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21st-Jul-2013 04:16 pm - Oh no! I'm falling! (Closed)
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Who: Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy
Where: Almost-falling
When: July 21st
What: Superhero curse. Sol rescues Ky again, this time Ky reacts a little differently
Rating: PG-13
Style: Past tense prose.

cut )
13th-Jul-2013 10:20 pm - Here and There
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Who: Sol (back from his canon update) and open!
Where: in a fountain Plaza
When: Saturday night
Style: I'll match
Status: Open~

And Back Again )
immoralflame: (Thoughtful smoke break)
Who: Sol, Queen, and open
When: Evening of the 9th
Where: Somewhere with food and booze in the bubble and an "outdoor" area.
Style: Adaptable
Status: Open! Even if Sol is made of alternating lineface and jackass.

Still, there's a feelin' that this world is usin' me. )
5th-Jun-2013 01:13 am - What is there to say? (backdated)
immoralflame: (what a pain)
Who: Sol and Ky
When: Backdated to Saturday of the curse
Where: Up on the island
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

All the mistakes we made must be faced today. )
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Who: Selphie and Anyone Else
When: Afternoon
Where: Park!
Style: Whatever you want you get.
: Open Sesame Street

Selphie was counting down the number of close friends that she had left. Think of all your friends, think of the people here who want to help you, that's the kind of things that people said to those who had a friend return home. That's almost what Guy had said to her when Kenshin left. Sure. And one of those few friends who had tried to help was back home. Disappeared. Gone - and Cain had been so helpful to her, and so friendly too. He was the first person in a very long time to open their doors to her, to treat her like a wanted guest.

This time, Selphie's energy is channelled into sheer anger, at the lovely park, of all places. If Vatheon was a person, Selphie would have slaughtered them. As it was, she has drawn a shaky outline of a human figure on a tree in the park, and has started directing heavy blows at it with her nunchaku. The young woman is getting so worked up that the occasional burst of fire appears - enough to burn the bark for just a moment. Here's hoping she doesn't start a forest fire.

5th-Jan-2013 09:01 pm - You look delicious tonight, darling
not_heavens_adam: (Bite you)
Who: Johnny Rayflo and Sol Badguy
When: Way backdated to the 24th
Where: The forest
Style: Braaackets?
Status: Closed
Here there will be blood )
immoralflame: (Look around around | I see you heh)
Who: Vatheon's populace and one Sol Badguy
When: Starting around 7:30, Christmas morning, lasting... Oh, let's call it 13:00.
Where: Mainly in the plaza where the gadget's set up, but there's nowhere to hide
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Open~

But now it's Christmas. )
23rd-Dec-2012 11:58 pm - Trial the First
bootsweremadeforcasting: ({Derailed})
Who: Jade Curtiss and anyone who would like to join in the plot! (Fighting will be involved)
When: Late evening the 23rd
Where: Central Plaza
Style: Action or Prose!
Status: Open

{Για το άπειρο} )
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Who: Ky Kiske and semi-open (Jade Curtiss, Zelda, Sol Badguy, Mao Lu-Shen)
Where: Around and about
When: The week of November 26th
What: Event. Getting stuck to people.
Style: Use what you're comfortable with.
Status: I'm posting starters for the people listed above, but if anyone else wants in feel free to post your own starter for getting stuck to Ky
24th-Nov-2012 07:39 pm - The Doctor Arrives (again)
thelastgallifreyan: (Sonic time)
Who: The Doctor and You
Where: Standard Plaza Drop
When: Late Morning, just before Noon, November 24th
Style: Brackets preferred but I'll match
Status: OPEN

[A rather damp man in a tweed dress jacket and red bow-tie suddenly appears in the plaza next to the corral.

He spins around quickly, observing and taking in the scene before him in a rush of information.

He runs his hand through his hair nervously only to discover that it is wet.]

I'm wet. [He brings his hand down from his head and inspects it. Sniffs it. Then tastes it.]

Correction. [He looks down at the rest of himself and flaps his jacket out a few times as if to get rid of the excess liquid. He begins to straighten his bow-tie.] I'm soaked... [There is a pause.] with salt-water.

And I'm inside a bubble under an ocean next to an enormous piece of coral.

Ooookay. [He claps his hands together and tilts his head to one side and then the other.]

No TARDIS in sight. [He checks his pockets.] Sonic accounted for, that's good. [He removes his sonic screwdriver and takes a reading. There is a green light and an electric buzzing noise for a few seconds. It turns off and he flips the device up to his eyes to inspect the data.]

Well I haven't mis-aimed. There is certainly something odd about this place.

[He places the sonic screwdriver back in his waterlogged pocket.]

So here's a question. [He continues to talk to himself and walks in a semi-circle around the coral.]

Why does this feel oddly familiar?
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