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23rd-Jul-2012 02:58 am - Digital Domestic Saga continues
teradine: (headtilt)
Who: Argilla and you
When: Sometime during the day
Where: Near the Plaza, though she's wandered away from it a bit
Style: Whichever, but starting in brackets.
Status: Open!

["Welcome to Vatheon. Welcome to Vatheon! Welcome, to Vatheon—"

The name of this place is about the only thing Argilla's been able to get so far, since she woke up here. That, and a towel, although she isn't necessarily sure what she should do with it until she sees the other newcomers using them. Being wet doesn't really bother her, after all, nor the torn and charred clothing—just as long as the dash of orange is still visible on her skirt, which it definitely is. Even the pain she'd initially felt is slowly subsiding, which she's been told is something she can thank the Coral for after she touched it. That large structure at the center of the city...

But other things hold her interest at the moment—like where this place is and how she got here, so she's slowly exploring. She at least hopes this means they were successful, her and Roland; but she accepts that it's probably unlikely she'd ever find out now.

She'd made her decision. And now...somehow she's living with it

Hmm? What is this?


[It's just about then that she passes by what appears to be an ice cream shop, where a local stops her to offer her a free cone of ice cream. Apparently, Argilla's hair made him think of it—it's perfect for her! Because the first thing you do when seeing a person wet from head to toe (and still trying to dry off) is to offer them ice cream—

Ah. Regardless though, she takes it with a tilt of her head. She's supposed to eat it, she assumes, but it almost feels like it's going to fall off if she moves or touches it the wrong way. Besides, is it...looking at her?


The local goes on to explain something or other about the shape of the ice cream, about how it was specially made in the spirit of the Fisholympics which just took place-- but she's really looking for an excuse to leave and explore more.

Come to her rescue?

...Or don't. Whatever. She'll quietly leave eventually
29th-Jun-2012 08:25 pm - A+ Planning.
theinfamous1412: (KJSDKlfjkllsajdfkljsadf FIIIISH!!)
Who: Kaito Kuroba [personal profile] theinfamous1412, and OPEN
Where: The Town Center
When: Backdated to May 28th Mid-morning.
Style: Either Or. Hey, I'm flexible.
status: OPEN

[ Kaito had FINALLY come to a logical and practical conclusion about how we would handle this sudden train-wreck he found his life in. ]

[ He was going to fake being a new arrival. Yes. Even with the fish olympic banners all over the place. The things he does for Aoko. He washed the gel out of his hair, combed it as best he could, and dressed in something that Kuroba Kaito would wear before taking three large buckets full of water and dumping it on his head so that he was nice and soaked and hey- for added effect he drenched himself in the fountain, making sure there were no on lookers before laying down on ground and pretending to 'wake up' coughing and sputtering. ]

Whoa-what the-!?

[ And then his eyes fall on one of those hideous banners. He screams. ]
9th-May-2012 02:11 pm - ☽ A Game of Ping Pong
messianic: (Which is the best —)
Characters: Minato and you!
Location: In a building just off of the center plaza
Time: All dayyyy
Style: Whatever works!
Status: Open open open!

[It is the strangest thing, to remember dying and then wake up as if nothing had happened. It left him strangely restless, and so he'd skipped out on Welcoming Committee duties, he'd drifted a little away from his social life for just a brief period of time--

He'd died in that strange place, that place that wasn't Vatheon.

But...he'd woken up alive, headphones around his neck and not pressed into Tiir's hands. Was something that vivid really just a dream? So he wandered, in search of something to expend his restless energy on.

And he's found himself at a ping pong table. At first he considers that lack of an opponent a problem, bouncing the ball on the table idly. But then he decides to play with the wall (it doesn't seem to bother him that he can't ever win that way).

So there is the click! click! click! of a ping pong ball being hit back and forth coming from an otherwise quiet building into the plaza. He might be getting a little into it.

Further inspection reveals a whiffed shot--don't get hit by the ball!]
7th-May-2012 07:19 pm - LET'S D.D.R.!!! ☆
ravenly: (hiding away)
Who: Rue and Kyouko
When: Directly after this (ie. heavily backdated and we give no fucks.)
Where: The arcade in the plaza!
Style: [action forever]
Status: Closed

[Rue doesn't exactly know what to expect, or what to look for when she sets out to find the arcade. She is roaming the plaza; and in truth she's never been to the arcade in her life. She's had no reason to. There hadn't even been one, in the city of Gold Crown, and she can only assume what it might be like, and what childish "games" there would be there.

Luckily, the sign above the arcade is rather noticable-- maybe even unnecessarily so, thus it was not difficult to find it.

So she walks in, looking around cautiously for the familiar head of long, pony-tailed red hair. She is distracted, of course, by all the machines set up, and all the people playing them.

All the button mashing, the furious yelling, the cheering--

It isn't an environment she's used to, and not one she prefers. But she isn't one to go back on her word. She simply endures it, looking for this mysterious "DDR" game that Kyouko had so much regard for.

What exactly would it look like? She did mention arrows, huh...

13th-Apr-2012 12:00 am - 02; happy birthday john!
longwinded: (pic#2764870)
Who: John Egbert and [community profile] vatheon
Where: At a Cafe.
When: Afternoon-ish.
Style: Starting in action, but will change to whatever style you prefer!
Status: O-P-E-N!

meow meow meow meow meeeeoooow.... )
8th-Apr-2012 01:47 pm - It's fun exploring new worlds!
runbysmiles: (stranger things [cocky|talk])
Who: Sora and all of Vatheon!
Where: Wherever you want~ Sora's probably managed to find the place.
Style: I'll match
Status: OPEN
Summary: It's a new worlds, and there's no way Sora's not going to go exploring!

You never know who you're going to meet. )
2nd-Apr-2012 10:46 pm - ❀ First Wish ❀
goldenflint: (shock ❀ don't bother to choose)
Who: Mami Tomoe ([personal profile] goldenflint) and YOU
Where: Central Plaza
When: Evening
Style: I wrote in prose but I will follow you!
Status: Open like my heart~

She stood there, paralyzed in shock as the witch loomed in for the kill. All she did was blink. One blink and she wasn't staring death in the face anymore. She wasn't in the Witch's Barrier with Madoka and Sayaka, who were witnessing how once a powerful Puella Magi fell to her doom. Mami gave a start, finally noticing how soaked her Puella Magi outfit was. Even changing back into her school uniform did nothing to dry her clothes nor her hair.

'I'm... alive?' was the first thought that came to mind. She turned to look around at her surroundings, not recognizing each building, each little store she saw. What made the sight more odd was the glowing coral in the middle of everything. Mami felt a slight tingle at the back of her left hand, giving a gasp when she saw a mark of some sort on her skin, like she was branded by someone.

No, this wasn't a work of a witch. Her Soul Gem would have reacted to the changes, gone crazy at all of this. So, if this wasn't a witch then...

"Where on earth... am I?"
28th-Jan-2012 03:18 pm - 1st Order
alwaysobedient: (Default)
Who: Ella and anyone!
When: Morning
Where: Plaza
Style: Any!
Status: Open!

Ella hadn't expected to wake up in a strange place, soaking wet and recognizing nothing around her. Her last memory had been leaving the finishing school, talking to a baker and buying some bread, focusing on getting to the giant's wedding on time so that she could find Lucinda.

Only now she had a sinking suspicion that she was so far away from the giant's lands that she had no prayer of arriving before she was an old woman, least of all before the wedding was over.

Ella sat up, pushing her wet dark hair off her forehead, trying to find anything in the surrounding area that would spark some recognition, some memory. How'd she end up here? Was this a new ogre trick? Ella had never heard of them being able to twist their persuasive tongue into creating illusions, but then, would anyone have lived long enough to share that piece of information? Ogres didn't leave witnesses unless they were forced to.

In which case she could even now be sitting in a pot waiting to be boiled, or tied to a tree as they argued over who would get to eat which part of her. Feeling herself start to panic, Ella pinched her arm, as hard as she could, until she felt her nails break the skin and she couldn't take the pain anymore. That had felt real, but...

She turned her head and spotted her carpet bag, dripping into a puddle, and hurried over to it. She felt herself start to panic even more, despairing at the state of her soggy food and silently begging that her book--

She opened it to the middle and found the words unsmudged, printed as perfectly as ever, the illustrations as colorful and clear as when it was dry. Relief made her sigh, clutching the precious tome tighter.

"Can you show me a map of the area?" Ella flipped the pages but no clue presented itself, no hint as to where she might be. Pressing her lips together she closed the book and put it back in her bag. What now?
23rd-Jan-2012 05:13 pm
truth_munchies: (WHAT A TWIIIST!)
Characters: Inga and everyone~~~~
Location: The Plaza
Time: Any time of the day.
Style: Whichever you prefer.
Status: Open!

[There appears to be a boy lying in the middle of the plaza. If someone were to step a bit closer, they would see that his expression is calm... Peaceful, even. Sleeping like an innocent, yet deathly pale angel. Very still. Very much... not breathing--

Ahh, no, wait, how long has this young boy been laying here?!

Anyone who felt obliged to investigate further as a curious passerby or helpful citizen will be welcomed with the sudden jerk of the boy's body, eyes wide and arms flailing towards the sky. He shouts:

nonsensical: (Default)
Characters: two ([personal profile] gorges) gluttons ([personal profile] nonsensical)
Location: plaza
Time: some day during the curse
Style: first
Status: closed

insert smooth, speakeasy-style jazz i guess )
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