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Who: [personal profile] hexywitch and [personal profile] selfless_stag
When: January 30th
Where: Lily and James' bedroom (*eyebrow waggle*)
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

Lily sighed heavily as she headed up the stairs and up to bed. It had been her birthday. Her eighteenth birthday, and he hadn't said a word. Nothing. This from a boy who had showered her with gifts at every opportunity since he'd gone through puberty.

She closed the dorr behind her and leaned against it for a moment, allowing herself to enjoy being slightly miserable for just a moment before she noticed the package on the bed. The package with a bright red bow on it.

Her lips quirked into a smile. Maybe he hadn't forgotten after all. She tore into the package like a child on Christmas morning and discovered a fair amount of gorgeous red silk within the box. She pulled it out and revealed a sleek silk nightgown along with a note. It was from James. Of course, from James.
not_heavens_adam: (Well hello~)
Who: Adam and ANYONE in the Marauder's household, though he's looking for Lily
Location: Marauder Mansion
Time: Afternoon
Style: Action~
Status: Semi-open

[It had taken him a few days to come up with something but, true to his word, he had and now he just needed a little help. He could do some heavy lifting if need be, that was no issue. It was that statue in Jacob's snowglobe that he couldn't do anything about. All his centuries alive and he'd never learned carving of any sort.

Now he found himself standing outside where he knew Lily lived. Hopefully, he could get her help; he'd do just about anything for it.

He knocked on the door and then stepped back, calling out:]

Liiiiiilyyyy~ Are you home~?

[Social tact? What is that?]
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