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7th-Jan-2013 02:37 pm - [Action]
ms_potts: (homygod)
Who: Pepper Potts and YOU
When: Now
Where: Outside the Elevator
Style: Whatever takes your fancy
Status: Open!

Portland's not really that far if you think about it...

[Pepper's voice fades as she steps out of the elevator, realizing something is VERY amiss. This is most certainly NOT the first floor of Stark Tower. It's not even New York. What the hell? She realizes that someone is no longer walking beside her and she frowns, whirling around]

Phil? [she pauses, her voice getting more frantic] Tony?!

[Her luggage forgotten, she spins, searching the area and seeing nothing that strikes her as familiar whatsoever. Okay. Okay. It's just... just... a hallucination? No... maybe someone new out to get Tony? But how... none of this makes any sense whatsoever. She takes a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart when her gaze falls on the welcome basket.]

What the heck is going on, here?

[She looks around wide eyed as she tries to make SOME sense out of what she's stepped into]
5th-Jan-2013 02:04 pm
rockstark: (Default)
Who: Tony Stark ... and YOU!
When: Backdated to New Year's Eve
Where: Plaza
Style: Mun is used to brackets, but will match styles with whatever works!
Status: Open!

[once he dove under the water, nothing was what he expected to see. notably, there's a decided lack of New York City pipelines. or really, New York City-looking anything. he's pretty sure New York doesn't have underwater plazas.]

Jarvis, hey. What's going on here?

[he's suddenly hit by something even more discomforting: radio silence] Jarvis. Buddy. Talk to me. ... Right, I'll just talk to myself, shall I? That always works just as well. Okay. My AI link's probably just broken, thought I tested that in the underwater preliminaries, but but that's easy enough to fix ... I hope.

[he sits down on a nearby bench and notices a blinking icon in a lower corner of his HUD.] ... Okay. Uh. ... Yeah, sure, let's activate that. What's the worst it could do.

[the welcome brochure appears on holo-panels in front of him, and he frowns]

No Jarvis. But someone's hacking my systems. Okay. This is not good. This is not cool, and it's not funny. Fury, that you? It's got One-Eyed-Creeper written all over it...
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