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17th-Sep-2013 01:44 pm - edumacation
occultaddiction: (Default)
Who: Isaac and Shiro
When: Waaaaay backdated to August 15th
Where: Library
Style: prose to start but I'll follow
Status: closed

Isaac was excited! Like ridiculously so.  All his life he'd been interested in the occult.  Demons, fairies, herboloy... you name it he LOEVED it.  However in his world the limit of what he could learn was mostly limited to what he could find in the odd book or two.  And the accuracy of said books were occasionally negotiable as sometimes they presented different information or even conflicted one another.

But here... here he met this awesome guy who seemed to be a fountain of knowledge in regards to absolutely everything he was interested in.   And Father Fujimoto had agreed to teach him a thing or two.  This was like the best thing that had happened to him since he came here! Which... wasn't THAT log, but still! It was so cool.

Now he was just waiting for him in the library, occupying his time by filling the margins of his notebook with little doodles and rough demon seals.  He'd been here a while now... he was afraid of being late so he might have arrived at their scheduled meeting spot like an hour early.
14th-Sep-2013 11:22 pm - 17: dead man walking [OPEN]
paladaddy: (gun over shoulder)
Who: Shiro and OPEN
When: Just after the Station Master meeting
Where: the Villa + various locations
Style: action
Status: open

time to tie up some loose ends )
17th-Aug-2013 04:58 pm - take a day off | open
darkasnight: (21)
Who: Night & Villa people (and anyone who wants to crash)
Where: The beach on the island.
When: Backdated to Friday (8-16)
Style: Action/Prose
Status: Open

fun in the sun )
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Who: Rin and Dolorosa | Rin and OPEN
Where: In the plaza | At the Clinic
When: Thursday, 7/25
What: Rin is back from going home, but something is wrong
Style: Action

[Return, at the plaza - closed to Dolorosa]

[New arrivals wasn't an odd occurrence around this time, but among them, some one else was returning to the bubble after a short absence.

Soaking wet, in an ornate teal and gold jacket over his normal school uniform, Rin Okumura stood in the plaza in a strangely dazed state. Something was very... off about him, as though his mind had been forcibly checked out. He stared blankly, mouth moving slowly though no sound came out.

He finally took a step forward, but his knees buckled, no strength left in them. Collapsing to the ground, a hand reached forward towards something unseen.]

Usa... maro...

[A pained groan followed as he slumped on to the ground on his side, clutching at his head.]

[Later, at the clinic - Open to all]

["Vatheon". That's what he had been told the place was called. He had been there before, but he couldn't recall it. His mind wasn't entirely devoid of memories, but what was there was hazy. Faces were blurred, familiar but so distant. Names were a blank canvas. People from home were there, but even memories of them were muddled.

His head hurt. Badly. He couldn't do much more than sit and blink without everything pounding like a goddamn jackhammer. The only thing that was clear was a round face, blonde hair in bunny buns and red eyes. A smiling face telling him "Thank you, Rin!" in a happy voice. A demon, one he was trying to protect, not defeat...

He sat in the unfamiliar clinic bed, the teal and gold jacket folded in his lap, blue eyes downcast on it.]

Usamaro... what did you do? Why can't I remember...

20th-Jul-2013 06:17 pm - 013
makainoou: (maniacal laugh)
Who: Laharl the Terrible and YOU!
Where: One of those new jewelry stores
When: Evening
Style: I'll match
Status: OPEN! Heroes, villains, or innocent bystanders welcome~

Forget the rest of the so-called villains. Their ideas of villainry just don't mesh with Laharl's--all that nonsense about distracting the heroes and tiptoeing their way around a good fight.

Laharl is a demon. He enjoys overpowering others more than outwitting them or outmaneuvering them. And it's difficult (and not much fun) to convince anyone of how strong you are without a good demonstration. He doesn't know what foolish mortal summoned him to this world, but since they haven't done a very good job of binding him to any contract, it's high time to exert his own will on the city.

The self-proclaimed Lord of Terror can be found robbing one of Vatheon's largest, finest (and newest) jewelers in broad daylight (well, maybe the more later stages of daylight; he still can't be bothered to wake early). After frightening them into submission with a show of literal fire power, he's enlisted the staff and customers to clean the cases for him. This isn't only about getting loot that isn't wads of paper, it's about recruiting minions. The grin on his face is about as far from friendly as it gets, and he's eagerly anticipating that one of those heroes will show up any minute now.

"See? Everyone cooperates and I might just spare you any unsightly burns."
17th-Jun-2013 07:06 pm - It's that time again~
keepsthefire: ([✠] mine is the derpiest expression)
Who: Villa Residents and visitors!
What: Second verse, same as the first? Actually it's more like the tenth time now
When: Any time during the week
Where: Da Villa
Style: Whatever you want!

[The house is repaired, the flood damage is gone, Maka and Kid are back and the house seems to be in good spirits this month!

So, with curse shenanigans in full swing, house-mingle away!]

30th-May-2013 08:46 pm - Another time, another town
doctor_dragoon: (i'm afraid you will have to do)
Who: Yukio, Rin, and OPEN.
When: Thursday, May 30th
Where: Starting near the clinic and eventually ending up at the Villa.
Style: Starting in Action, but feel free to switch things up and I'll follow!
Status: Initial discovery is closed to Rin and Yukio, but interactions after that are open to all~

Another everything, but it's always back to you. )
keepsthefire: ([✠] don't leave me alone Yukio)
Who: Rin + Villa residents
Where: Villa
When: The 26th, some time in the evening
Status: open to Villa residents
Style: action

In the broken mirror, I am ruined...  )

10th-May-2013 07:52 pm - 14: suddenly birthdays
paladaddy: (you're not serious right?)
who: Shiro and everyone
when: May 10th
where: All over the island
style: I'm doing action for the starting post, but prose or action is fine.
status: open

He was trying to avoid his birthday, but... )
6th-May-2013 06:27 am
pierrotdemonique: ([...] | Thinks about her now)
Who: Mephisto and anyone who comes a-looking
Where: Right on the beach
When: Early morning
Status: OPEN

Firstly, )
[ If anyone had tried to look for this particular demon during the chaos, they probably wouldn't have found him. Those who knew better may have probably thought that he had been returned home. Those who didn't may have considered him dead. Of course, if one was to look for him right now to ask what he was going on about or where he was, they would find him sprawled out on the beach under a parasol and a sundeck chair almost like nothing has happened at all. His usual tea and cake had been substituted by what appeared to be a brilliant pink cocktail.

If anything, he didn't look the least bit concerned (or aware for that matter) with what happened in the bubble. Care to join him? ]
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