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8th-Apr-2013 07:45 pm - Sleeping Wwith the Frienemy
devwocean: (Sudden kiss (Psii))
Who: Dualscar, Signless and Psiioniic a bit later.
When: The first day of the curse, early morning.
Where: Ordo 1, Dualscar's hive.
What: Dualscar and Signless have both forgotten each other. Shenanigans ensue.
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Dualscar has woken up beside others before, of course, but it's not really normal for him. He curls around the smaller body, and one of the sharp horns jabs him straight in a fin, thus rudely and abruptly bringing him to full wakefulness.

He sits up, hissing with irritation, then stares around himself in shock.

He turns and grasps the small, young troll in his bed, giving him a shake]

Wwake up!
14th-Jan-2013 02:01 pm
p2iioniicii2t: (2eriiou2 bu2iine22)
Who: Psiioniic, Dualscar, Signless
What: The Psiioniic has no idea what is going on.
Where: their hive
Status: first thread: closed for now, may open up once this gets sorted out
Style: confused yet action packed

wake up calls )


Who: Psiioniic, Nepeta, others?
What: The Psiioniic has only some idea of what's going on now.
Where: There there are bees, there are nerds.
Status: open to different tags
Style: still confused and preferably still action

bees! )
420: (pic#1234364)
Who: Mousezee, and anyone that wants to hang out with a tiny little mouse.
When: All week.
Where: Allll over the bubble, check individual threads for more details.
Style: I prefer [], but I can roll with what you got.
Status: Open

[All throughout the week, dear Vatheon, you might find a tiny little mouse skittering around in this great big ol' world. Luckily someone, at some point, put a tiny little shirt on him to make it rather clear that this is no ordinary mouse, it's someone who got really unlucky during the latest curse.

Well... unlucky. Actually, Gamzee doesn't mind it too much! It is fun scurrying around, peeking in everything. The world looks like an entirely different sort of place now. All the food is giant and that certainly is fun. And sometimes he just sits there like woah, man. Man. Maaaaan have you seen this fuckin' tail? What even, man. What even.

Too bad there are so many cats around.]

[ooc: Okay, rather than make a bunch of small, individual logs, Vatheon, consider this your one go-to point if you want to hang out with Gamzee this week. He'll be all over the place, so the sky is the limit. You can also drop me a line if you wanna hash out something more exact first.

plz don't eat]
9th-Oct-2012 07:51 am - Pale Cheating!!!
devwocean: (Oh please)
Who: Orphaner Dualscar, Signless and Psiioniic
Where: Dualscar's Hive, Ordo 1
When: After his date with Jade, the same day Psiioniic arrived.
Style: Proseish
Status: Closed

The date had been good, though Dualscar was still left with uncertainty about whether Jade was really interested in him in a flushed way. Then again, Jade had seemed so very fascinated about him as a person, so that was a good sign. Still, humans: so confusing.

So he's in a good mood as he trots up the steps to his hive and opens the door, humming softly to himself, his fins open and relaxed. Now it's time for him to join Signless in the pile he'd constructed for his poor, pitiable moirail, and tell him all about his date. Maybe Signless will have some more insight to share.

"Signless," he calls out quietly as he enters, moving through towards the main living block. If Signless is asleep, he doesn't want to wake him.

But the sight that confronts him when he turns the corner makes his fins flatten, then rise in irritated challenge. There Signless is, wrapped around another troll in the pile that Dualscar made just for him.

"Wwhat's this?" he says, hissing more than he quite intended to.
devwocean: (Badass)
Who: Orphaner Dualscar, Spinneret Mindfang and a cameo by the Psiioniic!
When: Early evening
Where: Mindfang's hive
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[It's been several days since Dualscar's seen hide nor hair of Mindfang, and while normally he might claim to be glad of the reprieve, that's not actually true. He knows she was sick, but what he's concerned about is that she might be gone, or have gotten hurt in her weakened state.

So like he did before when she was in a coma, he comes boldly to her hive. He doesn't bother to knock - if she's in a coma or something, she won't answer. So instead he jimmies a window and slips inside, then begins to explore the building in search of his kismesis]
22nd-Jul-2012 09:02 pm
p2iioniicii2t: (p2iioniic2)
Who: Psiioniic and others
When: throughout the week
Where: Coral Corral 5 and Feferi's home
Style: Assorted
Status: Closed-ish, open to people that have a reason to be at the house.

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19th-Jul-2012 11:09 am - Kanaya's shop, round 3.
sylphauxiliatrix: (Default)
Kanaya Maryams Storefront For Commissioned Ragripping And Seamstressing
With Display Space For Artistic Clothing Creations

When: A small sign on the door says this business opens an hour after sundown on the surface, and closes an hour before dawn, every day. Feel free to backdate if you wish, or set your posts whenever, really. Kanaya is in and working outside of business hours on occasion.
Who: Kanaya Maryam, hopefully a whole bunch of trolls, members of the host club, and anybody who's interested in her shop.
Style: I'll follow your lead.
Status: Open

The dress forms out front all have been clothed in a variety of styles; the specific outfits on display change often, sometimes as often as every day. Men's and women's fashions are available, though there is usually more dresses than anything else. Inside there are a few more outfits available for viewing, but this is not a clothing store. None of these outfits have a price tag, as the clothing here is hand made by the proprietor. a small sign on the back wall indicates that this business is for clothing repairs, tailoring, and custom commission work, though you are welcome to make an offer on something if you like it.

Things have been getting a bit crazy in the shop. Kanaya has been working extremely hard as of late to finish up a few projects before her next big commission starts. There is a rack of nearly finished outfits that has been left in the display room, her workspace is getting too cluttered to keep it back there. It's an organized chaos though, she's simply been spending more time working than keeping things tidy.
30th-Jun-2012 08:27 am - i've got you under my skin
o8liter8: (pic#2649416)
Who: Mindfang & Psiioniic, with possible appearances from Psii's housemates?
When: June 27
Where: Psii's sweet digs
Status: closed

i've got you deep in the heart of me )
26th-Jun-2012 09:13 pm
p2iioniicii2t: (2aviior)
Who: Signless, Psiioniic
Where: Larmline rooftop
When: Afternoon
Status: Closed

Bees and Bros and Stairs, Oh My! )
bethehugejerk: (Default)
Who: Karkat and the Psiioniic
Where: Karkat's hive
When: May 29th, middle of the night
Style: Action
Status: Closed

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