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17th-Aug-2013 04:58 pm - take a day off | open
darkasnight: (21)
Who: Night & Villa people (and anyone who wants to crash)
Where: The beach on the island.
When: Backdated to Friday (8-16)
Style: Action/Prose
Status: Open

fun in the sun )
29th-Jul-2013 08:51 pm
tu_cute: (pic#4929251)
Who: Nel and open
When: Monday the 29th
Where: The plaza
Style: Action
Status: Open!

[Hueco Mundo is a dimension with only an endless desert. There are no standing bodies of water, no gathered groups of buildings, no congregations of friendly faces. Needless to say, Nel's very confused, and more than a little scared. Her brothers aren't here, Ichigo isn't here, and everything feels weird somehow.

So right now she's doing what any sensible little Arrancar would do, and has made her way back in the coral a bit. She's not doing very well at hiding, since she's loudly calling for her brothers, climbing up on the fragile spikes to look around more.

Pesche! Dondochakka! Bawabawa! Where is you guys? Nel is looking for you!

[Nel's not very big, a five-year-old girl with a cracked skull on her head and a bright pink stripe across her nose and cheeks, wearing a shapeless green dress. She's got a pretty bad lisp, thanks to missing all her front teeth.]
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