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serpentslain: (the hell...)
who: shura & you
where: plaza
what: offering a few choice words to that friggin' coral
when: 3/23, anytime
style: starting in [action] but I'll run with anything!
status: open as Shura's drenched exorcist coat

That was my favorite bikini top... )
22nd-Mar-2012 05:21 pm - New Arrival
thekidsare0kay: (apathy (blind))
Who: Sollux Captor and ANYONE!
Where: By the coral
When: Today
Format: Starting in prose but I'm happy to follow your lead
Status: Open as Sollux' gaping ocular sockets

He was killing himself. He could feel it in the intense pain that exploded across his think pan like someone was jabbing two culling forks through his eye sockets and then wiggling them around inside his brain.

He was sure he had killed himself. He sort of hoped he had killed himself, because living with that kind of damage was going to suck serious hoofbeast testicles.

And then he'd expected to hopefully find himself safe and sound in the bubbles, where he could spend eternity reliving the few good moments he'd had in his short life and leave the universe-saving and misery to someone else. What he hadn't expected was a whole lot of water, and confusion and a lot of voices, none of which were familiar. It sounded like he'd suddenly landed himself in the middle of a city.

Frightened and confused, he pushed himself up, coughing up a lungful of sea water and yellow blood, and felt around helplessly, searching for something, anything familiar. "Hello?" he called out, but not too loud. Karkat, Kanaya, Terezi and Gamzee had been right there. Why wasn't anyone saying anything to him?

"What happened?"
ravenly: (let's groove tonight)
Who: Rue & you!
Where: Various buildings in Vatheon
When: Daytime. Sort of a delayed response to Siegfried's announcement about ballet classes.
Style: Whichever
Status: OPEN!!!

(Too small. Too old--too dirty. When is the last time someone picked up in here?)

[...Ugh. Rue shakes her head, walking out of yet another building. She's gotten used to this stupid thought bubble following her around for the week, though it is no less inconvenient...

She is looking for a place to quietly practice ballet now, since she's evidently going to be teaching lessons. She has no idea how to feel about it honestly; but her prince had garned quite a bit of interest, so she figures it'd be best to be prepared.

Around her neck rests a small music player, attached to headphones; she is familiarizing herself with the music she plans to dance to. It would be a hassle to deal with the cords while doing so, however. But luckily, the building she's finally settled on has a set of larger speakers she can hook everything up to.

...It takes her a moment to figure it out, but it seems to work just fine.

Taking a last peek to see that she's not being watched, she begins with an easy routine that she's done many times before.

(( OOC: feel free to run into her as she's searching for the building, or walk in on her dancing later! ))
17th-Mar-2012 06:55 am - Keep it blank or share it all.
red_medic: (Default)
Characters: RED Medic and...?
Location: The park
Time: March 15th
Style: prose or action
Status: open

Working with a bubble that displayed all his thoughts had been... Difficult. Not just did it distract the patients he talked to, but also it could get quite... Well. Embarassing. Especially when he got bored. Or... Distracted. Not many patients valued the sight of themselves cut open and mutilated on their doctor's examination table for some reason or another.

That was why Medic had taken to insert more breaks into his work schedule. Breaks he would use to clear his mind and concentrate on keeping himself and his thoughts in check.

Which was hard. Hard enough to make the mercenary twitchy. His mind and thoughts just used to be the one place where he always could live out any idea that came to him without anyone bothering him about it. But now they were all open to everyone.

Reason enough to take the day off and spend it somewhere quiet. Somewhere where he could let his mind wander or just try to keep that annoying bubble as clear as humanly possible. And as Medic sat at the edge of a small lake in the park, the bubble displayed but one thing: Itself.
11th-Mar-2012 02:58 pm - ~Spring Time~
mothersunlight: (Pivot)
Who: Amaterasu and YOU!
Where: Various areas in the bubble!
When: March 11st, daylight hours
Style: [Action]
Status: OPEN!

[Spring's around the corner! Which... usually doesn't always mean anything in a bubble where the temperature is pretty stable. But not today!! No, no, Ammy's all over the bubble today, Vatheon. Flowers are being planted, trees are sprouting up out of the ground, and it's starting to get pretty colorful!

When Ammy decides to relax, lays down under a freshly grown cherry tree, panting a bit but looking very pleased with herself.

Enjoy your new colorful Vatheon, Vatheon!]
6th-Mar-2012 05:31 pm - 03
ex_diplomacy861: (Default)
Who: Shelly and anyone
Where: Lower District → Middle District
When: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: Open

[Early in the afternoon, Shelly heads down to the lower district as a continuation of a long due exploration. While she's at it, perhaps she can see how effective products from the Nostalgia Nook are. Given the epidemic a while back, how about, say, a panacea for a test run?

The Great Lamufao has other things in mind, apparently, and Shelly stares long and hard at what she just accidentally spent her tokens on.

. . . You're kidding me. You're giving me that?

[So Shelly returns to the Middle District with a whole new(?) pancreas of her own. Some deity, couldn't it have given it to her in a jar or something? She's going to need new gloves -- not to mention the smell.

But not now. Not when she looks out and one modest building catches her eyes. Peering over the potted plants through the window, she hums.

A salon . . .
6th-Mar-2012 11:03 am - [OPEN]
savemegermany: (smile green)
Who: North Italy and ALL Y'ALL
Where: Plaza (willing to travel)
When: Today, whenever
Style: whatever you like
Status: Open

Italy had finally stopped shaking, thanks to his many friends he'd made here. He hadn't seen any signs of the Boogeyman (read: Grand Highblood) anywhere so it must be safe to go out again.

A few weeks ago, Medic had suggested opening a bakery. There seemed to be interest in it and he even got a partner, a pretty and very sweet mouse queen!

Now there were two questions left in the country's mind:
1. location, location, location
2. cost?
Everything was essentially free here, though Italy had no idea how that even kept their economy alive (Vatheon was anything but impoverish). But giving the baked goods away for free just didn't sit right with him. He could only think of how poor his people had been lately. But money was meaningless here. So the idea of trading for goods sat pretty well in his mind. Bartering was his old way of trading (in his early country days), but that didn't mean he couldn't do it again.

Anyway, he stood in the plaza, staring at the buildings, sketching them out to see what sort of storefront he should have.
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