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tsundyne: (mental keysmash)
Who: Yukari, Yosuke, and anyone passing by
Where: The Plaza
When: Backdated to last day of curse 33 (bodyswap)
Status: Open! to ridicule and embarrassment

[Yukari had made it a point not to really show herself much this week, with her being stuck the way she is. Knowing-- or, well, hoping that it would be the last day, however, assuaged her somewhat, and she finds herself wandering around the plaza. It’s around the end of the month, about the right time for new people to be arriving. New and old...

But no matter how many people she’s met or seen, human or not, she hadn’t expected to run into... herself.

It takes her a moment to process it. And then it hits her.


[Oh. Well this was awk. Especially since Yosuke was in this outfit. (minus the tanktop in the second link--)

Anyway. He jumps a little when he hears his name being called. Oh.

...Oh...hey Yukari. [He’s a little sheepish right now. Oops?] What’s up?

[She’s. Just going to pause, and stare at her own midriff, exposed. Why she’s even surprised to see this, she doesn’t even know. She won’t even answer his question.]

Wh- What are you wearing?!

...What do you mean? What’s wrong with what I have on?

[There's another pause, because there are simply no words. But finally, she sputters:]

Tch! Only everything!

[......Welp. This will end well.

Jump in? Laugh? Pop some popcorn...?

(( OOC: backdated joint curse post! replies will come from [personal profile] tsuncanned, who is Yukari in Yosuke’s body, and [personal profile] garbagedyne, who is Yosuke in Yukari’s body. also, Yosuke-mun is still on hiatus so replies from her might be slow! ))
22nd-Aug-2012 03:48 am - loss;
tsundyne: (say what?)
Who: A grumpy Yukari and you
Where: Elevator/beach/various
When: After she realizes Minato has left
Style: [partial to brackets, but I'll follow]
Status: Open but she's gonna be pretty ticked.

[... He's gone.

It's astonishing, really, how difficult something like that can be to accept, even the second time around. This place had given her hope for over a year, that she'd be able to lead the kind of life she wanted-- and she had taken it away from her in an instant. She feels sad, and bitter... and most of all, she's angry.

She can't even find it within herself to stay in the dorms-- not after seeing his room so empty and barren. She doesn't bother to close the door behind her either, nor bring her SFC.

She just runs, with only a Jack Frost plush in her hand-- the one left behind in his room. Something she meant to let go, but didn't, and she has no idea when she'll return with it.


Where to now, though...?

Admittedly, a destination was the furthest thing from her mind. But she finds herself near the elevator leading up to the island... the beach, however damanged it may all be. She doesn't care.

She does have to kick at something, rather violently however-- it totally figures today would be the one day the elevator would take

Why can't it hurry up?]


(( OOC: And just a note that Yukari is probably not gonna be checking the network, so i'm gonna be limiting her tagging to logs for a while. maybe a week or so? ah, you probably won't even notice. but yeah. and she might not be going to Squall's birthday after all either, Rinoa, sorry :c unless you drag her ))

17th-Aug-2012 07:41 pm - 8th Unison Attack - Dogs
clumsyblonde: (11 - Fiat lux)
Who: Colette and you!
When: Afternoon
Where: The park!
Style: Either /o/
Status: Open!

Colette's in the park playing with her dog, Caramel. She laughs as she runs with him, pretending that everything's fine for the moment. She's still worried about Kohaku and Shing - and Rin - but's easier to pretend she's fine than to go around looking how she feels. That would mean some of her friends might get worried about her after all! It wasn't her turn to look after Kohaku, so she just decided to play with Caramel now instead of later.

She falls flat on her face, one of her feet having caught on a rock. Clumsy people running isn't exactly the best idea. "Ow..."

Caramel whines, running back toward her before nosing at and licking her face until she sits up.
30th-Jul-2012 05:19 pm - classy people doing classy things
raincoats: (pic#)
Who: this winner feat. yosgay & a rude bitch you guys know your usernames
Where: middle district at the equiv. of vatheon's junes
When: curse week; blackout
Style: prose
in brackets
Status: closed

this karma machine only takes quarters )
25th-Jul-2012 10:39 am - Yosuke ♪ 002
garbagecanned: (pic#2938296)
Who: Yosuke and you!
Where: wandering around near the elevator
Style: first person preferred! what can I say, I'm lazy
Status: open!

[Why was he going out here? If it was only to get some fresh air, then shouldn't he do it when it wasn't raining? Maybe he was getting stir-crazy, sitting in the bubble all the time.

Maybe the rain reminded him of Inaba. At least it wasn't foggy outside, he could give it that. Then he would be even more paranoid than he was already. Especially with Adachi here.

He opens the umbrella as he gets out of the elevator, and looks around--

His little moment of peace doesn't last long before the flimsy umbrella is ripped out of his hands by a gust of wind.

He's stunned, just for a moment, quickly getting more and more wet before he groans.

Damn it! Why did I come up here??

[He takes off after the umbrella. But guess what? Wet sand is kind of hard to run in.

And guess what? Yosuke's pretty clumsy. Faceplant in 3...2...


[He goes down, falling into the wet sand. No umbrella. Just the rain and the wet, nasty stuff underneath him.

He's not even going to bother to get up, either. Not for now.

Maybe he should just stay in the house for the rest of his time here. Yep. That sounded nice right about now.

Also, that umbrella? Way gone at this point.
kissedgoldfrog: (Oh really?)
Who: Madison and Yosuke
Where: Beach
Style: First Person Action Brackets
Status: Closed

Be careful not to fall on your ass! )
handshakegreeting: (attendant ▣ greeting and departing)
Who: A human(?!) goddess of death and you lovelies~
Where: Starting at a cafe, the scene of the "crime" amusement park, and anywhere else...
When: Second day of the power swap week.
Style: I'll follow your lead.
Status: Open like the gates to Hell-- I MEAN UH ?

14th-Apr-2012 09:28 am - so about that flyer...
thalassino: (Default)
[ there's a bit of a commotion tonight, and many locals are talking about something happening up on the island. anyone curious enough to check it out would first notice a glowing shore to match a starry sky; it seems to be a type of jellyfish causing this.

immediately afterward they would undoubtedly see a very large boat having apparently docked itself on the shore. there's no captain in sight and it appears to be completely inoperable, so it's a full-blown mystery on how it arrived on the shore. it certainly doesn't look like a normal boat though— probably due to the fact that it is utterly decked out for a party.

there are streamers, balloons, and a whole lot of glitter on deck. there's even a large banner that reads:

☆ HAVE FUN!!! ☆

on deck there are speakers blasting a nautical-style party music should dancing be your thing. nearby there's plenty of good food for the eating, along with a gratuitous amount of chapagne (with a non-alcoholic brand for the underage); a champagne tower can also be seen. party games are encouraged, and a few are even already set up (such as the large whale-themed piñata).

have fun, mingle, and enjoy the party! ]
tsundyne: (so sick of this)
Who: Yukari and everyone.
Where: She'll be reappearing on the beach, then making her way back down into the city via elevator and towards the Coral. So anywhere you'd like to run into her in between there!
When: Late evening/close to midnight
Style: I'll match! I'm up for either--action spam or prose.
Status: Open!

[The last thing Yukari ever expected, was needing to rely on someone else for healing. Or in Vatheon's case, something else--like the Coral. She'd always healed herself. People relied on her for healing. But it just can't be helped, in her condition: she's soaked, her clothes are torn, and there is a fair amount of blood indicating a very heavy and intense battle.

...And what a battle it was.

She doesn't want to think about it much, though; it hurts to think how badly she'd lost. It angers her, even; how incredibly unfair. How dare she, how dare she...?

Damn--! [Her fist slams into the sand of the beach where she's ended up, and she stumbles to her feet.

Then she sighs, remembering.

Remembering Vatheon. Remembering how much weaker she is here. Diarahan wouldn't cut it in the long run; so she knows she should make her way to the Coral as fast as possible before anyone sees her.

A heal, a change of clothes, maybe--

Once again, she's forced to put everything behind her; because Aigis had won, and now she'd have to live with knowing that.

How long...?

[--has she been gone?

This is the first that's ever happened to her. It's so disorienting, but she decides maybe that's not the most important thing right now. Annoyed and highly emotional as she is, she sighs again and walks towards the elevator, occasionally wincing.


[...Time to find her own answers here, she supposes. She doesn't need a replacement leader to do that.]
28th-Jan-2012 10:01 pm - [01]
yellowglasses: ([time to be serious])
Who: Chie Satonaka and everybody else ever
Location: The plaza
Time:  Evening
Status: Open~
There was a girl standing in the plaza examining her wet track jacket, making an annoyed grumble. This was just a great to wake up, wasn't it? She unzipped her jacket and fanned it out a bit to shake some of the water off of it, not that it really helped dry the rest of her, but at least if she didn't have that on Chie figured her body would dry quicker. After her jacket seemed to be less wet than before (although not by much), she tied it around her waist.
Securly tied, she looked up to see who would have dumped water on her, only realize she didn't even have the slightest idea where this was to begin with.
"W..where exactly am I? This isn't Inaba at all!"
How did she get here? Where even was here?! She appeared to be in some city that was underwater, from the look of things. The only conclusion Chie could come to was this was some strange world inside the television, but it didn't make sense to be back in here when the murders were all done and over with by now. Besides, there was no reason she'd wake up here alone, and drenched with water at that.
She took this moment to admire the dome above her and the plaza in general though, moving her wet bangs out of her eyes a tad bit. It looked so...different from the inside of the television, so real. There wasn't any dense fog in the air either obstructing her vision.  But at the same time it was a very drastic change from her usual country town scenery back in Inaba she was so used to.
This couldn't be inside of the television though, no. Chie was somewhere completely new and foreign to her. But why?
Snapping back to reality, the girl looked around the plaza. She decided reaching out to the nearest passerby would be the best thing to do, it was time to get some answers!
"Um, excuse me? Could you tell me where I'm at?"
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