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thestrengthoftenderness: (next subject please)
Who: Yuugi, Atem
When: Sloth day
Where: their apartment
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

At first, Yuugi just thought it was one of those days where it was hard to get out of bed.

But no, it was one of those days when your sloth was so intense you didn't plan on getting out at all, no matter how hungry, or bored, or whatever you happened to be. Though, an idea had crossed his mind, and he wasn't sure if it would work. It was worth a try, though...

Managing to pull his wrist up, he called Atem.

"Other me."
31st-Aug-2012 09:04 pm - The Wrath of God
puzzle_king: (Fury burns slowly)
Who: Atem, Vatheon
When: Friday afternoon (Wrath/Humility day)
Where: Plaza, towards the Casino
Style: I'll follow
Status: Open

13th-Aug-2012 03:47 pm - Re-awakening
puzzle_king: (Horus)
Who: Atem, Yuugi
Where: Their apartment, Yuugi's room
When: Backdated to what would amount to Monday!sunrise because I'm corny
Style: :U Prose since we do dis
Status: Open? Though I dunno who'd come in unless maybe Ryou? Since I'd assume Atem would tell

'Fuck it, this is stupid' is a good way to summarize Atem's feelings here. )
thestrengthoftenderness: (how do i hold all these feels)
Where: A cafe on the Plaza
Who: Yuugi and whoever realizes he's all alone on his birthday.
When: Evening.
Style: I'll match
Status: open

Happy Birthday to me, I guess... )
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