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22nd-Nov-2012 02:35 pm - ( open ) turkeeeeeeyyyy
spiria: (⌠ fond ⌡)
Who: Kohaku and anyone in Vatheon who wants to come and join the potluck!
When: NOW. Thanksgiving Day. 11/22/2012.
Where: The Plaza
Style: Starting in Brackets, go wild and do whatever!
Status: OPEN

[ As she had planned, Kohaku had set up a line of tables somewhere in the plaza, with some of the food she'd already prepared for the event on the table and chairs on each side of it. Over in another area, there were a couple of games, so that people who wanted to could have some fun with that; the games included 'pin the tail on the turkey,' and she'd brought some jump ropes out.

It was a pretty last-minute, not too well planned event, but it turned out pretty great, right? All that mattered was that people enjoyed it. ]

( ooc: It's a potluck! Have your characters bring food, add to the games, and do anything else that they wanna do! Go crazy! As long as it's within the rules of the game, I'm probably going to be pretty chill with it. B) I know there was some talk of spiking the drinks ... )
29th-Sep-2012 02:34 pm - a near-miss
wavesoakedlegs: ([Fi] Mobilise the rifle unit!)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and anyone.
Where: A temporary shooting range, set up in a clear spot on the island.
When: September 29th, late afternoon.
Style: Prose to begin, but I am happy to match anything else.
Status: Open!

Mitsuhide had not practised with a rifle for quite some time... )
31st-Aug-2012 02:16 pm
silvite: (pic#2272987)
Who: Fina & Ramirez
Where: where Rami is staying
When: August 31

On the search again. )
23rd-Jul-2012 05:42 am
silvite: (Default)
Who: Fina & Ramirez
When: Evening, the 23rd.
Where: She is wherever Ramirez happens to be.
Status: Open to Ramirez

Fina found herself wandering around until she found the building that looked familiar to her in the video of where Ramirez was. She knew that he was injured from the get-go or something of that manner, she needed to help him if he would allow her the privilege. Quietly, she opened the door and slipped inside with ease, closing it when she was finished.

Afterwards, she started looking in various places for him. She didn't see him at first, Fina had no idea where she was going but she would need to continue looking for him.
10th-Jul-2012 08:20 pm - Ω → one [video]
silvereclipse: (Θ -- the cut that never heals)
[ A man clad in a rather fancy military uniform, dripping wet, hair sticking to his face can be found down on all fours. While his breathing seems to indicate that he inhaled some water not too long ago, he isn't coughing. Rather, he's shaking. Out of rage. ]

No... I can't... this isn't...

[ Slowly getting to his feet, his breath labored, and his hand holding up his crystalline sword by the blade - and some blood welling up in his fist because of it - the man finally looks up, but his face isn't visible to the camera. ]

Lord Galcian needs me. Whoever brought me here will pay dearly for this.
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