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geneticdiscord: (We were the victims of ourselves)
Who: Mewtwo and you, yes, YOU!
Where: Out and about where ever you happen to run into him.
When: This evening after he's arrived in the bubble~
Style: Either
Status: Open!

[Walking, er, floating about the city is one mildly irate Pokemon. Some may recognize him for what he is, a mad experiment gone wild that is now only talked about in the hushed rumors of the scientific community, but the majority of the natives seem oblivious to the destructive potential he holds.]

[Mewtwo is more than a little annoyed that this place has bound him so; Never before has his immense wellspring of power been so dampened, and never has someone or something been able to hold him in place so completely. The dome above seemed as much to keep out the salty water as it seemed meant to keep him in. And Mewtwo does not respond well to those who would subjugate and control him.]

[Thus the search was on, to find answers and to find a way out.]

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