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1st-Jun-2013 04:27 pm - Broadining Your Horizons
angelicbadass: (Default)
Who: Pit and YOU
When: Afternoon
Where: All around Vatheon
Style: Prose
Status: Open!

Sparring Practice

It had been a few days since Pit returned to Vatheon. He had gotten his stuff back from the shop and returned home. Upon hearing how a flood happened while he was away, Pit couldn't help but feel useless. People were hurt and he wasn't there to help. Resolved to make sure that doesn't happen again, Pit is now at the Plaza training with his Palutena Bow. Anyone care to join him?

Exploring Vatheon

After a rousing sparring practice, Pit decided to explore Vatheon. Being home was fun and all, but there were places in Vatheon that he hadn't seen, and he wanted to see if anything changed since his last visit. So you may find Pit all around Vatheon. Why don't you stop and say hello?

(OOC: Pick a scenario and thread it out.)
22nd-Apr-2013 11:12 pm - Finding Sewaddle within the Park.
creative_lovebug: (Pondering)
Who: Burgh and Bianca
When: April 22nd
Where: The Park
Style: Prose
Status: Closed.

Burgh waited eagerly in the park as he expected to see Bianca show up soon hopefully. She had offered to help him find Sewaddle, which was really kind of her. He felt lost without him. The little caterpillar must have crawled somewhere and found himself a nice leaf to nibble on. Or perhaps, he had gotten lost within Vatheon.

Burgh sighed. He hoped that Bianca would be able to help him.
3rd-Mar-2013 07:58 am - Sketching as he does
creative_lovebug: (Sewaddle and Burgh)
Who: Burgh and anyone
Where: The Plaza
What: Sketching with Sewaddle
When: March 3rd morning
[ Style ]
Status: Open

Burgh sat on the fountain within the Plaza with his sketchbook open. Sewaddle was busy staring down at the page he was working on as he often took interest in what his trainer was doing. Right now, Burgh was sketching the buildings and people walking past, trying to create a living world within his book. He often liked to sketch new places and being in Vatheon, had captured his imagination.

"Hey, you like it, Sewaddle? I'm just going to start sketching you in it soon." He gave the caterpillar a grin before going back to his work. He wondered if anyone would notice what he was doing. Perhaps ask to see his work? He hoped as much.

6th-Dec-2012 10:03 am - Exploring in the forest.
creative_lovebug: (Pondering)
Who: Burgh and anyone else!
Where: In the forest area
When: Today
Status: Open
Style: I'll match to any

Burgh was curious to know what the forest within Vatheon had. What secrets or even bugs did it hold? He was far from his precious Pinwheel Forest as he looked around at the swaying canopies of trees. Underwater bugs? Well, you could get many strange creatures living at the bottom of oceans. He was no sea life expert so, bugs on trees were more his specialty.

"Hm." He felt the bark of one tree and smiled. It felt like being back at home. Did many others wander here? He was curious as he paced slowly, admiring the scenery and taking it all in.
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