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5th-Sep-2012 08:28 pm
mad_puppeteer: (Default)
Who: Relius Clover [personal profile] mad_puppeteer, all who volunteered Here.
When: September 5th, Afternoon to the evening
Where: The Island
Style: I'll follow.
Status: Closed to those who volunteered in the thread.

It's time for a simple test. )

((OOC: For all volunteers; before the battle starts please read both of these; Relius's abilities. and Relius's permissions post. Thank you. ^^
24th-Aug-2012 06:02 pm - Introductions. Test 001
mad_puppeteer: (This has all been very interesting)
Who: Relius Clover and You.
When: Today; 8/24/2012
Where: In the Plaza
Style: Prose or Brackets. I will follow your lead.
Status: Completely Open

The experience of waking to a sky one did not remember would unsettle most people. For Relius Clover, this was the second time it had happened. He stared up at the shimmering water above the city, his eyes taking in the water, the barrier shielding him and this place from it, and the coral that seemed to grow upwards towards the barrier. Could it be holding it up or was it a threat of breaking it? Bursting the bubble, so to speak.

He slow stood up and looked himself over. His clothes were dripping wet and he felt the coldness of them stick to his skin. He had a faint salty smell wafting from his as well. Saltwater was the only guess. How could he be covered in salt water, however? This truly was strange. The oceans were still much covered in seither in his world yet he saw none of its taint on the water above.

Could he have fallen into the Cauldron again? No. His memories were all in place, unlike his last dive into the Boundary. This was different. Another source had brought him here but what? Could it be the Imperator's doing? Maybe Hazama's? He was sure not even Hazama had the power to do something like this. He would need more information.

First, however, he had to check one last thing. He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. "Come Ignis." In a flash of purple and blue light she appeared; his greatest creation to date. He moved over to the battle doll and began to inspect her. Unlike himself, she was completely dry. Perhaps she was shielded from the transfer. He still had to make sure she was functioning properly.
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