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14th-May-2012 04:17 pm - 01 | FLOWER POWERRRRR.
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Who: Cheria and all of [community profile] vatheon ~
When: 05/14/2012, Afternoon
Where: Somewhere among all the ~*~flowers~*~
Style: Starting in Action Brackets, will follow whateeeever you do. ♥
Status: OPEN. Like an open thing.

[ The first thing Cheria thought upon seeing all of the flowers was how much Sophie would love them. So now, here she was; knelt down among a patch of flowers, picking them and making them into little bouquets. She had paused only long enough to run to one of the shops and grab some ribbon and a pair of scissors before returning and continuing her work.

The idea was to make little bouquets and pass them around to all of the people she knew and cared about in this place. After all that had happened in the past month, Cheria felt that perhaps everyone could use a little bit of extra cheer, and what better way to do such a thing than with flowers? Plus, they'd look nice on the kitchen table.

Would anybody like to join her in making bouquets? There's always more room! ♥ She'll even share her ribbon and scissors to make them look extra nice! ]
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Who: a witch ([personal profile] sigil), her bitch ([personal profile] geass), and the most adult of us all ([personal profile] chosehope)
Where: lelouch/nunnally's apartment
When: late evening after c.c. arrives
Style: first
Status: closed

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