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12th-Apr-2012 02:45 am - 012 ∫ Bonding
selfless_stag: ([Hogwarts] No glasses)
Who: James and Harry Potter
Where: Various locations
When: All day
Style: Prose by the look of it
Status: Closed

James woke to an idea in his head and, after checking with the wife, proceeded to knock on his son's bedroom door. His son's bedroom door - It felt so strange and yet so right. He couldn't believe Harry was here. And eleven already. Almost twelve.

"Harry? Are you coming down for breakfast?"
24th-Mar-2012 09:02 pm - 001
cupboards: (Yeah that's totally my bad)
Who: Harry and Open!
Where: The Plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: Open!

[ After finding his wand and having a bit of a look around, Harry decides it's probably best for him to find his way to the next room. Not that there was much to go on, and...well, he hadn't expected something like this, so he didn't really know what to do. The only thing he could think, was this was one of the rooms protecting the philosopher's stone. The problem was that Hermione and Ron were nowhere to be found. That, and it didn't really look like a room. It was more a city in an undersea bubble. Which didn't really seem like something that would be...inside Hogwarts. Would it even fit?

Then again, he was still new to magic. For all he knew, this kind of thing was more than plausible. So all he could really focus on was finding a way out of what he assumes is a test, and on to the next room. First things first, though: Finding his friends. They couldn't have gone far...right? ]

Ron? Hermione--?

[ No luck. They weren't in the Plaza, anyway, and...well, he didn't even know where to begin looking for them. They didn't have much time, either. Not if they wanted to stop Snape from getting his grubby hands on the stone. He frowns, moving through the crowd while wringing out his clothes as best he could.

He was cold, sopping wet, and looked worse for wear, but he didn't have time to worry about any of that. Right now he had to look for clues to a way out, and for his friends. He would worry about the water later. (Besides, Hermione probably knew a spell or two that would dry him off.) He pauses a moment to look around.

Maybe...he should ask one of the people nearby about this place? Assuming they weren't illusions or something. ]

Er---Excuse me? Could you tell me what this place is?
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