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27th-Apr-2013 06:09 pm
detectiveprincess: (Default)
Who: Naoto Shirogane and YOU [OPEN]
When: April 27th
Where: On the island
What: Trying to figure out this birthday thing here
Style: I'll match

Wishing you were somehow hear again... )
11th-Apr-2013 09:27 pm
techno_shaman: (simple fun)
Who: Sera and you!
When: Near the start of the curse, but can take place throughout the week.
Where: A...castle?
Style: Whatever floats your boat
Status: Open!

[You've always wanted a beautiful fairy tale castle in your backyard, right?


Unfortunately, there's one there now. It's real. You can touch it, even go inside of it. The gorgeous structure stands in an open area of the bubble, complete with guards and a sprinkling of townspeople. They don't really move much, though. They just smile and stare blankly at things.

If fairy tale castles aren't your thing, maybe you like life-size doll houses. There's one right beside the castle. Plans for a theme park might be in the works, because there is a carousel too. A menagerie of strange looking animals act as the mounts, painted in bright colors and covered in glitter and gold.

A single person rides this carousel, giggling cheerfully as the music plays.]

Again, again! Heehee!
23rd-Feb-2013 07:20 am - The floor is now lava!
waywardtomato: (Edward)
Who: Edward and Everyone
When: Mid-morning
Where: The central Plaza
Style: Starting Action, also like prose if you prefer.
Status: Open to all to suffer the perils of avoiding lava.

[There is a small bit of a commotion in the plaza today. It seems a certain gangly 13-year-old has taken to climbing on, over, and around various objects in the Plaza. Tables, chairs, plants even smaller parts of the coral are being as objects to be climbed on as she is working her way from one end of the plaza to the other. She even at one point jumps on the back of one of the residents of the bubble, before jumping to a nearby table. Those checking to see what the crazy girl is up to, will notice a message scrawled on the ground all over the plaza.]

[Following her, as usual, is her small brown corgi, Ein. He seems to be immune to the effects of the floor lava.]

Picture contained herein. )
bufudine: (searching for something lost :|)
Who: All of YOU!
Where: In the Vat equivalant of a Mexican restaurant!
When: January 23rd
Style: Whatever you want it to be, bra.

[Some time ago, Cielo had mentioned this thing called flautas and how Gale needed to try some. Cielo had also mentioned that he knew a restaurant in Vatheon that sold them. For free, like most other things in the bubble, of course.

Yukari had also given Cielo and Serph a birthday some time ago: January 23rd. And what better excuse did Serph need for a big Embryon outing in the name of flautas and birthdays?

Which brings us to a "Mexican" (whatever that means) restaurant in Vatheon, where there are at least 8 people at a table (Cielo, Gale, Heat, Rinoa, Sera, Serph, Signless/Sufferer, Tiir) with a ridiculous amount of Mexican food. Some of it is mild, harmless to the sensitive palate. But some of dishes... the spices on those are enough to make you feel like you can breathe fire after a single mouthful. The horrendous table manners of about half the people there leaves much to be desired, however...

The locals, excited at having so much business at once, decide that other people need to taste the delightful flavours of their cuisine. If you're passing by, the threat of locals forcibly dragging you into their restaurant with other poor saps is very real.]

[ooc: TL;DR A general mingle post centered around Mexican food that ranges from mild to spicy as Satan's balls. There is a very high chance your character has been forcibly dragged into the restaurant by pushy locals. WHATEVER COULD GO WRONG!?]
30th-Dec-2012 07:55 pm - glory to the second-in-command.
enfire: (...)
WHO Heat & Various Tribe (and Honorary!) Members
WHERE Embryon Base
WHEN Slightly backdated -- December 26th.
STYLE Either way; I'll follow your lead!
STATUS Closed to those at the base.
WARNING Cannibals.

hark! the digital devils sing. )
25th-Nov-2012 10:03 pm
techno_shaman: (varnani)
Who: A very dangerous demon and anyone in the plaza area
Where: Plaza
When: Afternoon, 11/25
Style: Whatever floats your boat
Status: Open

Many of the new arrivals in Vatheon are predictable. Confused, possibly frightened, humanoid, and very damp. This creature fit all of those things, but there was an obvious difference to her. She was a fifth thing: hungry, and a sixth: very scary-looking.

A strange monster stalks cautiously through Vatheon, her pristine white plate-like armored hide and hot pink flesh covered with fresh blood. She sheathes her extended blades, whipping some of that spilled blood onto the ground as she sniffs at the air. This wasn't the EGG facility. Did they step through another wormhole?

This place...
23rd-Aug-2012 08:23 pm
pierrotdemonique: ([Dog] ? And a shoe full of rice)
Who: Mephisto and [community profile] vatheon
Where: All over the city
When: Morning to afternoon
Status: Open

[ I'm sure you've seen dogs, Vatheon. Here's one right now. He's a perfectly normal, inconspicuous mixed breed. Toy dog, definitely. There's some schnauzer in there, maybe part scottie, part westie. Could be a kind of poodle. But he's a dressed dog in a polka dotted neckerchief. He's already shaken himself dry, thank you very much but looks to be in need of a rubdown anyway.

He also has a very curious nose.

Like any good dog, he'll be putting that nose to good use.

The coral is his first target. It causes the smallest frown and he sits down to scrutinize it even more. His head turns this way and that and you're sure you can hear the smallest little "hmm..." come from him. Definitely not normal dog behavior.

Anywhere else around the city and he's going to be less suspicious: pawing through things, peering into places, even possibly sitting down while you eat at the cafe in an attempt to mooch a handout.

So Vatheon, when faced with a dog this cute... what do you do? ]
13th-Aug-2012 05:42 pm - Kidnapped!
techno_shaman: (chibi)
Who: Sera and Ghirahim
Where: Starting at the plaza, moving afterwards.
When: Sometime during the day.
Style: whatever you want
Status: closed (for now?)

[Sera's made a lot of friends, and in befriending these people she's been exposed to a wide variety of clothing styles. Being young in mind, she finds dressing up to be a game more than just a necessity to keep warm and decent.

Normally she goes with a normal selection of clothing; a t-shirt and shorts, her Embryon uniform...something simple. But today she's horribly mismatched. It doesn't bug her at the moment though; she told Serph and the others she was going to get some of those delicious doughnuts the bakery sold. She intended to be home later in the afternoon.]
10th-Aug-2012 04:39 pm - supermassive black hole
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Who: all of [community profile] vatheon
Where: all over vatheon + the island
When: friday evening - saturday evening
Style: any
Status: open - threadhop & threadjack away!

[ all friday evening, the locals have been very accelerated - you might find one shoving a flyer on you or handing you a pair of cheap sunglasses. the flyers more or less explain the reason why, and if you didn't get one you'll be receiving a message on your SFC regardless - ]


[ apparently there's to be an eclipse this evening. the entire bubble itself will be darkened as it usually is at night sans for electrical lights and the coral, but the real show will be able to be seen on the island. it sounds interesting, so maybe you want to check it out? a lot of other people are going—

although if you do decide to visit the island that evening, you might be in for an unexpected surprise. sure, the eclipse itself is pretty fantastic and not a thing one would expect to be able to see in vatheon of all places, but there's something else on the horizon... ]

↪ further details in threads
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