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tsundyne: (mental keysmash)
Who: Yukari, Yosuke, and anyone passing by
Where: The Plaza
When: Backdated to last day of curse 33 (bodyswap)
Status: Open! to ridicule and embarrassment

[Yukari had made it a point not to really show herself much this week, with her being stuck the way she is. Knowing-- or, well, hoping that it would be the last day, however, assuaged her somewhat, and she finds herself wandering around the plaza. It’s around the end of the month, about the right time for new people to be arriving. New and old...

But no matter how many people she’s met or seen, human or not, she hadn’t expected to run into... herself.

It takes her a moment to process it. And then it hits her.


[Oh. Well this was awk. Especially since Yosuke was in this outfit. (minus the tanktop in the second link--)

Anyway. He jumps a little when he hears his name being called. Oh.

...Oh...hey Yukari. [He’s a little sheepish right now. Oops?] What’s up?

[She’s. Just going to pause, and stare at her own midriff, exposed. Why she’s even surprised to see this, she doesn’t even know. She won’t even answer his question.]

Wh- What are you wearing?!

...What do you mean? What’s wrong with what I have on?

[There's another pause, because there are simply no words. But finally, she sputters:]

Tch! Only everything!

[......Welp. This will end well.

Jump in? Laugh? Pop some popcorn...?

(( OOC: backdated joint curse post! replies will come from [personal profile] tsuncanned, who is Yukari in Yosuke’s body, and [personal profile] garbagedyne, who is Yosuke in Yukari’s body. also, Yosuke-mun is still on hiatus so replies from her might be slow! ))
27th-Aug-2012 02:46 pm - [001] video/action;
diehardreaper: ([ch] | And hear your name called)
Who: Ronald and the rest of you lot
Where: Near the coral
When: Probably in the morning
Style: Action but will follow you
Status: Open

[ There's a scuffle, Vatheon. His SFC is pointed to the sky but anyone would be able to hear him distinctly over the network. ]

Blimey, ow. Ah, hell... it all hurts.

[ Ronald's prodding his cheek slightly with a thumb as he gets up. Truth be told, he's an absolute wreck. His uniform's bloody and a mess, his hair's disheveled and his glasses are being groped for before being put back on his face. ]

ow... owowowowowowow... Beastly, that's what he was. Not that I'd expected mercy... cor now, hold on...

[ And then he realizes he isn't on the ship anymore. ]

This isn't the Campania. Did I fall into the ocean then?

[ There's a sigh though as he strains to sit up, finally spotting the SFC and eyeing it curiously before picking it up. ]

...Don't think anyone can hear me through this, can they?
30th-Jul-2012 05:19 pm - classy people doing classy things
raincoats: (pic#)
Who: this winner feat. yosgay & a rude bitch you guys know your usernames
Where: middle district at the equiv. of vatheon's junes
When: curse week; blackout
Style: prose
in brackets
Status: closed

this karma machine only takes quarters )
bufudine: (searching for something lost :|)
Who: Serph and YOU
Where: Up on the island
When: Any time from morning to night during this week of RAIN RAIN RAIN.
Style: I'll match!
Status: OPEN

[For some reason, the mosasaurus seems to be unusually noisy, roaring and splashing about. There's some pretty sweet waves resulting from it, though they eventually return to your every day stormy weather waves as the mosasaurus sinks back down under the water. Did something piss it off...?

Well, there's a guy floating on his back with his eyes shut not too far from the shore.

...He doesn't seem to be moving.]
25th-Jul-2012 10:39 am - Yosuke ♪ 002
garbagecanned: (pic#2938296)
Who: Yosuke and you!
Where: wandering around near the elevator
Style: first person preferred! what can I say, I'm lazy
Status: open!

[Why was he going out here? If it was only to get some fresh air, then shouldn't he do it when it wasn't raining? Maybe he was getting stir-crazy, sitting in the bubble all the time.

Maybe the rain reminded him of Inaba. At least it wasn't foggy outside, he could give it that. Then he would be even more paranoid than he was already. Especially with Adachi here.

He opens the umbrella as he gets out of the elevator, and looks around--

His little moment of peace doesn't last long before the flimsy umbrella is ripped out of his hands by a gust of wind.

He's stunned, just for a moment, quickly getting more and more wet before he groans.

Damn it! Why did I come up here??

[He takes off after the umbrella. But guess what? Wet sand is kind of hard to run in.

And guess what? Yosuke's pretty clumsy. Faceplant in 3...2...


[He goes down, falling into the wet sand. No umbrella. Just the rain and the wet, nasty stuff underneath him.

He's not even going to bother to get up, either. Not for now.

Maybe he should just stay in the house for the rest of his time here. Yep. That sounded nice right about now.

Also, that umbrella? Way gone at this point.
26th-Jun-2012 10:12 pm - Maid Uniforms ☽
messianic: (Lo; while we gaze)
Characters: Minato, Yukari, and you!
Location: Maid Cafe off the main plaza
Time: All day, every day
Style: Whatever works! We’ll follow!
Status: OPEN

[When Minato and Yukari went on a walk that morning, as wasn’t all that unusual for them. It was a nice sense of normality for the two of them, even if it was a bubble with fish instead of sky. They were talking a different route this time, which is why things got a little strange when they were suddenly accosted.

Or rather, Yukari was.

The rather insistent native grabs her arm and tugs and says, “Please, you have to help us!” and SEES being SEES, they can’t just leave a plea for help like that.

Except it turned out to be more a plea for “services”. Services being a maid outfit. In a maid cafe.


At first it was just Yukari, who hardly looked pleased with the idea, despite finding the pink variety of maid outfits they offered very cute. But then she turns to Minato.]

H-Hey-- you’re not leaving, are you? If I’m doing this, you should help them, too!

[Her eyes look pleading. Except that is exactly what he’d planned on doing--

Leaving, that is.]

...Ah. Well--

[He doesn’t get to say much more before the eager natives grab him too--and since the natives are a bit rusty on proper maid cafe decorum, he ends up in a similar outfit (thankfully not pink). But he doesn’t look too happy about it. Not that he has much of a choice.

So now Yukari and Minato are stuck in a maid cafe. In maid uniforms.

You know you want to join them.

ooc: You’ll likely get both Yukari and Minato responding to tags to this post! ♥]
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