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25th-Mar-2013 08:14 pm - [Intro]
littleboytrap: (Oh no!)
Who: Czeslaw and YOU
When: March 25th
Where: The plaza or elsewhere
Style: Action or prose are fine with me
Status: Open

[At first he'd thought he fell through an open manhole into the sewer, only it didn't stink nearly so bad. All he knew was that one moment he was running, the next he was plummeting, his body hit by a rush of cool water.

Then he hits the stones of the plaza, the breath knocked out of him more out of surprise and terror than the fall. He pushes up, looking around, frantically pushing the soaking wet hair out of his dark eyes, checking that his cap is still on his head]

[Later, once he's had a chance to be welcomed, Czes can be found walking the streets. He tries to stay unnoticed, hunching his shoulders and ducking his head down if it seems that he's attracting too much notice. He's been told a lot of things about this city, and he isn't sure he believes hardly any of it.

However, there's a part of him that can't help but stare in open wonder at the things Vatheon has that aren't part of his experience. Despite his efforts to stay under the radar, if you catch him at the right moment, he may have his nose squished to the bubble, or be staring in open shock at some of the non-human denizens of the bubble.]
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