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10th-Sep-2013 09:24 pm - Even old men need to have fun
chokmahemperor: (botherbotherbother)
Who: Peony and Alister
When: Probably early evening-ish
Where: Up on the island, on the beach
Style: Whatever!
Status: Closed

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3rd-Jul-2013 07:33 pm - Baby, it's cold outside...
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Who: Peony and anyone around ;n;
Where: Everywhere!
When: All week, starting backdated to the first!
Style: I'll adjust c:
Status: Open!

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24th-Jun-2013 11:26 pm - Up, Up, and away
bootsweremadeforcasting: ({MASK02})
Who: Jade Curtiss, Peony, and Alsiter
When: Early the 25th
Where: The apartment
Style: Whaaaatever
Status: Closed

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31st-Mar-2013 11:43 pm - April Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
[This month, there's a sign in the plaza indicating that the welcoming party has moved to the park to celebrate spring!

The food table is present as always, though the selection seems a little healthier than usual. No sweets are available for once - instead the Station Master will cheerfully invite anyone who comes by for a bite to eat or a nice drink to take part in the spring clam hunt! Scattered throughout the park are brightly colored clams, painted like easter eggs tend to be. Some of them are obvious, others are more well hidden. Others? Well, a few of the residents got a little over-enthusiastic. They sure do get excited about this stuff.

What's inside? Well, it depends! In most of the calms are various candies (not fish flavored this time, the clam theme seems to have satisfied the locals), but some of the clams are a little different. It might be time to celebrate spring, but it's also April 1st! When some of the clams are opened, characters might find that paper eels spring out at their faces, or that they're squirted with brightly colored ink, or even that the clam makes various noises. There are even a couple clams that are entirely empty and make a very mature raspberry sound when opened.

As always, the Welcoming Committee and Host Club have had booths set up for them as well. Have a question about the city? Want to talk to someone who doesn't have fish puns on the brain? Need a little companionship? Both are good places to check out. At the Welcoming Committee, just in case anyone was suspicous of the Zora Tunics that appeared Sunday night, Zelda's handing out a couple more and explaining those. The Host Club is under new management, but it seems like they've managed to pull things together regardless.

Have fun!]
28th-Feb-2013 02:18 am - My dragon is still angry
bootsweremadeforcasting: ({Elegy of E m p t i n e s s})
Who: Jade Curtiss and Peony Malkuth
Where: The Apartment
When: February 28, evening
Style: Prose or action. Whichever!
Status: Closed!

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13th-Jan-2013 11:00 pm - N-no... no, I'm scared...!
relinquishing: (☼ who should know better than that)

Who: A very young Guy Cecil and a bunch of scary strangers.
Where: Yutopil Apartments and the alleys near the plaza
When: Monday morning - afternoon
Style: I prefer [Action], but I'll match.
Status: Open

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[Residents of the lower floor of Yutopil might here a thumping crash from Apartment 1-5 early Monday morning, followed by a loud wail. That's because one little blonde boy has literally fallen out of his bed and hit the ground a bit too hard. Nothing to truly hurt him in the end, but... well, he is a bit of a coward, and the impact is enough to startle him to tears. What is this place?! Where is he? And now his head hurts and oh no, oh please, what is he going to do????

He will eventually wander from his strange quarters, although the outside world isn't very inviting. Every face is strange and hostile, and with what he's just seen and heard he can't help but flinch away. So don't be surprised if you come walking through the plaza and hear the sniffling sobs of a young child, not even a day past five, huddled in the alleyway behind a building, head buried against his knees or hands wringing at clothes of the finest quality (dusted with the clouded markings of soot). He may look like an animal caught frightened in a bright light. But for as much of a man as Mary wants him to be, a stranger is still a stranger, and strangers are still frightening.]

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26th-Dec-2012 01:46 am - Space Invaders!
chokmahemperor: (no escaping cuddles)
Who: Peony and Jade
When: Backdated to the Stuck curse /o/;;
Where: Their apartment :D
Style: Adorable Whichever; intro's in brackets 'cause I can
Status: Closed

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3rd-Dec-2012 12:04 am - Monthly Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
Is it that time of the month already?

...No, today is not the start of shark week.

The Station Master's taken precautions to make this month's mingle party nice and laid back, after that rather magnetic week. Today, locals are all over the Plaza starting to put up the decorations for this strange holiday known as "Christmas", and they're more than happy to cheerfully rope any foreigner who doesn't look too busy into helping them.

The food tables are back, albeit with more drink than food. Hot chocolate, gluhwein mulled wine, a huge bowl of fruit punch, you name it, it's there. Foodwise, there's snowflake shaped crackers with cheese and meats, shrimp cocktails, cups filled with green or red jelly, and plenty of cookies to go around.

Near the food tables are the two usual booths, one belonging to the Welcoming Committee, armed with all the information a newbie would want to know, and the other belonging to the Host Club, manned by all the male eyecandy you could ever need. Have they done something special for their booths this festive season? Better sashay their way and find out!

Walking around all the tables and booths is what looks to be a giant lobster(???) in a Santa suit handing out candy to anyone and everyone nearby. It seems the locals don't understand that it's "Santa Claus", not "Sandy Claws."

Finally, it looks like there's been a new addition to the plaza. Was that ice skating rink over there last night?? It certainly fits the theme, and the locals don't seem to be surprised. They'll even help you lace up those skates and take them for a spin. Bundle up and try not to fall too much!
26th-Nov-2012 01:03 pm - ☆Turn 3☆
machiavellingly: (08I waste for these)
☆Who: Lelouch Vi Britannia
☆Where: Lelouch's Apartment
☆When: Daytime, Monday
☆Status: Closed. Peony is invited to tea.

[Of course Lelouch has been watching quietly since he arrived now. One of the first people to greet him had been, by far, one of the most interesting. He'd expected to encounter other people here who held status and title but... not so soon.

Even royalty needed their own vassals, protectors and knights. The hardest part for him had been figuring out exactly what Peony's title was. He could safely rule out he was not a duke, count, viscount or baron due to how he'd seen what was said in passing. Jade, was it? Jade was part of the military from Auldrant, he'd found that out from simply asking -- and the other... Guy. Hn. That was more difficult to say. He knew the least about him.

It was possible that all of them possessed powers that could prove useful to him. However, if he didn't have to waste his Geass he didn't want to; and, if they followed Peony it would be sufficiently easier to have him issue orders for them to follow.

If he wanted to get to the bottom of this God's rule and find a way home he was going to need allies. Allies could not simply be won over with words, however. It was more likely he could get Peony to simply admit who he was if he implied he knew... Well. He'd have to see. That was why he'd offered to meet him over tea, if he wanted to know what sort of person he was (and he felt he had a rough idea at this point). He would need to test him.

He's already gathered his Geass is significantly weaker than it was, he can only cast it twice per week, if that and at great physical strain to himself. Which is somewhat to his advantage, he has no means to make a contact to disrupt it but... having it be in such a state also means that he'll be unable to reach the God's consciousness who holds them all captive. Before he makes a move he needs to gather as much information as possible -- and thus far any citizens he'd attempted to glean it from had been vastly unhelpful. As though they were hiding something and someone had ingrained it in them (maybe even on a subconscious level not to speak of it) which left him with few options.

There are several problems right now with trying to plan... from what he's gathered both living and dead can be brought here irregardless. That would mean disrupting this peaceful utopia for lost lovers, friends and family. None of his own had shown their faces as of yet which he supposed he had been very fortunate about -- all the same. It isn't right that their fates be dictated by any God. Something is wrong with this place but he can't quite put his finger on it.

So he waits for his guest in his apartment, it's clean and well organized. There's a pot of tea and a few pastries sitting out on the table, as well as enough silverware and dishes for two.

Now, come to me, Peony. Let's find out the truth about your identity. You're sure to be a valuable asset to me... All I must do is learn who you are and what you're capable of.
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