gigglesnortpriestess: (unsure)
Who: Yukiko and anyone up
Where: Plaza
When: Backdated to about 3am
Status: Open
Style: I'll match you

Typical derp entrance )
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