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23rd-Jun-2013 12:26 pm - Nst nst nst
stayb100ponyboy: (deal with it)
Who: Equius and all you dance maniacs
Where: Case de Highblood
When: the last day of the hat curse
Status: open
Style: I'll match

Equius had resisted for a long time. He remembered the last time this curse came around, and how he got stuck first in a cat hat and then up on the roof with no way to get down. He was not going to be wearing any strange hats this time around!

Of course, Vatheon had a different plan in mind for him, and when he got up this morning, a hat got knocked off the headboard and stuck on his head.

Now anyone walking past Equius' home--or anywhere in the general neighborhood--will hear a deep, thumping beat and see red lights strobing away. If you come inside, you'll be assaulted by music, killbots standing along the walls with their eyes flashing in perfect synchrosity, and all the furniture pushed aside to make room for this.

Welcome to Equius' rave.
thekidsare0kay: (2cared (grub))
Who: Sollux Captor and Feferi Peixes
When: IDK, sometime during the curse
Where: Starting at their hive
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Sollux has now been here long enough that he's not fooled when his mark glows and nothing seems to happen. With a bit of scouring on the network over the last couple of hours, and then some testing to be sure, he knows what this curse is about, and he's not happy.

He hasn't come out of his respite block since.]
18th-Mar-2013 02:32 pm - ♊ + ♋ + ♒
unconchonable: (Default)
Who: Sollux, Karkat, and Eridan
When: March 16th
Where: The cave for The Trial of Three
Style: Action
Status: Closed
Warnings: Cursing and quest-related stuff. So possible violence, etc.

This will obviously go well )
23rd-Jan-2013 07:08 pm - Grubtime 3: Repercussions.
feralfanatic: (smile side)
Who: Those that were grubs, and anyone who has reason to be there.
When: Backdated to just after Curse 39 ends.
Where: Dualscar's hive.
Style: Whichever you prefer.
Status: Closed.

[The curse ends, and that means a restoration to the original form everyone had. Clothing was not part of the transformation process. Unfortunately, that meant that the two grubs sitting in a pile were now back to what they used to be... unclothed.]

(OOC: Separate threads to make this a bit easier, I would think; Or, you know, whatever works.)
5th-Dec-2012 11:08 am - [closed] let's be collateral damage
corporealizing: (one day i'll be wondering how)
Who: Lu-Shen Mao; Garry and Sollux Captor
Where: Around Vatheon
When: backdated to during the Stuck to You event week
What: Lu-Shen getting stuck to boys and trollboys.
Style: Brackets!
Status: This is a catch-all, so I'm posting up a starter for each character involved!
26th-Nov-2012 07:01 pm
thekidsare0kay: (2narl (ed))
Who: Sollux Captor and Eridan Ampora
When: November 20th
Where: A hotel room :3
Status: Closed

[Sollux was busy with Feferi for a while, so it takes him a while to get to the place he chose. By his estimate, Eridan should be there already, but it's possible that his kismesis won't have shown up, or will have left. Hopefully not. He's looking to work off a bit of frustration, and it's been too long since they were last out on a date.

He throws open the door and enters]

Miss me?
27th-Oct-2012 01:40 pm - we all glub down here
terribubblykoi: (grin; all float down here)
Who: Feferi Peixes, Eridan Ampora, Karkat Vantas, Gamzee Makara, Sollux Captor
When: Saturday, smack in the middle of the day
Where: In the Middle District, around the plaza
Status: Closed

[ Oh. My. Glub.

She's sure that she's never seen anything so amazing. Okay, yeah, she's got the brochure, and she flipped through it a little bit, but both it and the SFC get captchalogued almost immediately because there's no time to waste.

She's been in the city maybe just an hour now, she hasn't gone outside quite yet though that surely sounds like a great plan. She's climbed all over Lamufao, even given it a kiss to two because why wouldn't you give a coral god a little bit of affection, right?

By now she has a big stuffed lion fish under one arm, and her other hand is occupied with a hearty skewer of grilled octopus tentacles as she wanders around glubbing like the happiest tourist on any sort of planet.

Clearly, Feferi had some interesting priorities.
20th-Oct-2012 10:32 pm - The time has come, seahorsedad said
onlyasign: (feel the light)
Who: Sufferer and everyone crashing at Dualscar's hive this week
When: throughout the curse week
Where: Dualscar's hive, which he's now sharing with two freeloading holy bros
Style: whatever
Status: pretty open

To talk of many things )
16th-Sep-2012 06:31 pm - ♑ 21; Boobs. Boobs will be all.
420: (pic#1234492)
GoT TiTs.
I GuEsS ThAt iS AlL ThErE Be tO SaY On tHe mOtHeRfUcKiN MaTtEr.

I WoNdEr iF I CoUlD JuSt...

WoAh, ShIt, ThEsE ThInGs fEeL GrEaT.
HaHa, WoW.

[ooc: yes, whoops, this was supposed to be in the network comm. LETS PRETEND IT IS.]
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Who: Feferi + Sollux, then Aradia, then Gamzee
What: Feferi is a little bit sad about her "breakup". :'(
Where: her hive, then Gamzee's hive
When: After this, and this, and this!
Style: Action
Status: Closed!
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