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3rd-Sep-2013 08:53 pm
introverting: (sunglasses at night)
Who: Cloud and you!
When: 9/4
Where: Around Vatheon; a couple of options for people to respond to!
Style: Starting with brackets, but will follow suit. Just mark which letter scenario you're responding to.
Status: Open!

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19th-Aug-2013 06:05 pm - 010
fightforastar: (girlish moment)
Who: Tifa and you!
Where: Crow's Nest bar
When: Afternoon/Evening
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open! Mostly.

Some curses seem like they would be easier to get through with a few drinks in the belly. A curse that broadcasts your thoughts above your head... well, whether that's one of them might depend on the type of drunk you are. At the least, the Crow's Nest bar is small and out-of-the-way, not likely to have as big an audience, and its barkeep knows how to be tactful about anything she happens to see.

The same can't be said for all of her customers, but most of the time when her mind wanders she seems to be thinking about cake for some reason, and what harm can you really do with that? A sign is posted that the bar is closing early, and if you guessed that it was because of the curse, you'd be wrong.

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ugly_soldier_dude: (sigh)
Who: Cloud, Zack, and YOU
What: Vatheon's Dynamic Duo is off doing dynamic things. Like rescuing kitties.
When: Backdated to Tuesday night
Status: Open!
Style: Starting with prose but I will match

A scream of panic alerted the two heroes. The city may be full of crime, but no scream or cry for help would go ignored by these two. No deed was too great or too small, too lowly or too risky for them. So with capes fluttering in the wind, they set off for the scene of the emergency, muscles tensed and minds racing in anticipation of whatever awaited them. What cruel mishap, what foul deed, or what horrid crime awaited them?

Honestly? The most fearsome thing was the panicking old woman trying to scramble up a tree for her beloved cat.

An easy fix, or it would be if the tree weren't so damn tall. A single bound or leap up the tree would suffice, or it would if the old lady didn't insist the branches would break if they did that. It was an old tree, apparently, and heaven forbid a branch break and her poor kitty plummeted to the ground.

So that's how Zack and Cloud, the most daring and awesome spike-haired pair the bubble has ever seen, can be found that night trying to get a darned cat out of a tree. Zack is on Cloud's shoulders, giving him directions and helping him maneuver him towards the trapped feline.

Now if only it would stay still...

((ooc: Feel free to join in in any manner! Help them, hinder them, or just point and laugh.))
introverting: (sunglasses at night)
Who: Everyone who knows Tifa :|
When: Backdated to Tifa's birthday
Where: The Island on the beach
Style: Prose or Action, whatever you want, make your own mingley threads of goodness.
Status: Open

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23rd-Apr-2013 05:44 pm - Chocobo Rescue Mission!~
booyaka_boom: (Let's Fight)
Who: Selphie, a herd of chocobos, and you!~
When: All day long!
Where: Some on the island, some in the bubble.
Style: Any! ^^
Status: OPEN!

Once Selphie had sorted herself out after being hit on the head and winding up on the island, her first thought was to everything below. Sure, that meant the stuff in her house was ruined and, sadly, probably a lot of damage to the flower shop where she worked too. Her main concern, though, was for all those chocobos. Selphie had felt responsible for them since they appeared in the bubble, and she's been looking after them carefully for a long time. There was still a small herd of them at the chocobo barn, and the thought terrified Selphie.

So she was on a rescue mission! It would take her most of the day to get down to the barn, getting two chocobo at a time, lead them to the elevator, get them in there and up to the top, then to lead them to the clearing in the woods where she had set up camp. So you'll either find Selphie a) wading through water in the bubble along with two rather tired and bewildered chocobos, or b) walking them into the woods to her brand new small holding, and trying to warm them with a fire. In the morning, Selphie will be looking excited and chipper, by the afternoon, she'll be a little worn out but still smiling, by the evening, she'll be singing to them softly, but fighting off her own sleepiness. Maybe you'll catch her sometime - she's pretty friendly and she'll no doubt go fetch something for you from the bubble if you need it too!

ugly_soldier_dude: (sitting with cloud)
Who: Zack, Cloud, and Tifa
What: Two guys, a girl, and a bar. With a lot of alcohol
When: Before the barrier breach
Style: Starting in prose but I can match!
Status: Cloooosed

So of course when Tifa opened her bar, Zack had to visit. And by visit he meant drag Cloud along and have a guys' night out. Which, admittedly, he's done a lot of dragging him around lately, but they have a lot of lost time to catch up on. And with no Sephiroths or Shinra or shadows from the past to haunt their steps, this is the perfect time for them to relax and just be two guys hanging out.

Seeing that things were free for them in Vatheon, that meant no reasonable limit on the alcohol intake. Zack had plans to knock back shots and pitchers like he was dying from thirst, and he intended to make sure his bestie did the same. Because for the love of the Planet, the man needed to loosen up.

Seated at the bar, Zack congenially pounded the bartop. "Tifa! A round of shots for me and Cloud! We got a long night ahead of us."
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