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destinedtodie: (Wandering thoughts that can't be free)
Who: Charlie Pace and anyone~
Where: The plaza at the fountain
When: Foreward-dated to Wednesday morning
Style: Action
Status: Open

[He didn't use to be an early riser, but three months on the island had taught him to rise soon after the sun did and his body just wasn't willing to get over that one just yet.

He still wasn't too sure what to make of this place but it was nice enough and it wasn't like he had a way home.
So, with little else to do, he turned to his guitar. It was always a comfort for him back home and that was no different here. Granted, it wasn't his guitar, he'd gotten it when he'd arrived, but it was all he had.

He decided to settle on the edge of the fountain in the middle of the plaza and start to play. It was almost like when he'd play on street corners for money but minus the money, this time he was just doing it for fun.

he played a few Oasis songs and some Beatles before turning to his own songs including the one he'd never actually been able to record before his band dissolved.

He'd always had high hopes for Saved...but, well, things just hadn't panned out.

It was alright, though...he'd found something better, at least.

He figured he'd stay here a while, maybe break for lunch, and then move on. It depended on if he got an audience or not.]
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