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25th-Feb-2013 09:24 pm - 28th Combo
redcladidealist: (Did you just...?)
Who: Lloyd Irving and Mat Cauthon
Where: Winespring Inn
When: Backdated a week ago
Style: Whichever!
Status: Closed

[Lloyd had been toying with this idea for a while, and the more he thought about it, the more it appealed. Sure, it'll mean changes, but he can deal with that. First, though, he needs to talk to Mat. After all, it isn't just Lloyd's decision to make. Mat has more than a say in it, too.

So today, instead of heading straight into the forge, Lloyd pokes his head into the Inn itself, looking for his one-eyed friend.]

Hey, Mat? You here?
princeoftheravens: (so dance baby dance)
Who: Teenage Mat and whoever notices
Where: All over the bubble
When: All week
Style: Whichever you prefer, starting in [ ]
Status: Open!

[So the one-eyed man is nowhere to be found this week, his hat and polearm also gone.

But there is a gangly teenager getting into an awful lot of mischief... He may have dusted your dog with flour, stolen a pie or something else you just cooked, let a badger loose in the plaza while you were watching, climbed up the side of your house or apartment to look around (or at least tried to), took apart something that he shouldn't (like a firework), or he might be standing outside the Winespring 'inn', staring at it.

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10th-Jan-2013 04:02 pm - 25th Combo - Rune Crest
redcladidealist: (Nervous)
Who: Lloyd Irving and castmates/CR who would be aware of the Rune Crest stuff going on
Where: Winespring Inn and forge
When: Today, morning and evening
Style: Either!
Status: Closed... ish? If you feel you have an IC reason to stop in, feel free!

Note: Please mark in the subject whether you are tagging before or after the making of the Crest. The actual forging of the Rune Crest is going to be handwaved to help simplify things.


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5th-Dec-2012 08:02 am - [closed] weapon get
tsundyne: (!official: what are you doing even)
Who: Yukari and Mat
Where: The plaza
When: Backdated the morning after this.
Style: [brackets because we're cool cats]
Status: Closed

[The morning after she'd spoken to Mat, Yukari slept in as planned; though by the time 11am drew near, she was already dressed and ready to go. She's not particularly a fan of keeping people waiting-- and plus she's eager to see these bows of his, and to make her own, so she scurries to the Plaza, where she knew she'd have to wait.

She doesn't mind that, though. Luckily there are benches near the coral, so -- she's sitting comfortable with her SFC in her hand, staving off the wait by texting, as she usually does. Occasionally she'll look up to see if Mat's arrived, but . . . well, it's not like he's late.

Not yet.
26th-Nov-2012 10:08 pm - 23rd Combo
redcladidealist: (Oh man...)
Who: Lloyd Irving and Mat Cauthon
Where: Winespring Inn
When: Backdated to 11-24
Style: Either!
Status: Closed

[It's been a while since Lloyd was here. He'd been intending to, but other things kept coming up. Nothing managed to get in the way today, though, nothing happened to make it slip from his mind after the thought came up. He wants to work with metal again, even if it isn't his strongest point. Hopefully Perrin won't mind letting him borrow the forge again.

The blacksmith isn't out there when Lloyd approaches the smithy, though, and the forge looks cold, showing no signs of recent use. Something uneasy settles into his gut when that last part registers, but he dismisses it. Maybe Perrin just had other things to do.

Circling around to the front of the inn, he hesitates for a moment before knocking. Is he supposed to knock on this door? Or go inside and ask? Dammit, he really should have come by this place again sooner. He'll wait for a minute to see if anyone responds. If not...

Well, he'll figure it out from there.]
princeoftheravens: (Default)
Who: Mat, Perrin, the coma-ed Rand, and you!
Where: The Plaza
When: Midday
Style: Either, we'll follow
Status: Open!

When Mat arrived, he was told that people fall asleep if they don't touch the coral. It was with that idea that he tried to drag Rand to the coral, told Perrin he wanted to get Rand to the coral when asked, and asked for his help when he only managed to get Rand halfway off the couch they'd put him on.

Perrin hadn't been told that, but it never hurts to try. And besides, it might keep Mat out of trouble for a while if he humors him. It'd save Rand pain from being dragged everywhere when he woke up too.

That's how they ended up walking to the coral, with Perrin carrying Rand's shoulders and Mat just holding onto his feet and legs.

((ooc: Samm (Rand-mun) gave me permission for this almost as soon as we figured out the days she'd be in China

Reply's will come from both Mat and Perrin!))
princeoftheravens: (And no one even knew)
Who: Matrim Cauthon and you!
Where: Inside the Nostalgia Nook
When: Morning to Afternoon
Style: [Action!]
Status: Open~!

[Today, Mat's decided to look through all the selections of longbows, and if what he's muttering is any clue, he isn't finding what he's looking for. Only really seeing all the bows on his right doesn't help any.]

Blood and ashes...Too short. And that one feels about to crack... [He reaches for a couple more, lifting them individually before putting them back with a grumble, leaning on his ashandarei a bit.]

Too light. And that one was too heavy. [He turns left to better see the selection, lifting another possible choice before putting it back with a sigh.]

This one's too tall. And all of these probably wouldn't have enough flaming range. [Bother him?]
righthandedragon: (Car'a'carn)
Who: Rand al'Thor and anyone who wants to bother him
Where: The plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: Action or prose, I can follow
Status: Open~

So Rand had planned on practicing drawing to help out Kratos, only to realize he had no supplies or anything like that.

And then to discover that okay, easels are heavier than he remembered. Or his side was acting up, either way, he needs to stop in the plaza or risk some bleeding problems.

But hey, the light is good enough, he can just. sit.. and work here!

So that's what Rand is doing. Being an one-handed artist. He's currently working on a group that looks rather like this. Only that top left man isn't in it, and its all just grays.

He stares at colors and grimaces. "These... I don't remember quite so well." He'll just get to work on group two, which doesn't have that man standing in the front. Why would he add himself to the picture?

(OOC: Lazy Samm is being lazy involving art.)
24th-May-2012 03:42 pm - And the last of the Ta'veren arrives;
righthandedragon: (Ta'Veren)
Who: The Two Rivers boys - Rand, Mat, Perrin
Where: At the Coral
When: Noonish.
Style: Prose works o/
Status: CLOSED

Rand is very certain that he hadn't traveled. Or fallen asleep. This wasn't the Tel'aran'rhiod, because his brown cloak - coat might actually be far more accurate - didn't change when he tried. And he still had the Dragon Sword, Callandor, and still sensed the Source, so....

"It can't be His doing, the time for tricks is over..." Even if Moridin had claimed that he didn't pull him that time, this... this was a new place. Licking his lips once, he placed saltwater. Could explain the watery look to the sky, but...

Rand shifts, deciding to allow his need for answers pull anyone close.
23rd-May-2012 06:09 pm - 1st Die - I'm no lord
princeoftheravens: (Turning all against one)
Who: Mat and whoever hears his screaming you
Where: The Plaza
When: May 23rd
Style: Either! Starting in prose though
Status: OPEN!

I've more respect for myself than that )

[ooc: An ashandarei is a sword spear. He will try to use it on you if you try to heal him, just a fair warning. And his face is bloody right now. Have fun~]
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