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15th-Sep-2013 12:37 am
thalassino: (» station master)
[If you've visited the island any time in the past week, then you would have had the briefest conversation with Station Master in the elevator, right before you stepped off onto the island, demeanor as polite as ever as he speaks--]

I'm trying out some new cookie recipes and wanted to know if you wanted to try some. Stop by, when you and your friends are able. I’m thinking of baking up a big batch on Saturday and pass them out where we met before. You really should come.

[--before the doors of the elevator will close, dissuading further conversation. He certainly looked far too serious to be talking about cookies.]


[For those who take Station Master up on his offer, he'll be waiting by the warehouse up on the island, distracted, before waving people inside. Inside are cookies, muffins, and cups of water, but those aren't the real reason he's summoned you here. When Station Master steps inside, he removes his hat, but his gaze is still distant, as if he has other thoughts preoccupying him.]

I’m sorry for calling everyone here on such short notice. I’m afraid I had little choice though and my message is not an enjoyable one.

[His expression is serious now, very serious.]

This morning I intercepted a message meant for the Head Nurse from the lead scientists who are behind this experiment. I was able to erase the message, leaving her unaware of its existence for now but I’m afraid I’ve only been able to buy us some time, nothing more.

[He’s reaching into his pocket now, drawing out a folded piece of paper. The message for those who’d rather read it black on white.]

It said they have gathered all the data needed and are shutting down this project. They’ve also given her the all clear on eradicating all left over assets. That is to say… you.

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10th-Aug-2013 04:26 pm - [CLOSED] Misplaced
bufudine: (shorty :|)
Who: Angelo, Marcello, Serph
When: Backdated to the beginning of curse week
Where: IN PLACES. (Angelo's apartment, a clothing store, grocery store, the island)
Style: I'll match!

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10th-Aug-2013 04:19 am - [gv] - 10 - medieval
beauchevalier: (♦ 54)
For this month and despite the curse going on, the host club is still dressed up. When guests enter through what looks like a castle archway, they will be greeting to a scene with various banners of multiple colors and crests (such as a lion, an eagle, and other different designs) hanging from the ceiling while the walls are painted in a way to make it look castle walls from the time period of a medieval era.

The tables and buffet table are also neatly designed with the theme in mind. For the hosts, each member will be wearing various garb of the time period for the occasion. They could be royalty, knights, or simple peasants should they choose. As per usual, the rules and host roster is posted near the front door for new and old customers.

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keepsthefire: (pic#6533828)
Who: Rin and Dolorosa | Rin and OPEN
Where: In the plaza | At the Clinic
When: Thursday, 7/25
What: Rin is back from going home, but something is wrong
Style: Action

[Return, at the plaza - closed to Dolorosa]

[New arrivals wasn't an odd occurrence around this time, but among them, some one else was returning to the bubble after a short absence.

Soaking wet, in an ornate teal and gold jacket over his normal school uniform, Rin Okumura stood in the plaza in a strangely dazed state. Something was very... off about him, as though his mind had been forcibly checked out. He stared blankly, mouth moving slowly though no sound came out.

He finally took a step forward, but his knees buckled, no strength left in them. Collapsing to the ground, a hand reached forward towards something unseen.]

Usa... maro...

[A pained groan followed as he slumped on to the ground on his side, clutching at his head.]

[Later, at the clinic - Open to all]

["Vatheon". That's what he had been told the place was called. He had been there before, but he couldn't recall it. His mind wasn't entirely devoid of memories, but what was there was hazy. Faces were blurred, familiar but so distant. Names were a blank canvas. People from home were there, but even memories of them were muddled.

His head hurt. Badly. He couldn't do much more than sit and blink without everything pounding like a goddamn jackhammer. The only thing that was clear was a round face, blonde hair in bunny buns and red eyes. A smiling face telling him "Thank you, Rin!" in a happy voice. A demon, one he was trying to protect, not defeat...

He sat in the unfamiliar clinic bed, the teal and gold jacket folded in his lap, blue eyes downcast on it.]

Usamaro... what did you do? Why can't I remember...

14th-Jul-2013 01:56 am - Chapter 5 | Brothers
beauchevalier: (♦ 43)
Who: Angelo and Marcello.
Where: The clinic.
When: Early morning of the 6th.
Style: First/Action.
Status: Closed.

[Angelo, after being in his apartment for an entire week, decides to finally come out despite the curse still upon the city. He's cold and uncomfortable at best then finds himself wandering over towards the clinic. He begins to wonder if they might have something there to help him warm better. As he goes inside, he continues to wander around for a bit until he finds something he wasn't expecting to see. There was Marcello in one of the clinic beds, laying still and appearing asleep. Perhaps instead of disturbing him, he should walk away and hope his brother doesn't hear as he backs away slowly. Yet as he does, he bumps into the already open door and his SFC that was hanging loosely in his pocket falls out onto the floor making a loud noise as it hits the floor. Yet he still quickly he tries to pocket the item again before his brother awakens from the sound or possibly sees him.]
1st-Jul-2013 11:48 am - Closed | Duel
powerandstatus: (cleanse the filth)
Who: Angelo and Marcello.
Where: Outside the Abandoned Village.
When: June 29th.
Style: [Brackets].
Status: Closed.

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29th-Jun-2013 02:54 pm - [CLOSED] An auction won...
bufudine: (oh. I guess I was :|)
Who: Angelo and Serph
Where: At a restaurant
When: June 27th
Style: [brackets] please!

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27th-Jun-2013 09:33 pm - ( closed ) out of my element
ourlegends: (нαρρу)
Who: Angelo, Hilda
When: Sometime after this conversation.
Where: Restaurant -> Island
Style: [ brackets ]
Status: Closed!

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14th-Jun-2013 10:59 pm - Chapter 4 | Bar Fights
beauchevalier: (♦ 18)
Who: Angelo and anyone in Vatheon.
Where: One of the local restaurant bars.
When: Early afternoon into the rest of the day.
Style: First/Action.
Status: Open!

[Good afternoon Vatheon. Should your character be walking by one of the local restaurants, there will be a loud ruckus going on inside. Why? Because our dashing hero Angelo has unintentionally started a bar fight. The scene shows screaming people (both men and women) who are running out in terror while others are joining in the brawl (throwing furniture, punching, kicking, etc), broken objects (windows, chairs, drink glasses, etc) and lots of shouting. Where is Angelo among this you ask? He's sitting on the bar counter watching everything. Instead of going work at the host club or being around people much these days, this is what he's doing and the fight itself? Not entirely his fault per se. So if your character wants to watch the scene, try to break it up, or even talk to him by coming inside among the madness... It's all up to you!]
10th-Jun-2013 07:25 pm - [gv] - 9 - jungle
beauchevalier: (♦ 04)
For this month, the Golden Victory has taken on a more exotic dress. Upon entering the club, customers will see a very unique doorway before coming inside to see that the club has the appearance of a jungle forest. All around the club is wide varieties of animal decorations as well. The tables and bar have been decorated to match the theme. A long buffet table on one side of the room is carrying various tropical fruits, vegetables, meats, and other assorted food along with a large punch bowl.

With the costumes for the month, our hosts will be walking around in outfits themed around a specific jungle animal from various regions. They range from mammals, birds reptiles, and even insects. As per usual, the rules and host roster is posted near the front door for new and old customers.

current list of hosts )
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