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24th-Aug-2013 02:36 pm - Karkat Vantas: interior designer
bethehugejerk: (Default)
Who: Karkat ([personal profile] bethehugejerk) and Eridan ([personal profile] unconchonable)
When: Backdated to August 6, during the body swap curse.
Where: Their hive.
Style: Action
Status: Closed

nothing like rearranging the furniture at five in the morning )
9th-Aug-2013 01:38 pm - 22 ♐ Horse in a Spider's body
aim_exorable: (gdi mf ♐ This is a cold war)
Who: Darkleer (trapped in a spidertroll's body) and YOU
When: Throughout the day
Where: The park, and then throughout Vatheon
Style: Open
Status: Open

Morning, the Park

For anyone wandering near the connection between the park quadrant and the main city, they might see something odd. After spending the last few days detoxing (a painful experience), Darkleer has finally decided to venture out in Mindfang's body. There's just... one problem. The empathy. As reluctant as he is to admit that she was in any way right, Darkleer can't deny that it is a powerful overwhelming sensation. But he's not going to give up.

So those wandering about might see 'Mindfang' taking deep breaths and trying to venture into the city.. only when more than a few people are in the vicinity, 'she' seems to pale and quickly retreat until 'she's' in the entrance to the park again where 'she' can sit down and sigh in frustration.

> See what the big deal is?

Throughout the plaza, the rest of the day

At some point, Darkleer manages to get over the crushing feel of empathy- okay, that's not quite right, and the real answer is much longer and involves the kind of stubborn denial that only Zahhaks are capable of, but the point is...

At some point, one might see a finely dressed Mindfang walking about the plaza, with her hair actually brushed and made nice and everything. She actually cleans up fairly well, even with her robotic arm looking a bit jarring in comparison to the rest of the fleshy body. There's also something else a bit jarring:

the giant terrarium full of spiders that she's holding in her hands.

Seriously, there are at least, like, eighteen of them or something. Lord. At least Darkleer seems proud. Awwwww yeah, cleared this body of spiders in the hair, excellent.

> Approach?
6th-Aug-2013 12:45 pm - Wearing someone else's face
copesetic: (Default)
Who: Albert in Dirk's body and you
When: Tuesday
Where: Around Vatheon
Style: Will match
Status Open

[After the initial freak out of having someone else in his body, Albert's reluctantly decided that he has to give Dirk some space. He still keeps checking up on him more often than the teen would actually like he's sure, but at least he's not literally following him around and staring over his shoulder all day and night. It's not Dirk's fault they were switched.

Even so, it's going to be a very long week.

Still, there are certain bits of the curse that aren't so terrible. Feeling real sensation through real nerves is a pleasant change, not to mention an actual heartbeat instead of the whirring of a mechanical one in his chest is wonderful. And he can wear short sleeves. It's something you never really appreciate until you lose the ability.

Granted he knows it's going away in a week but that's no reason why he can't enjoy it at least a little bit now. So here he is, lacking glasses and with his hair gelled back into a tidy, respectable style, just taking a stroll through the bubble.]
6th-Aug-2013 12:03 pm
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Who: Kurloz and Mr. D
When: When the curse started
Where: Wherever they end up meeting
Style: Whatever
Status: Closed

Kurloz has been in Vatheon long enough that waking up to a strange ceiling on a Monday morning isn't a cause for panic, though it is a cause for irritation, particularly when he discovers that the reason the ceiling is different is because it's a house that isn't his, up on the island. There's also the small matter of the body not being his, either.

It's fortunate enough that he recognizes the face on this body, otherwise he would be feeling a lot more wrathful. This humanoid body, with its lack of horns, with it's strange little quirks and lack of stitches, is an inconvenience, but there are secrets in his own body, secrets that must be kept. With Mr. D he has a better chance of making sure they're kept.

Still, he'd better hurry. He barely hesitates to pull on one of the strangely-patterned shirts, and begrudgingly accepts that he won't be able to paint his face, before sending a quick message to his own SFC. Hopefully Mr. D will heed the warning in it and stay put, but Kurloz doesn't bother to wait for an affirmative response, he just starts off toward the elevator.

There is one benefit to this body. It's very good at scowling. The locals aren't trying to stop him at all.

5th-Aug-2013 11:23 am - 2 --> Switch
croceamors: (dreamdropdistance) (ex > It's a shame we're all dying)
Who: A very confused Not-Axel and Roxas
When: The early morning
Where: Axel and Roxas' apartments
Style: Whatever
Status: Closed

On normal days, Saix woke up early anyway. It was habit no matter how dark it was in the bubble. When you had spent ten years in a world that didn't change from eternal night, you learned to wake up on time instead of hoping the sun's rays would wake you.

But it's not habit that wakes him up this morning. It's the feeling of something missing, for one thing, a familiar warmth wiggling against his side and wagging its tail. There's something else, a twist in his chest, something that makes his lungs feel tight. It's all enough to make him rouse himself from sleep, pushing himself up in bed and pressing a hand to his chest. Still sleepy, it takes him a moment to realize that this is not his room.

Saix jerks back in alarm- more alarm than he thought himself capable of- and a burst of flame suddenly manifests on the end of his bed, eating up the sheets. Cursing under his breath, Saix stumbles out from the sheets. Why he's not in his house, why this room is so painfully familiar, why his chest feels weird, and why he feels so gangly- those are all questions for later. Right now, he has to concentrate on putting out this fire.

Roxas might notice a commotion in the next room, and he'll likely find "Axel" trying to smother the flames with wet towels.
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