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Who: Ron DeLite and Bro Strider
When: April 21st
Where: The Island
Style: Action!
Status: Closed

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8th-Mar-2013 07:18 pm
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Who: Ron DeLite and Kanaya Maryam
When: Friday Night
Where: Kanaya's Shop
Style: Action
Status: Closed!

[Ron has found somewhere to get new clothes, and has dressed himself in his Interview Best, which may or may not have been totally influenced by the snazziest and most handsome masked prosecutor Ron has ever met. It doesn't hurt that dress pants, a nice collared shirt and tie, and a pinstripe vest would probably look good on anyone, though! And it's definitely better than the tee and jeans he arrived in... which is important in an interview with someone who's fashionable, Ron's certain, and he definitely wants to make a good first impression, even if he's also planning to try and escape from here as quickly as possible.

Sitting on a bench near Ms. Maryam's shop, waiting for her to arrive to open it, Ron struggles to keep from fidgeting too much, or being too nervous; it's not like he's relying on getting a job for anything except to spend his time on, between whatever training sessions Shades¤DeShade had planned for him and attempts to get back home.

He might have only been here for a few days, but it was still the longest he'd spent away from his Dessie since they'd gotten married. Even when he'd been in jail, she'd written to him and come to the trial...

No, no, getting sad wouldn't do. Ron wouldn't be able to impress anyone if he was too sad to make good impressions! He bites his lip, and twiddles his thumbs, and tries to think positive thoughts, keeping an eye out for a fashionable-looking lady coming to open the shop.]
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