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Who: Yukari and everyone.
Where: She'll be reappearing on the beach, then making her way back down into the city via elevator and towards the Coral. So anywhere you'd like to run into her in between there!
When: Late evening/close to midnight
Style: I'll match! I'm up for either--action spam or prose.
Status: Open!

[The last thing Yukari ever expected, was needing to rely on someone else for healing. Or in Vatheon's case, something else--like the Coral. She'd always healed herself. People relied on her for healing. But it just can't be helped, in her condition: she's soaked, her clothes are torn, and there is a fair amount of blood indicating a very heavy and intense battle.

...And what a battle it was.

She doesn't want to think about it much, though; it hurts to think how badly she'd lost. It angers her, even; how incredibly unfair. How dare she, how dare she...?

Damn--! [Her fist slams into the sand of the beach where she's ended up, and she stumbles to her feet.

Then she sighs, remembering.

Remembering Vatheon. Remembering how much weaker she is here. Diarahan wouldn't cut it in the long run; so she knows she should make her way to the Coral as fast as possible before anyone sees her.

A heal, a change of clothes, maybe--

Once again, she's forced to put everything behind her; because Aigis had won, and now she'd have to live with knowing that.

How long...?

[--has she been gone?

This is the first that's ever happened to her. It's so disorienting, but she decides maybe that's not the most important thing right now. Annoyed and highly emotional as she is, she sighs again and walks towards the elevator, occasionally wincing.


[...Time to find her own answers here, she supposes. She doesn't need a replacement leader to do that.]
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Who: Kanji Tatsumi and YOU.
Where: Cozi Corner restaurant.
When: Right now. About 10 minutes after he woke up from hiatus-induced sleep.
Style: [ Action! ], but if you're more comfortable with prose, I'm cool with that too.
Status: Open like his bathhouse, man.

[ Upon awakening from one of the most comfortable slumbers he had ever had in his entire life, Kanji realized two things. First, his room stank something similar to moth balls stuffed in closets that were already centuries old to begin with. Second, his stomach growled like you wouldn't believe; it even shocked poor old Kanji.

He was almost ready to admit that he simply had a metabolism faster than he was aware of. And that his thirty minute power nap used up all of his three-course meal's stored energy. He was almost ready to admit that.

But then, Kanji saw his SFC, and the current date that it flashed on its little screen.

[ After a few healthy, and unexpectedly original!, shouts and curses into the air, Kanji also realized his roommates were not around, and the kitchen was empty. ]

[ Hence, dear passerby, this image of Kanji currently sitting alone inside Cozi Corner, three piles of plates and bowls speedily increasing in height next to him. His gaze is fixed on his food, which kept on coming from the kitchen like an assembly line. The chef glances outside his work station once in a while, looking frighteningly worried. Still, he continues to serve Kanji's orders. Speaking of... ]

[ The boy man in question wipes his mouth with his forearm and burps slightly, before dropping the once pristine white bowl on top of the second pile of dirty dishes. It may or may not have been the home to the largest order for chicken curry. He exhales heavily and waves towards the kitchen. ]

Yo! Can I get an extra order for pot stickers, Chinese shrimp and leek fried rice, miso soup, and barbequed pork meat buns?

[ He pauses. ]

Oh, and uhh, add five more orders of egg rolls! A-And crispy noodles, if you still have 'em!

[ Kanji rubs his hands together, then chugs down a cold soda. He grins as soon as he finishes his cup. ] Phew! See, stupid-cursed-bubble-city? You make me fall asleep for nearly two months and you unleash the beast! Damn, I. am. starving! C'mon, chef! BRING IT ON!

[ In his excitement, Kanji bangs his fists heavily against the table, making it wobble violently. The piles of dishes next to him end up dangerously close to the edge, but otherwise stay still. Hooboy.

1st-Jan-2012 05:51 pm - Hajime | 001
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Who: Hajime and YOU!
Location: Arrives in the plaza and moves from there
Time: All is quiet on New Year's Daaaaaaay...
Style: I'll match whatever you throw at me. ♥

[There's a soaking teen walking around the plaza. He appears none too happy, whether it's the way he flicks the water free from his wrists and legs or the way his grimace furrows lower and lower down his face. He looks around but rather than shock, he appears...quite comfortable.]

Vatheon again. Hmph. Once again, this place has brought me at such an inconvenient time. Of all days, it has to be New Year...

[He takes his glasses off to wipe them dry but he can't even manage that properly with a soaking shirt. He fiddles with it for a bit before catching his reflection off a pool of water. More importantly...

His hair.

Seriously, do you know how long he spends styling his hair in the mornings? To wet it like this...]

This... This is a travesty! To spend the first day of the new year like this... My first words of the year...

[And thus starts Hajime's not-so-silent battle to find proper hair products. Of course, he's not about to put his masculinity on the line. Anybody might find him acting suspiciously around town.]
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