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1st-Feb-2013 03:09 pm - End Trial
bootsweremadeforcasting: ({Rest Here. . .})
Who: Jade Curtiss and those involved in the recent glasses plot
When: Today, February 1st
Where: Medical Clinic
Status: Semi-open

((Follow the cut!)) )
((OOC: I wrote in brackets, but you are all welcome to do prose or brackets or whichever!))
16th-Jan-2013 08:58 am - there's no snow here...
therevengejournal: (HEEEEEEEY)
Who: a young Saphir circa ND 1992 and people he definitely doesn't know
When: earlier in the week!
Where: the Plaza, although he does wander eventually so wherever he ends up being found
Style: [brackets work, but I can do prose too!]
Status: open!

W-where is this place...

[A young boy with white-ish hair is sitting in the Plaza, really unsure as to how he got here. For all of his intellect beyond his years, he can't really come up with a good explanation for how he got transported somewhere outside of Keterburg. Unless... someone came up with a way to teleport people? Would that involve breaking down their fonic composition and putting them back together again -

- and then it suddenly occurs to him that he's not in Keterburg. This means that he's somewhere else, Yulia knows how far, and that he's utterly alone. All those happy looking people walking around don't count.]

J-Jade? Nephry? Peony?

[He slowly gets to his feet and looks around a little more closely. It doesn't look familiar at all. Just where is he now?

Regardless, he continues to look around, taking steps as he very cautiously walks around looking for his friends. Passers-by might see him not paying attention to what's right in front of him, however, and he might just bump into someone on the street, at which point he will apologize profusely for doing so...]

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