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27th-May-2012 10:29 pm
unwillingseer: (grr.)
Who: Bardock and ALL OF YOU.
When: Sunday, May 27th, late evening
Where: Plaza
Style: Whatever
Status: Open like my arms

Bardock was having a really bad day. )
10th-May-2012 03:12 am - 001
ihadahole: (Wandering lost in a town full of frowns)
Characters: Legion and you!
Location: The plaza
Time: May 10th
Style: Will match commenters c:
Status: Open!

Legion was people watching today. They didn't have an extranet to use to watch organics here in Vatheon, so they were doing it the direct way. They stood at the edge of the plaza, completely still except the occasion turn of the head.

Eventually, though, they pulled out their SFC and started typing on it. Anyone who came close would notice that Legion was trying to program something on the communicator. It was long and complicated and it looked like they had been working on it for some time now.

Do you approach the robot with the giant hole in its chest?
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