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10th-Feb-2012 11:50 am - Guide the Leader
reigningmen: (charm // prince caring)
Characters: The Lonely Prince Confused Wanderer (Suou Tamaki)
Location: Outside of the Host Club building
Time: Midday
Style: What you're comfortable with
Status: Open - help him get his thoughts in order with your cursed characters? :D

"Ah Yukari-chan, how I wish to fulfill your high estimations of me..." He said aloud to no one. "Truly, Valentine's Day is not an opportunity that should be passed by without ample celebration by the Host Club. There's just one problem... there is no longer a Host Club."

"And even if I..." He was starting to think about it more and more. "Even if I started again, without Kyouya, without Haruhi... would there still be a point to it? Would I be able to find people once again who shared my vision? And would it be worth it - if Éclaire-san is waiting for me to return?"

He smiled a little. "It would be quite the gift from The Prince to leave behind for Vatheon to enjoy. No, from everyone at the Ouran High School Host Club."

But still he had his doubts. He was always the ideas-man, no the planner. That was why he still hesitated.
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