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24th-Jun-2013 08:20 pm
copesetic: (uhh right)
Who: 004 and you
When: A little past eleven pm on the 24th
Where: The Plaza
Style: Starting prose, but I'll match
Status: Open!

Its a strange sensation to walk through a door you knew lead one place and end up in another and it sets off all kinds of mental alarms for the German cyborg to suddenly find himself drenched in an unfamiliar place when he'd just been shuffling his injured way from a castle - and a nightmareish encounter - back to his car. Instead of on the stretch of dirt road that leads back towards Dresden, he found himself here, wherever that is.

He takes a quick stock of his surroundings, mentally reaching out to see if 001 had perhaps warped him somewhere. It wasn't an unheard of notion, but he's in no real shape to face whatever threat he's been sent here to face. Granted, 001 would usually tell them when he was going to teleport them, or there would be clear and imminent danger.

Well, that part could be correct, if the shape Albert's in is any indication, though Ivan would have been too little too late. Albert's scarlet uniform is still intact, covering his cybernetic parts save for his metallic right hand, but he can feel either fluid or blood leaking from his side and his right shoulder creates a painful grinding sensation when he moves it too far. He'll need to get to Gilmore soon if he can help it but by the look of the barrier in the distance, he may not get that chance. He reaches to his side to check just how badly he's leaking (or bleeding) but his hand brushes a small pamphlet of some kind sticking out of his belt, the cover proclaiming "Welcome to Vatheon!" in bright letters.

He takes several minutes to find a position he can defend himself from if need be, a bench against a tall brick wall down a side alley that still lends itself a modicum of visibility to the plaza, and takes a look at the brochure, wondering what in the hell Black Ghost is up to this time.
24th-Jun-2013 08:18 pm
seaborg: (pic#6322678)
Who: 008/Pyunma and anyone!
When: His arrival
Where: The Plaza
Style: Starting brackets, but I'll follow you.
Status: Open!

[Being wet isn't any surprise, not after Pyunma had just been out in the ocean dragging the others out of the water. What he doesn't expect is to suddenly not be in their little craft with the rest of his teammates. A flash of movement above catches his attention, and when he looks up, he sees a shark swimming in the water beyond the dome. It takes a few moments of staring to take in.]

Yomi? But...

[That should be impossible. They still had such a distance to travel. Unless he was teleported, but why only him?]

001? [He stands still as the moments stretch on, but there's no voice echoing through his head. Even if his fellow cyborg sent him here, he must not be able to contact him. Pyunma is about to find somewhere not so... public when he notices the brochure next to him. It's a quick read, but in the end, it doesn't explain the one thing he really wants to know. He's still unsure about this place, but there's information he needs to have. So, with one hand at his hip, he approaches the next passerby he sees.]

Excuse me. Have you seen anyone wearing a uniform like mine?
16th-Jun-2013 03:02 pm - Experiments in flight
fallenstar: (Jet's jets)
Who: Jet Link and anyone who happens to be around
Where: The island
When: During the day of the 15th
Style: Whatever works for you
Status: Open

Working was suffering when you hadn't worked a day in your life, but it was worth it to be able to get some more fuel for his jets. It figured that the only place he could get the stuff was from the one place in the entire city where you had to pay for stuff. It just meant that, unless he wanted to get a steady job (god forbid), he'd have to be more conscious of how often he flew around.

More limitations. He hated limitations.

This, he'd decided, was not wasting the fuel, however. It was really no different than what he'd be doing if he wasn't the only one of the team around. Jet had heard there was a barrier around the island, the only place that one could conceivably leave this place from, but he couldn't seem to find any information where the boundaries were or how high it went. That was why he was on the island now.

The New Yorker took off from the beach and flew (slowly) until his hand touched the invisible barrier a fair distance out into the ocean. He went from there. Sure enough, all the way around the circumference of the island was this invisible wall and not a crack or flaw on it. Back to where he'd started, Jet flew up, keeping his hand lightly to the barrier in hopes that he'd find the edge.

After about an hour and a half of going up and no change, he gave up. There really didn't seem to be a way out and, if he flew any longer, he'd face the dilemma of being too high and not enough fuel to get him down again.

He'd had enough crashing for one lifetime.

In his frustration, he unholstered his blaster and shot at the thing with the plasma setting, hoping the fire power would leave a mark....but there was nothing. It just hit the barrier and fizzled out.

He sighed and drifted back down to the beach till he could safely cut his rockets and sat in the sand. "Rats."
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