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2nd-Apr-2013 09:13 pm - Missing the obvious.
zelda_hylia: Hyrule's Princess (Determination)
Who: Zelda, Maka, Serph
Where: Forest Quadrant, in an area with enough trees that people passing by wouldn't have to see
When: April 2nd, after dark, before dinner (hurrhurr)
Status: Closed

[It's been awhile since any significant progress has been made on the matter of discovering what magnetite is, but after hearing the results of Tech's test, Zelda's got another idea in her head. With the curse that took many people's abilities not all that long ago implementing said idea has been delayed, but not shelved entirely. After contacting Maka and Serph earlier in the day Zelda's requested for both of them to come to a somewhat private spot in the Forest Quadrant so that the research can continue. For her and Maka, all they needed to do was not eat beforehand.

Serph has to bring a body.

She's early as usual, waiting with a tense expression on her face. She hasn't directly participated in any of the research, but it has to be done. Things can't keep going like this forever, Embryon should at least have a choice on whether they're going to be eating people or not.]
2nd-Apr-2013 05:51 pm
symmetrophile: (snip snip motherfucker)
Who: Death the Kid and Zelda
What: A chance meeting at an ailing Coral results in a collaboration of sorts.
Where: The Plaza
Status: Closed
Style: Action

Gods meeting Gods talking about Gods. )
24th-Mar-2013 10:48 pm - 16
asea: (89)
Who: Walter and anyone
Where: Forest
When: 25th, morning
Style: Either
Status: Open

[He'd woken up and promptly left, leaving the tunic behind in exchange for his shirt.

Walter doesn't quite make it as far in the forest quadrant as usual before he finds a fairly unused clearing (so the undisturbed patches of grass tell him). His march coming to a gradual close, he gives the area a quick once-over. Then he exhales, and pivots on his heel to kick out with his dominant leg in a wide arc.

He's been asleep too long; he can feel it in how his movement is clumsier without his eres than it should be. At the very least, there's little in the way of muscle soreness despite the prolonged period of rest, but he won't consider that an excuse to let his performance deteriorate. A curse must have taken place when he was dormant, and he's not interested in the details: Working out the laziness (among other things) is a priority.

A series of kicks, then a deep right hook, then another kick—then his fingernails flash a dark blue, and the next punch comes even harder than the first. Just as quickly, the light dissipates and his strength falls considerably to a more ordinary level. Soon enough, he's worked up to the familiar sting of climbing exhaustion and takes that moment to stop abruptly.

Assuming a noncombat stance, Walter extends an upturned hand. His nails flash again, and this time a black light gathers together to form a small creature (with a more bat-like appearance) of the same color. It flutters about, shedding dark purple flecks of light. And so everything seems to be in order . . .

Still as the ground beneath him, Walter appraises it in silence, his expression impassive.
3rd-Mar-2013 09:27 am - Happy birthday to Zelda
chosen_gigolo: (WAHAHA!)
Who: OoT!Zelda, Zelos, everyone who has any sort of CR with OoT!Zelda, anyone else who happens to wander by. Pretty much anyone, honestly.
When: All day
Where: A big field in the park
Style: Your choice
Status: Open!

[There are a suspicious amount of balloons gracing the plaza today, all in pink and gold. And not only in the plaza! Bunches of these balloons are tied from the walk in front of Ordo 2 & 3 leading all the way up through the plaza and into the park, a guide for the guest of honor to reach her own party!

The field the balloons lead into is set up with all manner of tables, adorably appointed in pinks and whites with fanciful candies in jars, cupcake pops, and a beautifully ornate birthday cake stands on a table to the side. There's another table set aside for gifts and cards as well, and even a live crustacean band that Zelos hired to provide music for the party.

Best birthday party ever? I think so! So feel free to enjoy yourselves~]

((ooc: So this is a mingle log for everyone to celebrate Zelda's birthday obviously! Anyone who saw Zelos' message on the network a couple days ago is welcome as long as they behave. You don't have to interact with Zelos or even Zelda though, just go ahead and treat it like a general mingle log))
relinquishing: (☼ and I'm damned if I don't)
Who: Guy [personal profile] relinquishing and Zelda [personal profile] zelda_hylia
When: February 14th
Where: Yutopil 1-5
What: A Valentine's dinner and a couple awkward surprises.
Status: Closed.

Life has a way of confusing us, Blessing and bruising us )
28th-Jan-2013 07:12 pm - Happy birthday!
zelda_hylia: (Crushing)
Who: Zelda and Duke
When: Backdated to right after the bitties curse
Where: Duke's hut
Status: Closed

[Zelda knew that Duke's birthday had been the week previous, but since he was stuck as a child without his memories for the duration, she'd opted to wait until afterwards to bake that cake for him. As soon as he headed back home after the curse, she set about preparing it, not showing up until a few hours later. She's carrying a box when she gets there, looking fit to burst.]

13th-Jan-2013 11:00 pm - N-no... no, I'm scared...!
relinquishing: (☼ who should know better than that)

Who: A very young Guy Cecil and a bunch of scary strangers.
Where: Yutopil Apartments and the alleys near the plaza
When: Monday morning - afternoon
Style: I prefer [Action], but I'll match.
Status: Open

This isn't what I remember...! )

[Residents of the lower floor of Yutopil might here a thumping crash from Apartment 1-5 early Monday morning, followed by a loud wail. That's because one little blonde boy has literally fallen out of his bed and hit the ground a bit too hard. Nothing to truly hurt him in the end, but... well, he is a bit of a coward, and the impact is enough to startle him to tears. What is this place?! Where is he? And now his head hurts and oh no, oh please, what is he going to do????

He will eventually wander from his strange quarters, although the outside world isn't very inviting. Every face is strange and hostile, and with what he's just seen and heard he can't help but flinch away. So don't be surprised if you come walking through the plaza and hear the sniffling sobs of a young child, not even a day past five, huddled in the alleyway behind a building, head buried against his knees or hands wringing at clothes of the finest quality (dusted with the clouded markings of soot). He may look like an animal caught frightened in a bright light. But for as much of a man as Mary wants him to be, a stranger is still a stranger, and strangers are still frightening.]

((OOC: All replies will be coming from [personal profile] heirofhod.))
24th-Nov-2012 07:39 pm - The Doctor Arrives (again)
thelastgallifreyan: (Sonic time)
Who: The Doctor and You
Where: Standard Plaza Drop
When: Late Morning, just before Noon, November 24th
Style: Brackets preferred but I'll match
Status: OPEN

[A rather damp man in a tweed dress jacket and red bow-tie suddenly appears in the plaza next to the corral.

He spins around quickly, observing and taking in the scene before him in a rush of information.

He runs his hand through his hair nervously only to discover that it is wet.]

I'm wet. [He brings his hand down from his head and inspects it. Sniffs it. Then tastes it.]

Correction. [He looks down at the rest of himself and flaps his jacket out a few times as if to get rid of the excess liquid. He begins to straighten his bow-tie.] I'm soaked... [There is a pause.] with salt-water.

And I'm inside a bubble under an ocean next to an enormous piece of coral.

Ooookay. [He claps his hands together and tilts his head to one side and then the other.]

No TARDIS in sight. [He checks his pockets.] Sonic accounted for, that's good. [He removes his sonic screwdriver and takes a reading. There is a green light and an electric buzzing noise for a few seconds. It turns off and he flips the device up to his eyes to inspect the data.]

Well I haven't mis-aimed. There is certainly something odd about this place.

[He places the sonic screwdriver back in his waterlogged pocket.]

So here's a question. [He continues to talk to himself and walks in a semi-circle around the coral.]

Why does this feel oddly familiar?
11th-Nov-2012 09:54 am - Recovery - (backdated into oblivion)
chosen_gigolo: (Pensive)
Who: Zelos and Zelda (and anyone else who might visit while Zelos is holed up. Please talk to me first)
Where: Ordo 3
When: 11/3 morning
Status: Closed

[It's an hour after dawn when Zelos finally shows up at Ordo again. This wouldn't be odd normally - the Chosen is often out at all hours owing to his much truncated necessity for sleep, but this time it's his first sojourn back home in a week, since the first time the fairies had melted into nightmares.

He's quiet when he enters, not wanting to disturb the other residents if they were able to get sleep, a small pang of guilt gnawing at him as it occurs that Zelda may have had a curse of her own. He hadn't thought about it all week, too wrapped up in his own lack of self worth. And really it just goes to show how his thinking is right. He's selfish and should have thought-




He seats himself at the kitchen table, taking a long breath and closing his eyes, trying to relocate that center Sheena had guided him to, that place where he still wasn't the greatest, but he wasn't completely terrible either. What Guy had said before, when he'd come back to life.

For once, he tries just to let himself be human.

That's likely how Zelda finds him. Leaning a bit on his arms on the table, eyes closed and hair partially obscuring his expression.]
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