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3rd-Mar-2013 05:47 pm - i need you now
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Who: Kraehe (Rue) the angstmuffin and OPEN
When: Whenever this week
Where: Various places
Style: any
Status: open

a. grief

[ Rue has stopped counting the days. A part of her still stubbornly thinks her prince may return to their apartment at any moment, bowing and apologizing gently. With him she was strong. Without him... she felt so weak. Weak and vulnerable. The Raven's blood still pumps through her veins, still taking her and hurting her relentlessly, turning her thoughts dark and cruel. Her memory isn't clear but at some point she's donned those black shoes once more, turning her back into that person she'd come to despise. One may find her perched upon the roof of the library in solitude, one hand covering her face. ]

b. anger

[ It hurts to dance, but she does so without a partner in a secluded area of the park. There are many expressions in her movements. Grief. Abandonment. Anger. How dare her prince leave her in such a state. How dare he promise a happy life in his kingdom, only to vanish and leave her in a foreign land with no escape? Her hands look akin to raven's claws, tearing at the air. Her strong legs strike at nothing. And her red eyes glare, tear-filled and spiteful. She is not Rue, she is Kraehe. And she takes what she wants, even by force. ]

[[ooc: Rue's powers have turned her to Kraehe, though at the moment she has much more bark than bite, with little chance of there being any real damage done to anyone. Feel free to PM for questions or plot uses.]]
12th-Feb-2013 05:23 pm
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Who: Dr. Franken Stein, Pip the Eevee, and you. Also some ducks.
When: Today, Feb 12th
Where: Around Vatheon.
What: Pip will never manage to figure out that ducks and other small critters aren't Pokemon.
Status: Open!

[Pip hatched from an egg that Death the Kid found in the fridge in the Soul Eater cast's villa about a year and a half ago. Somehow, he still hasn't quite figured out that the non-humans here in Vatheon aren't Pokemon for him to fight with.

And for some reason, Pip has been in a mood to pick fights recently. So, if you have an animal, or if you are an animal, or maybe if you're a troll, there is a (slightly pudgy) fox-like creature suddenly attacking with a jumping tackle.

Alternatively, Pip is trying to fight ducks using that same jumping tackle. The ducks are not very amused. Some of them run off, but then Pip goes after a goose. The goose is almost exactly what he was looking for in an opponent, though it's not very good at taking turns.

Dr. Stein is being very responsible and keeping track of the Eevee.

Actually no, he's just taking notes on Pip's behavior and watching in amusement.
6th-Feb-2013 06:48 pm - [closed]
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Who: Rue and Prince Siegfried
When: February 6th
Where: Starting off at the Plaza
What: Rue has arrived and is found by her prince
Status: Closed

[ Her first thought is that she must have fallen off the swan carriage. That's the only logical explanation to why she's now on solid ground--and soaked to the bone. What had been a large princess dress full of volume is now thin and watered down, plastered to her skin as she steps out of the fountain with her crown crooked upon her head. Holding the skirts of her dress, Rue's eyes scan the sky. Surely her prince would notice her absence and come back for her. 

... But she doesn't see any sign of the carriage flying through the sky. Instead she's met with a much more peculiar sight--water. And lots of it. 

Rue's expression falls as her mouth opens. It only takes a few moments of mindless gaping before she catches herself, and hardens her face into something more stern and determined. And she sets off, uncaring of how ridiculous she must have appeared. To where? She doesn't know. But she won't idly sit by.

If her prince is unable to find her, then she will be the one to return to him instead. ]

12th-Aug-2012 06:02 am - secret tunnel thru the mountain
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Characters: [community profile] vatheon + an eventual mystery guest star
Location: island + new area
Time: all week starting monday
Style: any
Status: open - threadhop & theadjack away

[ after the kicked up damage wrought by yami in the south forest quadrant settles down and becomes surveyable by monday, characters are in for a little— or, well, a big surprise that is the secret research facility. the entrance of it is easy enough to find, thanks to the destruction— although a lot of the research facility itself is destroyed as well. the power still works, at least! although whatever network it had seemingly been hooked up to is currently (and likely permanently) offline.

near the ENTRANCE of the facility, characters will likely find a very large chart on one of the walls— it resembles a map with handwritten annotations and will undoubtedly prove useful in further exploration. there's nothing else interesting near the entrance, sans for a few empty desks and a trash bin full of what appears to be torn up employee information of some sort. the other areas that can be found will be as follows:


↪ pretty self-explanatory, although they are extremely minimalistic and completely abandoned. it's likely that the scientists made use of these— some of the beds seem a bit unkempt, as though they were recently used; whereas some rooms have full garbage bins with various papers. many of them are unuseful or flat-out irrelevant, others appear to be outdated schedule data— the dates on most of the papers seem to be from a little over a year ago. basically, the bins are filled with what they were made for— trash.


↪ deeper into the facility, it's obvious that quite a lot of research had been being conducted within— multiple rooms seem to be arranged for just that purpose. most of the rooms are empty or have a lot of strewn tools within them as though they were emptied in a hurry. although one room in particular was left as it was; it's both locked and blocked off though, and might take a little force in order to get into. once inside, a completely white room will be found that might feel familiar to people who had been directly involved in a strange event that had happened quite a while ago... the room is slightly less white than any "experiments" might remember, however. in fact, there seems to be quite a bit of dried blood about the place. the blood can be found on nearly everything in the room— the table accompanied with surgical tools, the cabinet filled with both syringes and old vials of a blue fluid, and a prominent list visible on one of the walls.


↪ one lab in particular found further within the facility appears to be bigger and better than all the others— it's also the only lab with a multitude of computers. due to the power being on, computers will be responsive— although because whatever network they once runned on is no longer online, the only data accessible is offline data found within any harddrives or memory devices.

and there is plenty of that. however, any data found is heavily encrypted and unlike anything ever seen before, so even a normally excellent hacker will have a problem getting past the security walls; and the only file that can be opened immediately seems to make no sense whatsoever:


furthermore, nearly everything resembling paper evidence has been torn or shredded, as evident by the completely empty and ajar file cabinets— not to mention the fact that there are plenty of scraps of unreadable paper strewn across some parts of the floor.


↪ in the deepest part of the lab is a peculair hallway that seems to drop downward— which is curious, since the facility is located so closely on the edge of the island itself. although everything becomes clear should one reach the room near the end of the lowering hallway— a majority of the equipment is damaged, but it is indeed a submarine exit of some sort. could this be how all of the scientists left so suddenly..? in fact, most of the submarines are missing— sans for one, but it's quite old and probably nonfunctional in its current state. you're fully allowed to try and fix it, but it will take both a team of people and several weeks.


↪ also in the deeper part of the facility, although closer to the main lab than the submarine exit, is a completely closed off area— mechanical doors and a digital lock that seems to be online block all from entering. the door seems to open automatically for a keycard, but there's also an emergency override function— that activates via a password. blinking in an almost mocking fashion, it prompts you:

enter password: |
7th-May-2012 07:19 pm - LET'S D.D.R.!!! ☆
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Who: Rue and Kyouko
When: Directly after this (ie. heavily backdated and we give no fucks.)
Where: The arcade in the plaza!
Style: [action forever]
Status: Closed

[Rue doesn't exactly know what to expect, or what to look for when she sets out to find the arcade. She is roaming the plaza; and in truth she's never been to the arcade in her life. She's had no reason to. There hadn't even been one, in the city of Gold Crown, and she can only assume what it might be like, and what childish "games" there would be there.

Luckily, the sign above the arcade is rather noticable-- maybe even unnecessarily so, thus it was not difficult to find it.

So she walks in, looking around cautiously for the familiar head of long, pony-tailed red hair. She is distracted, of course, by all the machines set up, and all the people playing them.

All the button mashing, the furious yelling, the cheering--

It isn't an environment she's used to, and not one she prefers. But she isn't one to go back on her word. She simply endures it, looking for this mysterious "DDR" game that Kyouko had so much regard for.

What exactly would it look like? She did mention arrows, huh...

ravenly: (let's groove tonight)
Who: Rue & you!
Where: Various buildings in Vatheon
When: Daytime. Sort of a delayed response to Siegfried's announcement about ballet classes.
Style: Whichever
Status: OPEN!!!

(Too small. Too old--too dirty. When is the last time someone picked up in here?)

[...Ugh. Rue shakes her head, walking out of yet another building. She's gotten used to this stupid thought bubble following her around for the week, though it is no less inconvenient...

She is looking for a place to quietly practice ballet now, since she's evidently going to be teaching lessons. She has no idea how to feel about it honestly; but her prince had garned quite a bit of interest, so she figures it'd be best to be prepared.

Around her neck rests a small music player, attached to headphones; she is familiarizing herself with the music she plans to dance to. It would be a hassle to deal with the cords while doing so, however. But luckily, the building she's finally settled on has a set of larger speakers she can hook everything up to.

...It takes her a moment to figure it out, but it seems to work just fine.

Taking a last peek to see that she's not being watched, she begins with an easy routine that she's done many times before.

(( OOC: feel free to run into her as she's searching for the building, or walk in on her dancing later! ))
selfless_stag: ([Hogwarts] School)
Characters: James Potter and YOU
Location: The plaza
Time: Afternoon
Style: Any
Status: Open

With Lily upset over what she left behind, Shin trying to put on a brave face for losing Sirius, and James knowing where his best friend had gone back to, the Marauders House was the most depressing place in the bubble right now. So James had, once again, sneaked out a broomstick and tried to clear his head the way he would have done back home.
25th-Feb-2012 12:10 am - Matthew // 025
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Characters: Matthew, Saya and you!
Location: Center Plaza
Time: Alll day
Style: First...?
Status: Open open! You can get Matthew, Saya or probably both!

[Hello Vatheon.

If you wander past the plaza at all today, you will find something a little funny about it.

And by a little, I mean a lot.

For you will see Matthew and Saya piecing together what seems to be...a gingerbread village. Wait, no, that's not entirely right.

It appears to be a gingerbread model of Vatheon (not quite to scale); stray pieces of gingerbread and cartons of frosting lie scattered around, even as Matthew lies on his stomach and carefully puts a roof onto one of the apartments.

What do you mean they're out of season? These two certainly don't seem to care.]

Hey, Saya, can you hand me the blue frosting?
10th-Feb-2012 10:42 pm
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Who: Rue & Matthew
Where: Whenever,
When: Whenever,
Style: WE'LL ALWAYS BE TOGE-- I mean, uh, first.
Status: Closed kalsjds (going to make an open post for her one day, I swear guys)

[Rue's isn't all that worried about the state of Vatheon as it is at the moment. She's used to fairytale settings (although this is considerably different from Gold Crown); and judging by her light browsing through the SFC network, people are already working to correct things, so she finds herself without any need to lift a finger.

She has far more pressing matters on her mind, as she walks through the city; and she's got her SFC in her hand, wondering
where his name went.



He hadnt been in his room either, and she thinks she should probably tell Ahiru.

She finds herself staring at her name too, however, and...simply doesn't hit the call button. Not yet.
10th-Feb-2012 07:34 pm - Japan 『●』 005
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Characters: Tengu!Japan and you c:
Location: Plaza
Time: Sunset
Style: Action
Status: OPEN

*With a strong gust of wind, Japan lands on one of the lampposts. He looks left and right but there is no sign of his friends. This is certainly a troubling matter. He was supposed to be in the heavens by now - but for some reason, he couldn't get out of this wretched underwater palace.

A sigh.*

And I still have this lump I need to give back to the old man ...

*The tengu flips his wings few times out of restlessness. Few of his feathers flutter down to the ground.*

We did have fun that we did. Too bad there doesn't seem to be much merry souls under the sea.

*... He also should stop talking to himself.*
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