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Who: Honorary HOMRA members (meaning those who have positive CR with a member) and HOMRA members
Where: Bar HOMRA
When: After Yata and San-chan arrive
What: Reunions! And San-chan being petty over fish.
Style: I think most prefer [brackets] but flexible!
Status: Closed-ish!

With the arrival of the vanguard of HOMRA and...San-chan, Tatara decided they might as well gather all the members of HOMRA present, and those that King accepted as being members, even though they don't have the mark.

And where else would they gather but the bar they took the name from? It's a lot more lively now than almost the entire time it's been here. That's what having six HOMRA members inside will do to a place, even without the others they told about the gathering.

(ooc: So if your character has ever spoken to Mikoto, Tatara, Anna, Eric, Yata, or San-chan (Bandou), feel free for them to show up! They probably got a text or something.)
24th-Jul-2013 11:50 pm - Arrival
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Who: Yata and You
Where: Around the city, near the coral
When: July 24th
What: Yata finds himself in a strange world (and possibly finds a few familiar faces)
Style: Brackets to start, will match if you're more comfortable with another style. Brackets are just what I'm most comfortable with.
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Who: Bar HOMRA residents (Anna, Mikoto, Shiro, Tatara) (+ Ronald Knox) and YOU!
When: Curse week, even during the day.
Where: Bar HOMRA and just outside
Style: [action pls]
Status: OPEN!
What: Curse week shenanigans + an open Bar post

Bar HOMRA's doors are always open to anyone who feels they need a bit of a drink. Nothing's changed about that, even after Izumo left.

This week, though, there's something a bit different outside the door: Anna. If she knows you or you look nice (or are wearing red or look friendly) and you look cold, she will grab your hand and tug insistently until you go into the bar with her.

Why? Because Tatara and King are getting cold too, since Tatara isn't exactly reserved with affectionate contact with his friends. They're the Red Clan. They like being warm. They will make sure you're warm too, if it means they'll be warm.

If you're really interested in a drink, there is a bartender still. If you really want, he'll help you keep warm. He's lonely and in need of hugs after all.

So come and get a drink later in the day, or get warmed up at any time. It's not like they keep regular sleeping hours. Just don't try to eat the fish.

((ooc: If you want a certain person, specify! Otherwise at least Tatara will say something \o\))
3rd-Jul-2013 07:33 pm - Baby, it's cold outside...
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Who: Peony and anyone around ;n;
Where: Everywhere!
When: All week, starting backdated to the first!
Style: I'll adjust c:
Status: Open!

Except it really isn't! )
24th-May-2013 12:15 pm - Start of a New Story
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Who: Varric and anybody
Where: Plaza
When: Morning
Status: Open
Style: [brackets] or prose either one

It's a beautiful morning in Vatheon. Light shimmers down into the city through the bubble. Fish swim lazily by in the sea. It's also an eventful time, the time of month when new arrivals begin to appear. Many of them will open their eyes and the first thing they will do is gaze in wonder at their new surroundings.


Others, not so much.

A rather short and stout man stands up in the Plaza, cursing as he does so. He complains about the state of his clothes and stops abruptly. Did he just notice where he was?

"BIANCA!" he cries, reaching behind him and pulling out an odd looking crossbow. Not yet, it seems. "Bianca, talk to me, baby. Are you okay?" He examines the weapon carefully and gives a sigh of relief when it seems the salt water has done no damage.

And only finally then does he realize where he is. Strange architecture, strange looking people, and water. Water everywhere. Why is the sky water? He shakes his head.

"Maker's breath, Hawke, what have you gotten me into this time?"

Yes, of course he's going to blame Hawke for this. Most of the weird situations he gets into are because of Hawke, so it seems like a safe bet.
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Who: Anna Kushina and anyone
Where: On the island, around the bubble. If there are people, she is lurking-
When: 5/17, around lunch time, snack time, dinner time-
[ Style ], but will follow a change if you want

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16th-May-2013 11:20 pm
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Who: Izumo Kusanagi, Mikoto Suoh, Anna Kushina & a sleepcoma!Tatara Totsuka
Where: Bar HOMRA
When: Just after the residents were allowed back down into the bubble
What: The Red Clan heads back down to the bubble to see the state of their headquarters, Bar HOMRA. It's not in the best condition...and neither is Izumo!
Style: [action pls]
Status: Somewhat open? Feel free to have your character stop by and be a part of the drama if you want :)

[ All that scattered debris along the streets - large puddles, pockets of seaweed and random floundering fish - are not helping Izumo keep his cool right now. Somehow he'd managed to keep himself calm over the last few weeks about the fact that his bar was trapped beneath the bubble, probably flooded beyond belief - his two best friends slipping into a sleep coma sort of helped as a distraction - but now it's near impossible.

As the group approaches the building, Izumo hangs back, quite obviously anxious over the situation. ]

Ah Mikoto, Anna... You guys go on in...

Tell me how bad it is.

[ He needs a cigarette first. ]
10th-Apr-2013 09:52 pm - OPEN bar log/surprise birthday party!
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Who: The HOMRA clan and YOU!
When: 4/10 (preparations in the morning, bar opens at 4pm, party starts shortly after that!)
Where: Bar HOMRA
Style: [action pls]
Status: OPEN!

What: Bar HOMRA's doors are always open to anyone who feels they need a bit of a drink. Nothing's changed about that, except today you might find a little something extra going on behind those open doors. For today is owner, Izumo Kusanagi's 27th birthday! And his no longer dead friends aren't going to let the day go by without a bit of celebration.

So whether you know Izumo, are looking for that usual drink, or want dibs on a slice of free cake, come on by to Bar HOMRA tonight!
8th-Apr-2013 01:10 pm - oo3. This is how a phoenix feels...
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Who: Suoh Mikoto and anyone in the vicinity of HOMRA later that evening
When: April 8th, Night
Where: Outside Bar HOMRA
Style: Action but will follow you.
Status: Open!

[ It's one of those nights. Suoh's spent the entire day sleeping so now, he's out and about hanging around outside HOMRA with his cigarette. He lifts it, moving to light his cigarette with his lighter but after a moment sets it back down.

It's a hell of a chance but... why not?

He makes a quick snapping motion and very nearly drops his cigarette when he finds that a snatch of fire just appeared between his fingers. Sure, he lights his cigarette but for a while, he's going to be there in front of the bar and staring at his right hand which is now absolutely and completely ablaze.

It's a welcome sight. Now he really feels alive. ]
7th-Apr-2013 06:46 pm - He writes in his daily journal
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 Who: N, his Pokemon and YOU
When: Any time during the curse
Where: (Part of) N's Castle on the Island
Style: Action, but can follow any
Status: Oooooopen

Eyes blindfolded, gathering pieces )

(ooc: So the castle isn't completely there, it's just the center tower. Inside are a collection of
rooms that all look more or less like small banquet rooms, except for one that looks more like a child's play room. N and Zoroark are wandering around, but the castle is more or less deserted aside from them. A rough map of the tower can be found here.)
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