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18th-Nov-2012 05:12 pm - Fluff time.
theinfamous1412: (Default)
Who: Kaito ([personal profile] theinfamous1412), and Aoko ([personal profile] ahouko)
Where: Their Apartment - Grocery Store
When: Morning-ish
Status: closed.
Style: [ action ]

He had fully meant to sleep in. He had not meant to sleep in -that- much )
11th-Oct-2012 11:06 pm - puppy therapyyyyy
sonlight: (Love you. <3)
Who: Chibiterasu and the bubble!
Where: The main plaza, or alternatively a less public location of your choosing.
When: Starting in the morning and lasting aaaaaall day.
Style: Starting action tags, but I will follow your preference!
Status: Opennnnnnnnnnnn

At the plaza! )

A less public location. )
14th-Sep-2012 03:03 pm - Overflow for Masq. Ball
not_heavens_adam: (Nobelman | Determined)
Who: Absolutely everyone
What: Masquerade~!
Where: The Golden Victory Club
When: Night of Saturday the 8th
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Open like the club's doors~

Vatheon likes it's parties )
29th-Aug-2012 12:54 am - Kaito Kuroba & Aoko Nakamori
theinfamous1412: (actually not causing trouble)
Who: Kaito Kuroba ([personal profile] theinfamous1412) and Aoko Nakamori ([personal profile] ahouko
When: Forward-dated to Saturday
Where: Their Apartment
What: Curse Shenanigans
Style: [Action]
Status: Closed.

[ Kaito is doing one of the things he does best and just kind of lounging around the apartment. He's slouched on the couch with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He's actually contemplating putting together a magic show for Vatheon and that requires him to make mental checklists, think over his resources and available locations. Although if everything's free it probably won't be too hard to rent a place out. ]
28th-Jul-2012 05:53 pm - Give my Regards to Broadway
hecklinghare: (Duck season)
Who: Bugs Bunny and anyone trying out for his Vaudeville Show.
Where: His rabbit hole by the plaza.
When: 9 am until about 3 pm anthing after then please mark with [POST TRYOUTS]
Style: Prose but I can change to action
Status: It's a Cattle Call so wiiiide open!

Remember me at Harold Square )

((ooc: Just start a thread for your audition and be prepared for heckling from Bugs. He's in a mood. Also people are free to stop by and watch, the is pretty out in the open. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AUDITIONING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS TLOG 8D))
23rd-Jul-2012 09:49 am - One Big Happy Family! II
theinfamous1412: (And just what are you doing?)
Who: Kaito ([personal profile] theinfamous1412), Conan ([personal profile] deductiongeek), and Aoko ([personal profile] ahouko)
When: Backdated quite a bit.
Style: Action?
Status: closed.

[ It was probably a bad idea to let the detective stay at the same apartment with him an Aoko. Strike that. It was a really bad idea. Then again, so was leaving a seemingly seven year old boy to fend for himself. The brat just better not get to close to Aoko. ]

[ He lets out a small sigh and checks his feet for mud of any other undesirable thing he didn't want to risk the consequences of dragging inside. It's probably a good idea to warn the detective to do the same. ]

Oi. Make sure your shoes are clean. You want to make a good first impression, don't you?
9th-Jul-2012 09:21 am - Come one, come all--
thalassino: (Default)
Characters: Fish Olympics participants and those who would like to laugh at them cheer them on!
Location: Center plaza!
Time: Evening, Sunday
Style: Whichever suits
Status: OPEN, threadjack away!

[The natives were rather insistent at shoving people towards the center plaza this night. Very insistent indeed. So insistent it is rather hard to escape their grabby hands.

And when they've gathered as many foreigners as they can, they tell everyone the teams.

It's with a smile that the foreigner who seems to be in charge of this all says 'Good luck, teams! And please, be teams.' but then he is waving them off to go meet each other.

Also to hand out betta fish. Try not to lose your fish already, alright?]
29th-Jun-2012 08:25 pm - A+ Planning.
theinfamous1412: (KJSDKlfjkllsajdfkljsadf FIIIISH!!)
Who: Kaito Kuroba [personal profile] theinfamous1412, and OPEN
Where: The Town Center
When: Backdated to May 28th Mid-morning.
Style: Either Or. Hey, I'm flexible.
status: OPEN

[ Kaito had FINALLY come to a logical and practical conclusion about how we would handle this sudden train-wreck he found his life in. ]

[ He was going to fake being a new arrival. Yes. Even with the fish olympic banners all over the place. The things he does for Aoko. He washed the gel out of his hair, combed it as best he could, and dressed in something that Kuroba Kaito would wear before taking three large buckets full of water and dumping it on his head so that he was nice and soaked and hey- for added effect he drenched himself in the fountain, making sure there were no on lookers before laying down on ground and pretending to 'wake up' coughing and sputtering. ]

Whoa-what the-!?

[ And then his eyes fall on one of those hideous banners. He screams. ]
29th-Jun-2012 01:28 pm - ◆ oo1; EYEBALL ●
medama: (pic#2320115)
Who: Guriko and you!
When: Afternoon (slightly backdated because I took forever with this...)
Where: The Plaza
Status: Open
Style: [ this one!!!! ]

[ It's very possible to miss Guriko when she arrives in Vatheon, since she is a very small girl curled in the fetal position and placed in a relatively well-hid place--that is, a small shadowy corner in the large Plaza. 

She also isn't moving. At all.

A close eye might catch the fact that there are scratches and bite marks all along her body--her arm in a sling and bandages around her neck and chest. Obviously in pretty bad shape, and not breathing.

Dead? Not quite.

In a couple minutes, Guriko's big red eyes open up wide, and she looks around at her surroundings with some sort of incredible fear. After a moment she relaxes, slumping against the corner she hid in. With a little trouble she stands, and starts limping to the coral.

Help a girl out?
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