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17th-Sep-2013 01:20 am - 23 ♐ Rendezvous
aim_exorable: (soft ♐ So you think I'm alone?)
Who: Darkleer and Summoner
When: After this
Where: The island
Style: man idk
Status: Closed

If the lighthouse still existed, then Darkleer would know where to meet up with him. It was the spot of so many of their other meetings, after all. It only felt right. Still, now there's nothing much left but rubble. He understands the reason why, he really does, it's just... He wish it hadn't had to happen.

Ah well. Things do.

Still, he goes to sit at the remnants anyway, and stares up at the night sky. There's a lot to think about. The future is getting closer all the time, and this time it doesn't bring any kind of good news.
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Who: Summoner and Mindfang
When: 9/4 evening
Where: Woods in the bubble
Style: Action
Status: Closed.

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30th-Jul-2013 05:04 pm - 21 ♐ Whistle while you work
aim_exorable: (tinker ♐ A beauty calm and clear)
Who: Darkleer and Summoner
When: In the afternoon
Where: The Hoofbeast Feather Hive, Darkleer's room
Status: Closed

While he does have a much nicer and very large workshop in the basement thanks to lots of hard work, Darkleer still likes working on smaller projects while in his own room from time to time. It's nothing grand or complicated, just a little robot cat. His day is somewhat free besides working on the Welcome Pamphlets, so he's taking the time to relax.
16th-Jul-2013 11:50 am - While the villains are away...
thalassino: (» quest npc)
Seems like crime has taken a step up from just purse-snatching or someone stealing forty cakes when no one was looking. Those with a great sense of hearing or who happen to be at the wrong place at the right time will find that the good people of Vatheon are in danger. It's up to anyone who is willing to help to work together to save the day!

Something is happening in the lower district! )

Something is happening in the middle district! )

A string of crimes happening all over the City! )

Something is happening on the Network! )

[They may also wind up stumbling or following a goon back to the actual secret base to listen in on a meeting at their own risk. Good luck!

((If you are open to being threadjacked, then please put Open in your subject line. If you have an idea already and want to play it out with a particular group of people, then please put Closed in your subject. Thank you.

Have fun playing out the scenarios, and feel free to drop a note in the subject line if Carol or the hotel owners are needed or if you believe characters may have solved the riddle! The location of the bombs is random and characters are encouraged to locate and defuse them on their own.))
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Who: The Summoner and Leo Valdez
When: Afternoon today.
Where: The Island
Style: Prose
Status: Closed.

The message was already sent out, time set, event known, Leo was the one who prompted the rematch anyway. Kid's probably gotten good even in this shorter amount of time, but Summoner's just excited to see him again and have a fun back and forth. Fighting against a hammer is pretty fun, but then again, he's always liked fighting against clubs too, and they're not terribly different.

Lysander's eyes are to the sky as he waits, same clearing that had stopped in that last time, with the cold fire pit and the small stumps and such used for seats. His lance isn't out yet and his wings are folded neatly behind him, just waiting for any signs of his soon to be company. As always, he has some communes open, "some", try hundreds, but when doesn't he? Eyes all over the island, eyes and ears and what have you, he'll see when Leo makes his way here but won't jump to action when he does. The breeze is too nice, and so is the cooler sun this planet seems to have.
feralfanatic: (Smile Down)
Who: Disciple and Summoner
When: Current
Where: Deep in the forest up on the Island.
Style: Whichever you prefer
Status: Closed, Message us if you want in.

[A certain oliveblood can be seen toting a picnic basket through the forest. Her path takes her off the normal trails, and into the very heart of the forest, where she arrives at a small glade. Disciple makes a show of setting down the basket and pulls a blanket out from inside it. She carefully spreads it on the forest floor, and takes out the other contents of the wicker container: A box of slightly green-looking chocolate cupcakes. Setting them down, she sits on the blanket and speaks out loud to herself, easily loud enough for the local animals to hear her.]

Oh my. Here I am with these delicious cupcakes, and I seem to have packed too many for just me. I certainly hope I can find someone to share these with.

[Subtle, Disciple. Subtle.]
30th-May-2013 01:18 pm - Watch Out, Boy, She'll Chew You Up.
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Who: The Summoner and The Marquise
When: Day after this post.
Where: The Island
Style: Prose
Status: Closed.

[Mindfang, your star thing is buzzin'.]
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Who: The Summoner and OPEN
When: Early evening
Where: The Island
Style: Action
Status: Open

[The island's not so bad, you might think, I could go for a stroll today perhaps, even if you don't stroll up there much, or if it's quite a frequent thing you enjoy. Perhaps today is just the day you wished to set your eyes on that sky and feel those branches and strands of grass beneath your feet, pull in breathes scented by the rolling tide of the sea all around you. Maybe just today, maybe again today.]

[But today today, or rather tonight, there may be a bit more about while you enjoy your walk tour, as spontaneous as it may or may not be.]

[A blaze of fire, can you smell it? Smoke, even at this distance. Something about the area around you feels alive, more than usual, lived in, and by something other than the various skitters and squawks of local wildlife. Was there a fire- the forest was it oh no- You look around, eyes intent, trying to find a flash or blaze somewhere, and you find yourself looking up to maybe catch any rising tendrils of smoke in the slowly dimming sky. But there you don't find smoke, and you don't find fire you- see something flying above your head, something huge. The creature's wings darken the sky even further, it's wingspan immense, and it appears to be- white, a creature of white. Though it's white surface allows the colours around it to show on it even easier because of that, like a moving, living palette in the twilight sky. Finally you see that fire, but up there as you stare at the large winged beast. Fire sprouts from it's mouth and if you didn't realize it before you may now- a dragon. Though some may just see some winged, fire breathing demon beast if the term dragon isn't familiar to them.]

[The creature flies but, seems to be getting lower, and quickly, and eventually you can almost hear it settle down not too far from here, the weight of the ponderous creature rocking the ground under your feet. Perhaps now is when you turn or- maybe try to take a peek.]

[If the latter's your choice and you have a pressure building in you, curiosity edging you to get a closer look, you'll find that fire you had smelled before, a rather large one, but contained to a stone and dirt circle in a clearing past some trees. The dragon- creature- is there, huge, towering, it's eyes a glowing red as it sits almost regally at the edge of the clearing, taking up most of it with it's formidable size. And with it? Seems to be another peculiar figure, man sized, though to some the horns are a dead giveaway, and that smile as he pushes at the flame with a long stick from his seating place nearby it. It might be then that you start to smell meat cooking, set over the fire a bit, the scene is- quiet, and you're free to disturb it, or not. Hey buddy, that's on you, there is a huge dragon there too so we'll all understand if you need to ollie.]
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Who: The Summoner and anyone that happens upon him
When: Later this evening
Where: The Middle district and whatever bar and/or store he finds himself in
Style: Action
Status: Open

[Guess everyone's still pretty busy with quests and all that, but- Summoner's kind of got a few other issues he's dealing with right now and those are what set him on his new quest: Get sloshed.]

[It's tricky though, because he's technically 'not allowed' to do so, but you know what? Fuck the man, and fuck his rules, and he is going to drink if he damn well wants to drink. He's too old for this hoofbeast play.]

[Perhaps you see our bard out on his quest, looking rather adamant as he moves through the middle district? Or maybe you see this aligerious man in the alcohol section of a shop, or most likely at the counter of a local bar, nursing a glass of some strong smelling spirit. Either way, he could probably use the companionship during his binge, anything to get his mind clear as he pumps liquor into his blood stream.]

[Or perhaps you're fortunate/unfortunate enough to stumble upon him while he's already bronze cheeked and feeling fine elsewhere, outside somewhere, mostly likely nearby where he had been drinking before, leaning up against something or sitting down on a bench- well collapsed on a bench like some kind of vagrant. Perhaps, perhaps.]

[Oh, and mind the horns and wings, they're a little cumbersome in small, packed places like pubs and stores.]

[OOC: Probably good to specify at what point in the night your character finds him in the title of your tag, just to makes things a little smoother.]
16th-Mar-2013 08:55 pm - 19 ♐ Trial of Three
aim_exorable: (contact ♐ As we dance to)
Who: Beast Master Darkleer, Rogue Bro Strider, Bard Summoner, Cleric Disciple
When: March 16
Where Exploring new ruins
Style: ???
Status: Closed

Well, Bro had expressed interest in traveling with Summoner and him during the start of the week, and with Disciple a valuable healer... Darkleer knew exactly who to contact when he and Summoner saw one of the quests on the board advertising an excavation of sorts.

Well, alright. Really, by the look of things, it couldn't really be graced with the professional title of "excavation". It was more like running into a dark cave and hoping things came out for the best.

Patting his musclebeast's broad back to soothe him- Arty doesn't like going into dark cramped caves- Darkleer looks to his companions. "I trust we're all prepared, then?" The odd tail poking out from his spine tries to curl loosely around one of Disciple's hands. Darnit, he still can't control the blasted thing.
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