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14th-Feb-2012 01:01 am - Love, Sweet Love
chosen_gigolo: (Seductive)
Characters: Zelos (kind of) and you!
Location: Everyone's doorsteps/mailboxes
Time: 14th Feb
Style: Any
Status: Open~

It's Valentine's Day and Zelos has made sure that no lovely lady, young or old, in all of Vatheon has been forgotten. On every front step or in every mailbox throughout Vatheon that belongs to an individual of the feminine persuasion, there is a small pouch of expertly home-made chocolate. To those Zelos knows, there are little notes wishing each hunny a happy Valentine's Day and a personalized message. To those he has not met personally quite yet, there's a generic Valentine's message.

Each package is filled with an array of flavored and shaped chocolates, specifically made for your character based on what he could guess of her likes or dislikes - and Zelos is a very good guesser. How he managed to get all of that done and delivered by the morning of the 14th is anyone's guess, but here's hoping all you hunnies have a fabulous Valentines~

((ooc: Reactions to finding the gifts are welcome. If any girl who has CR with Zelos wants to know their personalized message, just comment here. If anyone wants to go see him in person, he'll only be home in the morning since he has a lunch date and a dinner date.))
11th-Feb-2012 09:46 pm - bluh bluh huge ball
thalassino: (Default)
Characters: Vatheon
Location: That Castle
Time: Evening, on Sunday
Style: Any
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[ Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen of Vatheon— whatever your newfound stature may be, Prince, Princess, Knight, or Peasant, you will all receive a message on your SFC on the eve of Saturday regardless:

You are cordially invited to the castle for this evening's ball. In addition, you are all welcome to try and solve the riddle if it fancies you. It just may break the curse!

The invitation is unsigned, but its intentions are clear. Maybe you hadn't quite noticed the sizeable castle in the distance of the city that had sprung up, but this message would surely garner your attention toward it now.

Should you arrive at the castle, plenty of attractions await you:

Ballroom ❧ A very large and beautiful ballroom is lighted up, complete with a playing violin orchestra. While the curtains will be drawn during this event, there is a windowed view and exit on one side of the ballroom that leads to:

Smee's Rose Garden ❧ A broad and colorful spanse of a garden, complete with many paths and turns. Plenty of roses are arranged in great arches, which provide perfect little places should you need some privacy with your sweetheart. Anyone familiar will even tell you that the garden was purposefully designed for just that sort of thing.

The Riddle ❧ There is an inscription located on a noticeable plaque set in one of the garden's benches. It reads:

Two are necessary to break this curse
Riled up, upset, what kind of love?
Only this kiss will stop it from getting worse.
Look for a winged one is push comes to shove,
Look for a glance slightly dark,
Search for a pair in reluctant love.
One answers a call; that's your mark;
One longs for patria though adverse.

Dining Hall ❧ Connected to the ballroom is an extremely long hall that stretches as far as the eye can see, elegantly arranged as the dining area. Expensive and exquisite cuisine seem to be on the menu— try something new? Chances are you won't be eating from a selection such as this again anytime soon!

Dais ❧ There is a noticeable raised dais that is easily visible via any area within the ballroom. It's locked off from guests, though— what is it for...?

Do enjoy. ]
4th-Feb-2012 03:13 pm
keepsthefire: ([✠] instert something deep here)
Who: Rin Okumura, OPEN
When: February 4th
Where: The Plaza
Style: I'll start prose but I'm fine with either
Status: Oooopen~

New arrivals weren't an uncommon sight in Vatheon. Neither were soaking wet, unconscious new arrivals. But wet, asleep new arrivals? That might be a little more odd.

And that was what was on the floor of the plaza. A soaking wet half demon sprawled out under an equally soaking wet comforter, fluffy-tipped tail curled over his chest, mouth open as he snores.

He has no idea that he's no longer in his bed at the True Cross Academy dormitory.

Dare you wake him?

20th-Jan-2012 03:03 am - sixth star
disastergirl: (☆ you can't tame my fiery soul)
Who: Jane and a swiss cheese-like tree you!
Where: Forest
When: After Carol's post on the network
Style: Either, but I will probably switch to action. /)_(\
Status: Open

I fear fragile things )
1st-Jan-2012 05:51 pm - Hajime | 001
beautifies: (DO THE CREEP)
Who: Hajime and YOU!
Location: Arrives in the plaza and moves from there
Time: All is quiet on New Year's Daaaaaaay...
Style: I'll match whatever you throw at me. ♥

[There's a soaking teen walking around the plaza. He appears none too happy, whether it's the way he flicks the water free from his wrists and legs or the way his grimace furrows lower and lower down his face. He looks around but rather than shock, he appears...quite comfortable.]

Vatheon again. Hmph. Once again, this place has brought me at such an inconvenient time. Of all days, it has to be New Year...

[He takes his glasses off to wipe them dry but he can't even manage that properly with a soaking shirt. He fiddles with it for a bit before catching his reflection off a pool of water. More importantly...

His hair.

Seriously, do you know how long he spends styling his hair in the mornings? To wet it like this...]

This... This is a travesty! To spend the first day of the new year like this... My first words of the year...

[And thus starts Hajime's not-so-silent battle to find proper hair products. Of course, he's not about to put his masculinity on the line. Anybody might find him acting suspiciously around town.]
30th-Dec-2011 04:13 pm - I'M IN UR HOUSE, STEALIN' UR ITEMZ
replicatedcourage: (hmph)
Who: Dark Link and anyone else
Location: IN UR HOUSE, BREAKIN' YOUR STUFF (No seriously. Whoever responds, respond as if he's broken into your residence)
Time: During/after the party on the beach
Style: Anything, I'll match
Status: Open!

The ground was wet.

It was an odd distinction to make from the ground he had expired on. That had been wet too, but covered in an inch or two of water, not simply slick from the puddle that was expanding from under his back.

Dark Link sat up to an empty square. He didn't recognize his surroundings, but that wasn't strange since he'd never really been anywhere at all. Funny, it didn't look like what he'd imagined the Spirit Realm to be, though he hadn't expected to end up in the Spirit Realm at all since, if his master was truthful, he had no spirit to go anywhere. 

But then how am I alive? He must have revived me after he defeated Link himself, that's got to be what happened. I failed him, but he's given me another chance! The chance to take the place of the hero, just like he said! He lurched to his feet, a little unsteady but gaining his footing quick enough. Thank you, Master! I won't let you down this time; I'll become the hero like I was meant to!

After all, there always had to be a third section of the Triforce, and with the original Link dead, that left a great, wide opening for this Link to fill.

His black leather boots scuffed across the ground as he threw open door after door to shops and houses, anywhere he could find, breaking pots (trash bins) and hacking down plants (people's garden's and city landscaping) all the while as he wound his way through Vatheon. If he was going to be the hero, he had to be equipped!
30th-Dec-2011 01:47 pm - A Brand New Year
thalassino: (Default)
The island was certainly all abuzz now. The natives mingle around, decorations abounding and food laid out on tables and still being made. They certainly went all out this time, but if asked they just respond “We’ve been granted another year by the great Lamufao.”

Don’t think about it too hard.

Either way, they’re showing all of their gratitude for the foreigners now. Food is being offered shamelessly, good cheer and compliments and thank you’s passing through each native’s lips.

Near the elevator, in an open field, the party is taking place. They nagged and nagged for the foreigners to dress up; if you didn’t, you might feel a little out of place here. But the food and the music are both excellent and dancing is optional, at least.

The beach is a bit more chill. Enjoy the warmth and the water, maybe kick back and have a drink. It’s night time, certainly, but the weather is still pleasant and the sand is warm.

More attracted by the food on those tables? That’s quite alright; there’s food of all sorts from all sorts of places, not just seafood (be grateful to the natives for trying). There are a few Vatheon only dishes, however, for the daring! (Is that more kraken on that plate…?)

And then, near midnight, comes the fireworks. How romantic would it be to exchange kisses at the stroke of midnight under the light of the fireworks? Or just enjoy them with a friend; they light up the sky, pretty and nothing too fancy…though the natives seem to think that they are incredible.

Most of all, have fun, mingle and enjoy the new year!
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